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  1. I don't think Clowney makes it to four. He is the best player of the draft, do not believe the junk that people have been saying about him. 'He only had three sacks last year.' Yeah and he was double and triple teamed on every play. 'He only plays hard on half the snaps.' Yeah and most NFL D-Linemen and O-Linemen don't put out 100% every play including our own Pro Bowl OLT Joe Thomas. Plenty of guys take snaps off but when an unblockable guy does people notice he's not giving 100% every snap but when he does, look-out. He's the best player in this draft and outside of Luck, he's the best player of the last ten drafts. Atlanta may have to trade-up with Houston but I doubt Houston would want to drop all the way down to 6. Also Clowney is a 4-3 DE. We all know Romeo Crennel plays a 3-4 base so that would mean Houston would have to move him to OLB which he could play but that is silly to move him from a down lineman IMHO. He's a natural 4-3 DE. St. Louis could take him but they already have, Robert Quinn, Chris Long and Michael Brockers, with first round draft picks and both Long and Quinn play outside so he's not a good fit there but the Jags would pounce on him if he fell to 3 and everyone knows that even if they've put out the they will take a QB at 3. Who tells the world they will take a QB at 3? Altanta knows this and the Rams and Atlanta have both stated they are open to trading and Demitroff has said he would 'trade-up'. So I think Clowney goes #2 but that the Falcons trade-up with the Rams to get him. . --------- But if by some miracle Clowney was there for us then my first option would be to trade-down with Atlanta because they would be on the phone with us. Lets say by some outside chance the first draft goes: 1. HOU- QB Bortles 2. STL OT Greg Robinson 3. JAX QB Teddy Bridgewater. In that scenario the Rams would take a guy who could be incredible and they would lose him if they ttake the deal with Atlanta to move-down and Jacksonville would have fallen in love with Bridgewater and you can mix-and-match the QBs in any order you want with Houston and Jacksonville, doesn't matter if St. Louis takes Robinson and doesn't trade-down. So if that scenario happens we would be in the driver[s seat to deal with Atlanta or if some team really wanted, Manziel, Watkins, Mathews, Mack, but the most likely, i.e., realistic trade pardner would be Atlanta because Oakland's D-Line is probably the worst in the entire NFL right now and their isn't any question that they would take Clowney. Atlanta needs pass rushers. They want Clowney. So if we were sitting on Clowney my first option would be to trade with Atlanta and I honestly think that would happen IF Clowney fell but I don't think that will happen. --------------------------- But if we were painted into a corner then Clowney is BPA but we already have, OLB/DE Paul Kruger who we are paying $40 million so he won't sit. Our otherr starting OLB/DE Jabaal Sheard is our best linebacker and playing very-well. Our backup is the 6th pick i last year's draft OLB/DE Barkevious Mingo so the snaps are already divided thinly before mentioning our other backup OLB/DE Quentin Groves who played at a higher level than I ever anticipated in limited snaps. That is four quality guys at outside linebacker so where in the hell would Clowney fit? You'd have to sit Kruger and his $40 million dollar contract and further limit the snaps to Mingo/Groves. Nah, I don't see that happening. Then for Watkins look no further than Greg Little and Davone Bess. Who do you think plays if the coaches have an option of playing Sammy Watkins or that gruesome twosome? By default it would have to be WR Sammy Watkins but if we were sitting on Jadeveon Clowney we would trade-down with Atlanta and still have a shot at Watkins at the #6 pick.
