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  1. Fantasy Scouts 24/7 @FFBallAllDay I spend way more time watching and listening to OTA’s reports. So far a few players who have looked really good Mac Jones Drew Lock Jordan Love Davis Mills Nico Collins Dyami Brown Amari Rodgers I haven’t hit all 32 teams yet. It takes a lot of time, so be patient please
  2. I caught the latest remake of Little Women and it is the best version made and I believe director Greta Gerwig will be mentioned as one of if not thee best female director of her time by the time she's done. So much that I loved about this movie and it all is due to Gerwig who brings an emotional intelligence that elevates the dialogue and pacing of nearly every scene. She took 'some' liberties with the structure of the story and added poignant contemporary story lines. I really love women and I love the kinetic energy that happens when they are snugly in their element to be open, its something that not all men appreciate but I grew up with five sisters and always loved female energy. This movie is just wonderful. Gerwig has overlapping dialogue that is so real and convincing that it seems spontaneous. The men are 'mostly' stage pieces for the female actors. Gerwig interweaves talking points about women's role in Louisa May Alcott's time and then refuses her characters to be confined. If you haven't seen it yet, give this version of Little Women a watch because it is well worth the time.
  3. Different sources echoing positive vibes for Tee. Hmmmn. Tee Higgins 'looks like a completely different player' at Bengals workouts --------------------------- Team mate Tyler Boyd on Higgins: https://www.bengals.com/news/one-of-nfl-s-under-the-radar-stars-boyd-ready-to-emerge-as-leader-of-bengals-sta ... "His catch radius," says Boyd, running through his strengths. "His hands are pure, kind of like mine. He's starting to develop into a good route runner. He's striding out. He's starting to become a whole different player in terms of getting better in each area. Catching, running routes and running after the catch. I think this year he'll make a lot more plays after the catch. That will be the biggest improvement in his game."
  4. Draft night from last year: 11:18pm: Per PFF, Jordan Elliot is the only Power-5 interior defender with 90.0+ run-defense and pass-rush grades. Great value pick for Berry! Steve Doerschuk@sdoerschukREP Daniel Jeremiah ranks No. 88 pick Jordan Elliott as 67th-best player in draft: "Scheme-diverse ... offers high upside. with talent to become a starter in Year 1 or 2." --------------------------------------------------------- 11:06pm: Jordan Elliot is an interior rusher with intangibles but limited production. Boom or bust prospect at defensive tackle. At least they get some depth at 3-technique. 11:10pm: Elliot was ranked 23rd on PFF's big board! The Browns are only team with three players in the top-25 of PFF's big board. Analytics showing true in Berry's first draft. ------------------------------------------ October 1st of last year: PFF about our rookie 3rd round draft pick DT: Quote: The Browns look like they got one of the steals of the draft in third-round defensive tackle Jordan Elliott. His 77.0 overall grade is the highest of any rookie with at least 50 snaps — don’t be surprised to see his snap counts rise as the season wears on after playing only 82 through three games. ------------------------------------------ Yesterday: Nathan Zegura@NathanZegura DL Coach Chris Kiffin just told us that the guy he is most excited about this year in the DT room is Jordan Elliott...expecting a big jump in year 2 ------------------------------------------ I hope this report is more than just wishful thinking because the only 'hole' with major question marks on the team is defensive interior.
  5. BENGALS TALK @BengalsTalk “Tee Higgins looked big, fast and explosive on Tuesday. It looks like he added muscle, without losing any of his speed.” https://si.com/nfl/bengals/news/joe-burrow-back-three-thoughts-on-day-one-of-cincinnati-bengals-otas… via @JamesRapien
  6. Finally got caught up with some of the 'more' recent flicks. Ford Vs. Ferrari - The solid reviews were accurate. Very good movie. I'm not into racing but loved the story and the action sequences. Wasn't aware of the story before the movie so it was informative as well as entertaining. 1917 - My gawd the technical difficulties of making this movie were off the charts. Every inch of ground covered by the actors, which is miles and miles of real-time locomotion within the film, had to be marked out to the nth degree along with cameras, lighting, extras, set design, sound, script supervisor, etc et el. The actors had to have EVERY LINE down pat before cameras rolled so that meant weeks of rehearsal for EVERY shot which consists of a series of 'oners' meaning no break in action or dialogue till the next shot. Greengrass wrote it based of first hand accounts from this grandfather's experiences in WWI. He did a FANTASTIC job. News Of The World - Liked much more than I thought I would. The little girl that co-starred (Helena Zengel) is the mini-me doppelganger of Julie Delpy at a much younger age. Zengel provided the spiritual and heart anchor to the story. I thought Hanks played it low-key which I found refreshing since he has not tended to be restrained in his roles. Loved the simple story line, the stark sets, and the historical aspects of post Civil War politics that I wasn't aware. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - Amazing set designs that captured a 'truth' of late 60s LA. The cars, the music, the fashion, and I have had a thing for Sharon Tate since I first laid eyes on her back in the day when I was just a kid. I felt Margot Robbie did such a good job in capturing the innocent essence of Tate. She really was an absolute doll. I went into the movie blind so I won't give out any spoilers but I'm thankful that Tarentino took 'liberties' with some aspects of historical accuracy. Leo gave a great performance and Pitt has really stepped into his own and I can't give enough credit to Robbie who did so much with so little dialogue and I have to give a shout out to Dern who nails his role. Tarentino has Easter Eggs hatching all over his flicks but one thing that kinda bothers me is when he gets derivative with 'some' of his work like oh, setting Nazis on fire which he did to an action climax in another flick but I loved the nod to Green Apple Cigs and other things that weren't so in-your-face that he's had in a few different movies. I first noticed it when he hit us over the head with Pulp Fiction's white on black man-on-man anal rape scene only to flip in a later film with black on white man-on-man anal rape scene. Subtle as a brick to the face which he has also used in his films.
