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  1. Chargers To Win It All? Most improved teams following free agency and the 2021 NFL Draft
  2. Bleacher Report's 2021 Expert Consensus NFL Rookie Awards
  3. 11. Steely Dan - Hey 19 Hey Boomer. Somebody had to break it to you so lets cushion the blow using self satire to explain that you that you aren't a kid anymore. This ain't 67 and your date doesn't know The Queen and has no clue that Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings. Tied Steely Dan's longest running hit with Peg and Ricki Don't Lose That Number.
  4. 12. Pete Townshend - Slit Skirts Right as he came out with the tune Rough Boys he also came out with Slit Skirts as his marriage was on the rocks as drinking became an obsession. I would imagine the issues are linked to the meaning of the former song.
  5. 13. Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science Makes it all the way up to #13 on VH1's top one-hit wonders of all time. If anyone would have told me that nearly 40 years later that this song would rank #13 on one-hit wonders or that I would place it as the same spot on a list of top songs for the early 80s I wouldn't have believed it because when it came out my knee-jerk reaction was that I hated it. Obviously I've changed my take on this song. Dolby was quirky and pretentious but this was probably the first hit on the early 80s to go strong with the Moog synthesizer so I'
  6. I think that he cannot take one player and boost multiple positions or he'd have to take a QB and go through all sorts of grade machinations like: Oh the QB impacts the WR/TE/3rd down RB/REC grades along with the O-Line but this guy also is a scrambling RB QB so... It would get too messy if he saw JOK as an OLB, S/LB hybrid, EDGE/LB hybrid and then starting tinkering with three positions. I think it is obvious that he chose one position and improved it knowing the other grades would even out. How does he grade? If its explained in intricate detail it doesn't really matter becaus
  7. Why? No one outside of the building knows so he was guessing just as Pete Smith is guessing and you and I would be guessing. Stefanski has stated he will play OLB, more in the traditional WLB role but he's got all sorts of coverage and pass rush skills as well so if others want to picture him as a hybrid S/cover-LB or OLB/EDGE well... he does those things. I guess it doesn't really matter how he's classified and I have to imagine Clay saw his EDGE pass rush as his most dominant trait because he boosted the Browns EDGE grade to the MAX while dropping the LB grade and didn't mov
  8. 14. Rolling Stones - Heaven Along with "Neighbours," this was one of two songs on Tattoo You recorded specifically for the album. The other tracks started as outtakes for other albums. The vocals here peg this song as one of the most psychedelic the Stones ever did. The group had been gradually edging from pure blues to hard rock to psychedelic styles throughout the previous decade. Mick Jagger got quite creative with overdubbing and mixing on parts of the Tattoo You album.
  9. I think that because the LB score went DOWN and the S score remained the SAME while the EDGE score went up to the MAX. Have to assume he included JOK in the EDGE positional category. JOK is a guy who had no clear position and he does rush the passer. Clowney is great setting the edge and has his 'best' pass rush inside. JOK can pressure from the edge. Pete Smith categorizes him as a ROVER but Stefanski has stated he's an OLB so I would take down Clay's EDGE grade and bump-up the LB grade. In any event the overall score evens out.