  2. Oh and their isn't any other centers of the caliber of Pro Bowl and All Pro Alex Mack yet their are other safties out there. Adam Schefter‏@AdamSchefter12 mins Bills announced they are not tagging S Jairus Byrd. ------------- EDIT: I guess transition means we can and will keep trying to hammer-out a long-term deal with Mack. Nate Ulrich‏@NateUlrichABJ4 mins #Browns announced they used transition tag on C Alex Mack. Team will continue to negotiate with Mack in hope of reaching a long-term deal. Andrew Brandt ✔@adbrandtFollow The @Browns placement of Transition Tag on Mack is interesting. Have ample Cap room: saying to other teams: "Take your best shot." Jason La Canfora ✔@JasonLaCanforaFollow Browns feared losing Mack; now can match any offer. With all the $ and cap space to spend, still makes sense even at that price. I like it http://www.dawgsbynature.com/2014/3/3/5467132/cleveland-browns-use-the-transition-tag-on-c-alex-mack ...here is an explanation of it: It is similar to the franchise tag, in the sense that you are signing a player to a one-year deal. The franchise tag is an average of the top 5 salaries at the position, while the transition tag is an average of the top 10 salaries at the position. It would have cost $11.654 million to franchise tag Mack, but the transition tag only costs $10.039 million (a savings of $1.615 million). This doesn't mean that Mack is guaranteed to be a Brown. The transition tag will allow Mack to negotiate with other NFL teams. If he signs an offer sheet with another club, the Browns will have five days to match the offer. Because the Browns used the transition tag, if they do not match the offer, they will receive no compensation in draft picks. If it were the franchise tag, the Browns would have received two first-round picks. For the risk Cleveland is taking, it tells me that they are willing to match any offer sheet that Mack signs.The transition tag is rarely used -- in fact, the last time a team used it was the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2008 on Max Starks, and it is the first time the Browns have ever used the transition tag. Assuming the transition tag sticks through the entire offseason, then this (for the moment) drops the Browns from $57.45 million in cap space to $47.41 million in cap space.
  3. Adam Schefter‏@AdamSchefter21 mins By using transition tag instead of franchise tag on C Alex Mack, tag drops almost $1 million from over $11 million to about $10.3 http://espncleveland.com/common/more.php?m=49&action=blog&r=17&post_id=29341 http://espn.go.com/blog/nflnation/category/_/name/2014-nfl-franchisetransition-tag
  4. What the transition tag is: http://espn.go.com/blog/nflnation/category/_/name/2014-nfl-franchisetransition-tag What does this mean to the Browns? They save about $1 million over franchise tagging Mack to the average of the top-ten O-Linemen that the fanchise tag would dictate. . Adam Schefter‏@AdamSchefter12 mins By using transition tag instead of franchise tag on C Alex Mack, tag drops almost $1 million from over $11 million to about $10.3 million.
  5. Mary Kay Cabot tracked down the agent for Ahtyba Rubin and he is convinced that Rube is not going anywhere. Grossi framed it precisely. D'Q, great guy but wrong side of 30, due huge bonus, and fading. Rubin, great guy, three years below thirty, not due huge bonus, and integral part of D-Line rotation still playing at high level. http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2014/03/cleveland_browns_dl_ahtyba_rub.html#incart_flyout_sports
  6. Oh the talk about the Browns cutting Ahtyba Rubin to save cap room? Not likely according to Grossi. --------------------------------------- Tony Grossi‏@TonyGrossi2 hrs 2 differences between #Browns A. Rubin and DQ Jackson: age (Rubin 27, DQ 30), and Rubin not due a 7-figure roster bonus.