  7. Jerry: So she just left the office and didn't say a word about anything? Elaine: Yeah. Jerry: Beautiful... Elaine: ... Maybe I'll go visit my mother, she bought me some new panties and they're all LAID OUT for me.
  8. No. People are of the misunderstanding that we know everything, untrue. Interesting CLIP from the alone series with Roland.
  9. 1990 up in Valdez Alaska while working in a fish processing camp. The town closed down the makeshift camp next to the plant so workers were forced to 'seek out' accommodations around town. Many illegally bushwacked campsites in the woods while me and my buddy used the local campsite. Their is a looooooong story about my buddy leaving out peanut butter and waking me in the middle of the night, clapping his hands to scare the bear but unwittily treeing the sow bear's cub up the tree right next to our tent forcing a very scary situation. That was just the start with that bear and cub. The night it 'HIT' me and knocked me over in our tent was truly terrifying. The bear had run off a few other campers in the park, one was a 'friend' who thought it would be 'funny' to throw a dog treat right next to our tent the night he was fleeing the campsite. Haa haa. The bear ran UNDER our rain flap and smacked me in the back with it's body trying to get the dog treat. That caused me and my buddy to set off a bottle rocket attack which ended in hilarity of sending one too long and the bear turning and running right at us and a bottle rocket with a short fuse blowing up in our hands but scaring the bear back into the woods. Three years ago I was solo camping on a very small island. I won't disclose where but it was in the back country of a NP. I saw steaming urine of a large animal within the first fifteen minutes while scouting out my campground, thought it was an elk so I didn't give it much thought. A few days later I saw the scat and undeniable tracks of a large griz. I didn't realize how small the island was but it had to have been very close. The day I was breaking down camp to leave I saw a HUGE claw mark on the newly painted bear box. That freaked me out because it wasn't there the previous day. I got out quick. Those pale in comparison to the most terrifying encounter I had in the back country but I won't speak of that on these boards.
  10. The Jags draft grades have become their own story. Jaguars forget to blur out draft board, showing a WR with same grade as Trevor Lawrence
  11. I have camped in the back country of griz territory more than a few times. Got knocked over by a black bear up in Alaska ... while in my tent. I won't go into detail but it can get chippie. I'll be watching.
  12. LINK Excellent breakdown of last year's draft class for each and every team by PFF.
  13. If he were moved to WR and got listed as a WR instead of RB his fantasy value would increase as he'd get carries added to WR production but its doubtful the WR work will go that far. I look at this as more of a positive for James Robinson owners since it looks like he will still get a lot of work.
  14. Sigmund Bloom@SigmundBloom I trust John and he says: "The Jaguars asking Etienne to learn more about the receiver position and aspect of his role actually increases his value to the offense because it isn't like he won't still carry the ball...That doesn't mean they won't still let him mainly be a RB" -------------------------------------------- Jaguars Mailbag: What Do We Make of Travis Etienne's Role? : What in the world is Urban Meyer doing with Etienne? A: I really don't think it is that surprising. Clemson didn't use Etienne creatively in the passing game, limiting his routes to a few basic ones out of the backfield and some screens, but he has the kind of stop/start ability, balance, and agility to be a tough matchup when split out wide against linebackers. The Jaguars asking Etienne to learn more about the receiver position and aspect of his role actually increases his value to the offense because it isn't like he won't still carry the ball. The Jaguars sticking Etienne in a running back committee and not utilizing his speed in the passing game as a mismatch would be a mistake.