  10. EXACTLY! Sorry to say but Schefter had NO SOURCE when he 'broke' the story which is a NON-story since he simply 'made-it-up' without a source. Adam you broke this huge story on draft day so it got tons and tons and tons of clicks and has turned into THEE top NFL story. So tell us, who is your source? Adam Schefter - Their is NO SOURCE. Whaaaa? No source for the story, Adam Schefter made it up. He MADE IT UP without any source. /END THREAD
  11. 15. Kenny Loggins - Heartlight Later re-titled WELCOME To Heartlight to avoid confusion with a Neil Diamond tune. Love this song. The story behind the song. Kenny was doing some PR work with a private school that worked with under privileged children. Kenny was impressed with their work and saw a child and asked them what they liked about the school. They said: I like the love And I like the peaceful Kenny's heart swelled up and wrote the tune. I think songs convey more than just words or musical riffs, in this one the heart pours out. The s
  12. 16. The Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime David Byrne shed some light on his lyrical inspiration when he told Time Out: "Most of the words in 'Once in a Lifetime' come from evangelists I recorded off the radio while taking notes and picking up phrases I thought were interesting directions. Maybe I'm fascinated with the middle class because it seems so different from my life, so distant from what I do. I can't imagine living like that." On the list of the top 500 songs that shaped rock and roll and is the top song on many musicians favorite lists. The original was released in 8
  13. 17. Bruce Springsteen - Hungry Heart Da Boss. Bill Burr mentioned it and Jimmy Kimmel blurted out a line after Burr had his first kid. >> LINK
  14. Clay's UPDATED positional rankings: LINK >> Mike Clay Projections 2021 UPDATED Mike Clay positional grades from a few days ago. It looks like he included JOK at EDGE since the S position went up after we signed John Johnson and our LB unit grade actually went down a tic from .09 to .08. EDGE went up after we inked Clowney but has maxed out after the draft so he must have included JOK in the EDGE score. Safety 3.1 CB 3.3 LB .08 EDGE 4.0 INTERIOR DL 1.0 Defensive ranking 6 Overall grade including offense 2 The two areas I felt we n
  15. 19. Santana - Body Surfing 🏄‍♂️ 🌞 I have no clue why this song wasn't a huge hit. I love this tune. Chicano/reggae rock, the dream-like opening, the congas, the vocals, awesome. Really love this tune.
  16. UPDATED rankings for EVERY TEAM and EVERY PLAYER LINK >> Clay 2021 Projections Mike Clay @MikeClayNFL The 2021 NFL #ClayProjections PDF is updated! -32 Team Pages -Positional leaderboards -Category leaderboards -Unit Grades -Depth Charts -Strength of Schedule -Final standings -2021 Draft Order -Coach & Playcallers
  17. Yep. Daltrey refused to sing However Much I Booze because he didn't want listeners to think HE was the one with the drinking problem, so there's no way in hell he would have sung this. Ya know, I suspected part of the 'riff' within the group was due to Pete's ambiguous sexual identity because 40 years ago that sort of open disclosure was not celebrated. I am positive that Pete did come out as bi back then because I remember hearing of it before we went to the concert and that Rodger seemed to ditch any questions about it. No doubt he would have refused to sing 'Rough Boys' a
  18. 20. Stevie Wonder - I Ain't Gonna Stand For It The other song released later as a single from the album Hotter Than July so it qualified for my list. I was hoping for the titular track but I'll take this one. Always loved this tune.
  19. For anyone questioning the heroin interpretation of the lyrics, I wasn't sure till I saw a back story, it should be noted what happened to Walter Becker when they were making the album. From Wiki: ... During the course of the Gaucho sessions, Becker was hit by a car late one Saturday night while walking home to his apartment on the Upper West Side.[5][6] Becker managed to push the woman he was with out of harm's way, but sustained multiple fractures in one leg, a sprain in the other leg, and other injuries.[5][6] During his six-month recovery,[7] he suffered from secondary infection
  20. LINK to vid Footballguys | Fantasy Football @FBGNews@SigmundBloom and @CecilLammey are live now with the AFC North Draft Recap! Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom break down the 2021 NFL draft. In This Episode: did the Ravens add the right weapons for QB Lamar Jackson, what were the Bengals thinking passing on OT Penei Sewell, the Browns turn everything into gold, the Steelers get their bellcow back, plus more!
  21. 21. Steely Dan - Time Out Of Mind Talk about perfection and grace. Gaucho showcases the obsessive attention to detail. Direct from Lhasa - where they're rolling in the snow far from the world we know - Lhasa is part of Tibet, and a known trafficking center for opium/heroin; rolling in the snow may be referring to "rolling in heroin" because of the volume of trafficking, the area having heavy heroin use, or - well - the weather? The last part of the line is likely referring to heroin use in Lhasa, but could be about the actual location. Tonight when I chase the dragon, - Cha
  22. 22. Michael Stanley Band - Lover I said I would have an exception to the October 80 rule and that is MSB. This tune means a hell of a lot to anyone from NE Ohio circa 1980. Thank god for the man who put the white lines on the highway
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