  7. Post combine, Grossi updates his mock. http://espncleveland.com/common/more.php?m=49&action=blog&r=17&post_id=29261
  8. Marc Sessler‏@MarcSesslerNFL2 hrs D'Qwell Jackson went from 13th-ranked ILB in 2011 to 41st in 2012 and 42nd in 2013, per @PFF. #Browns
  9. Yup. https://twitter.com/PumpkinNation/status/438775072648474624/photo/1/large Joe Haden‏@joehaden231 hr Thanks 4 everything boss! True example of a pro! @DQ52 good luck with everything!! #madeMeABetterLeader Jordan Cameron‏@jordancameron1 hr DQ is a leader of men. Gave me confidence when I had none and listened when I needed someone. Most underrated player in the NFL. Jeff Darlington‏@JeffDarlington1 hr I’m bias when it comes to D’Qwell Jackson (high school friends), but I look forward to him getting to Pro Bowl in 2014 with new team. Watch. Scott Fujita‏@sfujita551 hr I made some great friends during my time in Cleveland & DQ was right there at the top. Couldn't have asked for a better friend & teammate. Scott Fujita‏@sfujita551 hr DQ Jackson is one of the more under-appreciated LBs in the league. Congrats to the next team that's lucky enough to land him. Tom Withers‏@twithersAP2 hrs I will miss D'Qwell Jackson personally and professionally. One of best guys I've dealt with in any sport. Wish him the very best. #Browns Tashaun J. Gipson SR‏@Gipson_duos2412m Much respect and love to @DQ52 for truly being someone i looked up to as a true pro and a great person! God bless and best wishes to you
  10. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/02/26/source-cooper-is-more-of-a-priority-than-maclin/ Source: Cooper is more of a priority than MaclinPosted by Mike Florio on February 26, 2014, 2:30 PM EST
  11. http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/article-1/Release-Browns-Release-Veteran-Jackson/fbc4cb79-fa8a-446c-a37a-cec344d97d78 Release: Browns Release Veteran JacksonPosted 18 minutes ago BEREA, Ohio – The Cleveland Browns on Wednesday announced that they’ve released inside linebacker D’Qwell Jackson. Jackson, a veteran out of Maryland, was originally selected by the Browns in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft. In eight NFL seasons, he has played 97 games with 96 starts, compiling 891 career tackles, 11½ sacks, eight interceptions, five forced fumbles and seven fumble recoveries. STATEMENT FROM GENERAL MANAGER RAY FARMER “We had positive discussion with D’Qwell and his agent over the last several days, and we came to the mutual agreement to go in different directions. D’Qwell is the epitome of class, leadership and professionalism. Every day of his NFL career, D’Qwell has been a solid representative of the Browns and the City of Cleveland, both between the lines on Sundays and off the field in our area community. We want to thank him for his eight years of service and wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.” STATEMENT FROM D’QWELL JACKSON "To the people of Cleveland and Browns fans everywhere: Eight years ago I began a journey that blessed me with the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful organization and community. I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for opening your arms and hearts to my family and me, and for making Cleveland an easy place to love and call home. It’s been an honor playing in front of you. “I also would like to thank the Browns players, coaches and staff for their tireless work and commitment. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all and will always carry you with me."
  12. Jaws wouldn't take Manziel in the first three rounds. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1973759-ron-jaworski-says-he-wouldnt-pick-johnny-manziel-in-first-3-rounds-of-nfl-draft Ron Jaworski Says He Wouldn't Pick Johnny Manziel in First 3 Rounds of NFL Draft By Tim Keeney , Featured Columnist Feb 25, 2014
  13. Daniel Jeremiah says that he's hearing we won't take a QB at #4 but will take a different position there but that we like QB Dereck Carr with our #26 pick. From the Dan Patrick show. Go to the link to hear the conversation: http://www.danpatrick.com/2014/02/26/jeremiah-browns-still-like-qb-derek-carr/ Jeremiah: Browns still like QB Derek CarrFebruary 26, 2014 DP Show—1 Comments NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah joined the show to talk about the Draft and some of the interesting QB situations around the NFL. He said his sources are telling him that the Browns are still very interested in Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr. He also weighed in on Jadeveon Clowney and some of the other participants who stood out at Scouting Combine.