  15. UPDATE! I don't remember Clay putting out cheat sheets in the past but he has this year. In addition to NFL projections Clay has put out FF cheat sheets for all formats. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mike Clay@MikeClayNFL 2021 @ESPNFantasy Football Cheatsheet Central is alive! PPR and Non-PPR positional and Top 300. Dynasty and rookie. Depth charts. #ClayProjections PDF. All here: LINK to FF cheat sheets Here is the non - PPR cheat sheet. >> non - PPR Go to the link for the rest. Great to have in one easy to use list that is printable.
  16. Unfortunately the Bengals didn't do a great job addressing their offensive line. Joe Burrow got sacked and knocked around a ton and predictably ended his first year on IR, he's still not cleared to play yet. Injuries to the quarterbacks of great WRs have severely cut into production so I agree that the only thing that can slow down Chase is injuries. That injury risk is higher than most for Ja'Marr because his production is directly tied to Joe who needs better protection to stay healthy.
  17. Mike Clay@MikeClayNFL A few Week 1 WR vs. CB showdowns: *Allen Robinson vs. Jalen Ramsey *Amari Cooper vs. Carlton Davis *Davante Adams vs. Marshon Lattimore *A.J. Brown vs. Malcolm Butler *Julio Jones vs. Darius Slay *Michael Thomas vs. Jaire Alexander
  18. Footballism™ @FootbaIIism Out of 6,500 NFL players who took the “Mental Aptitude Test” Justin Fields scored 1st. Above 100 is great, Mahomes is at 110. Fields scored a 130
  19. Lived in a tent for three summers working in a fish processing plant in Valdez. 👍 You now have a shot to see the Aurora Borealis. I can also recommend Sitka but any place on the Alaska Marine Highway (basically the ferry system that operates close to the SE shore) will have lots and lots of cloud cover which severely limits your chance of seeing the Aurora. Fairbanks is in the interior so if your primary goal is to see the Aurora then that 'would' be the spot but as noted above, Fairbanks isn't the most exciting place in the world. If you do go to Fairbanks then take a road trip to Denali. I would target Denali over anything if you were planning a trip to Alaska and had no clue and had never gone. I will say that seeing the Aurora is a spiritual experience and needs no artificial stimulants of any kind. Beyond anything you could imagine.
  20. I made a mistake by not adding what may be my top overall bit of music trivia for a group that made this list multiple times and that would be Steely Dan. I would imagine that somewhere on these boards that someone has unearthed the origin of the name Steely Dan. Fagan and Becker had been in a number of short lived bands so they cynically decided on the name from an excerpt in William S. Burroughs novel Naked Lunch. Here’s the excerpt from the book that mentions Steely Dan. Go to the LINK since its NSFW.
  21. Here are a few that qualified for my list that didn't make it. In no order. Van Morrison - Cleaning Windows Tom Petty - Thing About You Alan Parsons - Games People Play Phil Collins - Missed Again / No Reply At All The Commodores - Oh No The Police - When The World Is Running Down / Driven To Tears Juice Newton - Queen Of Hearts Ronnie Milsap - Smokey Mountain Rain / Theirs No Getting Over Me Dan Fogelberg - Hard To Say / Same Old Lang Syne The Outlaws - Ghost Riders In The Sky Loverboy - When Its Over Fun Boy Three - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum Little River Band - The Night Owl The Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why
  22. The top song was Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits. This song was inspired by Mark Knopfler's broken romance with Holly Vincent, who was the leader of the band Holly And The Italians. Some of the lyrics indicate that Knopfler felt she used him to boost her career. The line, "Now you just say, oh Romeo, yeah, you know I used to have a scene with him," came from an interview where Holly Vincent was quoted as saying: "What happened was that I had a scene with Mark Knopfler and it got to the point where he couldn't handle it and we split up." How can you look at me as if I was just another one of your deals? When you can fall for chains of silver you can fall for chains of gold The song is strong, foundational strength referencing the Bard, the Angels tune My Boyfriends Back, and another degree of separation from the original play by Shakespeare by also referencing the song Somewhere from the movie West Side Story which was based on the play. The song opens on an arpeggiated resonator guitar which would not have sounded out of place back in the time of Romeo and Juliet. Knopfler was known more as of a storyteller than unveiling his emotions but this tune raw with emotion. Its a song you can fall in love with and I fell, LOVE this tune.
  23. THAT is surprising Binky. I'll have more on the top tune and the overall list tomorrow.
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