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  1. Since we added LB/S/Rover JOK he needs to be covered and the only 'hole' we have carried over and not addressed is a true NT, someone who eats up blockers/space to cover 'rangey' LBers. The defensive coaches went right to work to scheme plays for JOK even before the pick was announced so he will see the field as a rookie and they have/are drawing up plans to use him. Makes sense to me that we address NT/DT since we have a 'hole' (especially if Sheldon Richardson doesn't return) and haven't addressed it 'yet' in the draft. I've got no names but think at some point we take a flyer on an interior DL and may lean more towards a true NT but definitely a DT before the end of today.
  2. Lamar Jackson attempted 376 passes last year down from 401 the previous year as his completion percent dipped from 66% to 64%. His TDs went down from 36 to 26 from the previous season and his INTs went up to 9 from 6. For comparison's sake Josh Allen's pass attempts went up from 461 the previous season to 572 as his completion percent shot up from 58% to 69%. HIs TDs went from 20 to 37 as his INTs went from 9 to 10. The Baltimore offense isn't built for a major overhaul from run based to a wide open passing attack. I don't think WR was a big need or will do much for that offense.
  3. 38. Fleetwood Mac - Can't Go Back Classic Fleetwood Mac sound. Classic Fleetwood Mac is an amusing statement as Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, and Christine and John McVie were the 10th lineup of the band. Early 80s and Fleetwood Mac are hard wired in me and Buckingham's tune Trouble was in heavy rotation when I first moved to Colorado and had no furniture, slept on the floor but had a dinky clock radio that I still have to this day. The deep snow, the mountains, the valley. Certain songs/groups take you back to specific places and times. Can't go back but its nice to revisit.
  4. Got our deep threat. Make that got the new fastest player in the NFL. -------------------------- Ian Rapoport @RapSheet At No 91, the #Browns select #Auburn WR Anthony Schwartz who can absolutely fly. Maybe the new fastest player in the NFL. -------------------------- Just saw his forty time. 4.25 blazing 🔥 speed. >>>> VID LINK <<<<<
  5. Seth Walder @SethWalder Now that is a trade up you can absolutely justify -- and then some. Browns paid just a 5% premium for pick No. 52 in trade with the Panthers (Carolina gained equivalent of an extra 7th-rounder) for a player that was widely expected to be a first-rounder. --------------------------------------- Mary Kay Cabot @MaryKayCabot #Browns Paul DePodesta acknowledges that Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah was 'definitely under consideration' with the No. 26 overall pick. They're ecstatic he was there at 52. Kevin Stefanski & defensive coaches already on the white board drawing up all he can do
  6. Nate Ulrich @ByNateUlrich #Browns Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta said Owusu-Koramoah fits our scheme to a T, can play run and pass, stay on field all three downs ---------------------------------------------------- Tony Dungy @TonyDungy My son Justin is a huge Browns fan and he’s pumped right now because they just drafted a phenomenal defensive player. When I watched Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah play for Notre Dame last year he reminded me of a young Derrick Brooks. I think he’ll be a great open field defender.
  7. Last year our O-Line went from poor to rank as the NFL's best. This year our secondary was terrible and by the end of the year it has potential to improve as one of the best. Remember the name Andrew Sendejo. Not to harsh on the guy but his lack of speed killed us. Karl Joseph couldn't cover. The guys we signed are proven, the draftees have to prove themselves but wow.
  8. On behalf of Cleveland Browns fans. Whoooohooooooooooo!
  9. Ratings for the draft. 2nd highest for 1st round. ---------------------------------------- John Ourand@Ourand_SBJ Source: Draft will be down a little in overnights but not much. It will be up decisively over 2019. Will crush the Oscars. Probably second highest first round ever. It looks like a big win for the league.
  10. Stink saying it is essentially a done-deal. Pat Mac has the 'breaking news'. VID CLIP
  11. Yeah what is he complaining about? After all they moved up last year to get an offensive skill position, er never mind, lol.
  12. FWIW I agree with taking O-Line but no other OL were taken so if they would have selected one it would have been a reach. I guess you could fault them for not anticipating Minnesota taking an OL right before them and moving ahead of them but I don't think you can ding them for not moving down unless you are aware of an offer left on the table and then no one really knows who will be available later.
  13. 39. Steve Winwood - While You See A Chance Take It Winwood's first top forty hit as a solo artist. He built a recording studio at his home and played all instruments.
  14. Their was no run on O-Linemen at the end of the first round, none picked. A RB was taken directly after Najee. The Steelers FO declared their intentions with the pick, they are in a window and aren't thinking about second contracts so the age doesn't matter for that mindset. Its about the D and Ben right now. They'd better address O-Line in the second so a move-up is or should be on the table.
  15. 40. Bob Seger - Trying To Live My Life Without You Babe 'Alright you feeling funky tonight?'
  16. I agree. Not understanding the heat for the top RB of the draft with an obvious need so-long you guys get help on the O-Line so a move-up today would not surprise me. If you get legit O-line help not just some JAG taken later to placate O-Line honks but a legit candidate who could challenge to start at some point this year then I'd consider the Steelers draft to be a home run. Crucial to get a legit O-Lineman capable of starting as a rookie IMHO.
  17. 41. Joe Jackson - Chinatown One of my nephews used to live in LA's Chinatown and I'd see him and sing 'Chinatown Chinatown' and he'd look at me puzzled and I'd say 'You know, Joe Jackson' which would make him look even more puzzled. I eventually pointed him in the direction of this tune and he finally got it, lol.
  18. I don't even think DB is a priority at this point. PFF take on Browns secondary With the addition of Newsome to a secondary that already boasts Greedy Williams, John Johnson III, Troy Hill and Grant Delpit, Cleveland may challenge Denver for the title of best coverage unit in the NFL next year. ---------------------------- They didn't even mention CB Denzel Ward in the run-down of riches listed above.
  19. As others said we aren't bringing 9 rookies to the team so move up for Greg Newsome and others said move-up for JOC in the 1st round. I'm not opposed to moving-up but talent will get pushed down and we can dish later picks rather than burning a 3rd round pick to move up for a guy that we can get cheaper. I'd much prefer to push extra picks into next year or use them and let players compete than burn picks to move-up when patience should allow talent to fall to us without burning picks.
  20. And you guys kicked but with the Penei Sewell pick.
  21. Ya know, many people figured/wanted us to move-up for CB Greg Newsome and he fell right into our lap. I'm not against moving up but ya know, lets wait. Lots of teams needing O-Linemen. A RB or two should/will go off the board, a TE will/should go off the board, and probably a QB or two. All positions we don't need so that will push down talent. I am confident that we can wait and get another good/great value if we're patient.
  22. Lindley had that 'high' falsetto but I had no idea he was the backing vocal on Load Out/Stay which is one of my all-time favorite live tracks. Also love Darkness Darkness and had no clue he had worked with the Youngbloods. Figured he had kicked around as a studio musician and I have one more track from El Rayo-X on the list. The album is very good.
  23. Not a bad pick. The Steelers O-Line will suck. Next 9 picks 0 O-Linemen taken. Right before they selected the 5th of 5 1st round O-Linemen were selected. If they took one for need they would have been reaching. Vikes were in need of O-Linemen so if they anything the Steelers 'can' be dinged for not moving up IF they had a 1st round grade on OT Christian Darrisaw.
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