  14. Yep, unofficial at this time but my GAWD that is insane. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/02/24/jadeveon-clowney-makes-a-mockery-of-the-40/
  15. Pettine called it “noise,” but admitted a bit of initial frustration. “I shot the messenger a little,” he said. .“I used a word proceeded by the word flying. And I don’t give a rat’s.” =========== I love this guy. Don't know if he will be successful as a coach but I love his attitude. I still haven't seen where the NFL rule was changed. Lombardi reportedly has ties with Jim H and both Lombardi and Banner very-likely could have found that by-law in the Anti-Tampering Policy. Reports came out that Lombardi and Banner had a falling out over which direction to take in the coaching search. Seems both wanted to be 'thee-guy' to find the next HC and be the king-maker for Haslam. Obviously if Lombardi could deliver Harbaugh, he'd be 'that guy'. Add, Lombardi did not impress with his first draft. He was part of the T-Rich deal to get an extra pick but since that time it seems he wanted to get-rid of that pick. Reports of the Browns falling head-over-heels for Johnny Manziel where they'd have to move-up and give away draft picks were linked to Lombardi and the Harbaugh story. Both require the Browns to give-up draft picks. Many Browns fans distrusted Michael Lombardi as a talent evaluator. If Lombardi trusted his talent evaluation skills he would not be soo eager to deal away draft picks so the praise he gets for making the T-Rich deal and for getting extra 3rd and 4th round picks has to be tempered.. Pettine had no hand in some off-field things and I love how he's faced it head-on with blunt-force-trauma. .“I used a word proceeded by the word flying. And I don’t give a rat’s.” SF fans would have to asking why a front office would entertain offers for a HC who made the NFC Championship game the first three yeas he's been in the league and has already taken the Niners to the Super Bowl. Right now, I'm happy we have Pettine and extra draft picks with Ray Farmer making those selections.
  16. I still haven't fond where they repleaded that well publicized 2003 rule and it made too much sense for them to reneg on that rule. Could be the 'Anti-Tampering Policy' was never updated to reflect that rule and Pompei noted that it was only a 'by-law' within the 'Anti-Tampering Policy' so maybe it was just an editorial oversight. I'm pretty sure the NFL rule is still in effect and that it would over-ride the by-law. Also great pick in the Shark Pool mock Mac.
  17. Hey Mac, Go to the Shark Pool mock draft thread. We're up and Soulfly3 can't make the pick. I voted for Skov. If you can bury the hatchet for a minute. Skov can't cover but I can't find a ILB who fits so step-up and make the pick. I've never seen you make any real supportive posts or want to so I'd like to see you join-in and participate for a change. Fourth round, the picks already made in the first four rounds for the Browns are: 102 Browns - WR Sammy Watkins, OG David Yankey, QB Jimmy Garoppolo, CB Marcus Roberson, RB Bishop Sankey
  18. Mac hiko 12,000 posts soon to be 13,0000 No complex for Mac simply NARRATIVE
  19. Oh and you got to use your favorite word. NARRATIVE You hit the trifecta.
  20. Well you keep up with this story Mac. Jed York made an official denial but I'm sure you know better. Matt Maiocco‏@MaioccoCSN26 mins RT @JedYork @ProFootballTalk is this on the record? Report isn't true. > Official denial from 49ers CEO Jed York.
  21. so defensive.Great day for you Mac eh? You got to bash the Browns and get a shot in at me. Must be your birthday.
  22. browns basher The rule was implimented after a couple of trades for NFL head coaches where the compensation kept growing to the point it got ridiculous with the Gruden deal. This is what was referenced in the Matt Maiocco tweet. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2013-01-24/sports/chi-bears-askdan-20120124_1_columnist-answers-questions-bears-mailbag-phil-emery-interview I have not been able to find any updates on the rule that was noted in the 2003 Saint Petersburgh Times article because, well it ain't there but Pompei says that he was referencing a copy of the 2012 'Anti-Tampering Policy' which would fly directly in the face of the 2003 rule which was well publicized and no NFL HC has been dealt since the time that rule was publically stated as NFL policy. And their is the vehement denial by the Niners that Rappaport shared. But PFT posted an unsubstantiated rumor so... ya know. It must be true right B-Deep? Even though the NFL had a rule in place after teams had raided other team's front offices and coaching staffs. The fact that teams would be talking to other NFL head coaches where this information could leak out and cause instabily seems to be a strong basis for the rule especially since it woudl piss off certain owners if their coaching staff and front offices got raided behind thier backs. Not a good idea to piss off billionaires and cause unrest so that rule made a lot of sense to me when it was announced and that is why I immediately recalled that rule. I did a few searches to try and find if the rule had been replealed but I couldn't find it and I haven't seen anyone bring up proof that the rule had been replealed so the by-law of the Anti-Tampering Policy may be correct but I don't know what would take precidence if a rule conflicts with a by-law. And I doubt that anyone else would but AFIK that rule was never removed. If it has I can't find proof.
  23. Um, we know who the Browns bashers are who swallow anything anti-Cleveland hoot-line-and-sinker but how about you drop it before you get more egg on your faces? Ian Rapoport ‏ @ RapSheet 49s In response to @ ProFootballTalk report on # Browns nearly trading for Jim Harbaugh, # Niners source calls it “completely false. Ridiculous.”
  24. Um unless the NFL changed its rules, it a hoax. http://www.sptimes.com/2003/01/17/Bucs/NFL_nixes_draft_picks.shtml NFL nixes draft picks for coaches Teams no longer can give up picks for compensation, like the Bucs did for Gruden. By RICK STROUD, Times Staff Writer © St. Petersburg Times published January 17, 2003 TAMPA -- Jon Gruden led the Bucs to a franchise-record 12 victories, a division title and a berth in Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the Eagles. You would have to agree the trade Tampa Bay made with the Raiders for the rights to Gruden is an unqualified success. Now such a deal is against league rules. The league Thursday banned the type of trade that enabled the Bucs to sign Gruden. The new policy was announced in a memo to all 32 teams by commissioner Paul Tagliabue, league spokesman Greg Aiello said. Tagliabue acted after the competition committee concluded that such coach-for-picks trades might be undermining the purpose of the draft. The co-chairman of the competition committee is Bucs general manager Rich McKay, whose team has reaped the benefits of such a trade. The Bucs ended a 36-day coaching search by trading two first-round picks, two second-round picks and $8-million to the Raiders for the rights to Gruden, who had a year left on his contract. Three weeks ago, the Bucs attempted to receive compensation from the Cowboys for the rights to hire Bill Parcells, revealing the two-time Super Bowl-winning coach had signed a four-year contract to coach Tampa Bay a year ago. But the contract never was submitted to the league office for approval and Tagliabue ruled no compensation was owed. McKay declined comment Thursday. The league's owners can decide whether to restore the right to trade draft picks for coaches at their annual meeting March 22-26 in Phoenix. The league's new policy is not restricted to head coaches. It prevents draft picks from being used to sign anyone under contract with another team, including assistants, front-office personnel or scouts. Gruden is the latest success story for teams that have been bold enough to package draft picks to hire coaches under contract with other teams. In 1997, the Jets sent draft picks to New England to acquire the rights to Parcells. Two years later, Parcells led the Jets to the AFC Championship Game. In 2000, the Patriots sent draft picks to the Jets to hire coach Bill Belichick, who was under contract. Last season, Belichick led New England to the Super Bowl XXXVI title. This is not the first time the competition committee recommended the league reconsider its policy of swapping picks for coaches. Three years ago it presented its concerns to ownership about teams attempting to receive compensation for assistants. After firing Tony Dungy and having Parcells renege on a deal to coach Tampa Bay and remain retired, Bucs owners targeted coaches under contract. First, they offered the 49ers a package of undisclosed draft picks for the rights to Steve Mariucci, who ultimately walked away from an offer to become coach and general manager. That prompted Bucs vice presidents Joel and Bryan Glazer to call Raiders general partner Al Davis and offer a king's ransom of top picks for the rights to Gruden. Both teams benefited. The Raiders host Tennessee in the AFC Championship Game while the Bucs travel to Philadelphia for the NFC title game.
  25. Really good podcast from former Browns scout breaking down the top rated QB prospects from this draft and what his opinion is of the Browns plans. Very good listen, possibly the best I've come accross so-far pertaining to the Browns taking a QB with the top pick. http://cleveland.cbslocal.com/2014/02/20/chris-landry-on-qbs-in-draft-none-of-them-are-ready-right-now-need-development/ Chris Landry on QBs in Draft: “None of Them Are Ready Right Now, Need Development”February 20, 2014 6:03 PM
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