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  1. Well, we have been unsuccessful and they have been successful, so from an analytical p.o.v. I've been at least somewhat accurate. I think you look at football from more of a fan perspective whereas I look at it from an analytical one. Not on Sunday, Sunday is all about being a fan, and if we were successful it'd trickle into other days, but rather than be depressed about how much we suck I keep my mind active on what every team is doing on non-Sunday's. I would anyway because I enjoy it, but probably not as much as I do now. Really. You're trying to spin your negativity into you are the 'analytical' fan eh? Wow. How come you can't use that 'smart-analytical' objetivism when looking at the moves by Pittsburgh and Baltimore? That is not objective or analytical. Projecting a negative bias does not make you objective.
  2. Oh and you are such a deep thinking scynic aren't ya maxie pad? How is your defensive rookie of the year doing with his 15 tackles huh? Afer all he's an OZZIE NEWSOME PICK. Sweet. I bet if the Browns took some LB and he racked up 15 tackles you'd cream your pullups crying about what a lousy pick it was. Or how you like that 1-SACK by the Pittsburgh pass rusher? How will we ever catch up with teams who make such wiz-bang first round picks like that? But you are soo deep. You are a synic. Wow ain't you cool? Umm, wasn't meant to be insulting. You're an eternal optimist, we get it, it's good to have people like you around. Also need to take anything you write about the Browns with a large grain of salt. There is thought behind all of your opinions, but the baseline is always positive - not neutral. I only come off as a cynic in here because we suck, and always suck. Same thing happen in the Detroit Tigers and Michigan threads when we suck. I get the homer goggles when my teams are good, blind spots to issues develop when good things are happening. When my teams suck and are run poorly? Not so much. I try to keep my baseline as neutral as possible, but when it comes to my teams I seem to sway between negative and psoitive depending on how we're doing. This ebb and flow has never been documented in a Browns thread because we have sucked every single year since I joined this site. I really don't give a #### what you say right now. You claim to be centered. Really? How is someone who constantly rips into Cleveland and constantly puffs up Baltimore and Pittsuburgh balanced? That is not balanced. When you constantly have the same take, we-bad they-good you are not balanced. You are playing victim where the universe is against YOU. Basically you are saying that YOU are soo special that everyone is out to get YOU. Yeah. Its over-over-OVER-played by the Cleveland media and people grab onto that loer mentality and think its cute or the smart way to react. Don't get too excited, don't ever think we will win, don't ever try to figure out how we can win. Just be a loser, think loser, oh and here is the really cool thing Max. YOU CONSTANTLY RIP INTO ANYONE WHO SAYS ANYTHING POSITIVE. You call em homers, pollyanna, morons. Yeah, but you have it all figured out. Play it cool man. Think loser. That way you'll never lose right?
  3. Oh BracieRead much?I didn't write the article. Spin that #######. dude, you're a homer. Embrace it.Oh and you are such a deep thinking scynic aren't ya maxie pad? How is your defensive rookie of the year doing with his 15 tackles huh? Afer all he's an OZZIE NEWSOME PICK. Sweet. I bet if the Browns took some LB and he racked up 15 tackles you'd cream your pullups crying about what a lousy pick it was. Or how you like that 1-SACK by the Pittsburgh pass rusher? How will we ever catch up with teams who make such wiz-bang first round picks like that? But you are soo deep. You are a synic. Wow ain't you cool?
  4. Oh Bracie Read much? I didn't write the article. Spin that #######.
  5. Last year the Browns conducted a coaching search that wasn't as thorough as this one and they learned a lot of things from the candidates. They found out what sort of offenses and defenses where the toughest to match-up against and found out that offensive coaches had their most difficulty going up agaainst 3-4 fire-zone blitz type of defenses so when they were seeking a DC they wanted a 3-4 fire-zone attack guy. Ray Horton looked the part and spoke the part but on the field the defensive collapses played the largest role in the 7 game losing streak to snuff out last season. Mike Pettine is a guy who interests me. He doesn't run a 3-4 fire-zone, he runs a modified version of the old Chicago Bears Buddy Ryan 46 Defense which is even a more aggressive attack-style defense than the fire-zone. http://bills.buffalonews.com/2014/01/21/mike-pettine-standing-taller-browns-messy-coaching-search/ ... Pettine has gained coaching-philosophy points because he runs a version of the Ryan 46 defense, which continues to gain popularity around the NFL. He learned the defense working closely with New York Jets coach Rex Ryan. The Bills' defense was rejuvenated under Pettine. The Bills sent four defensive players to the Pro Bowl, and he helped salvage pass-rusher Jerry Hughes and safety Aaron Williams. The Bills ranked 23rd in yards allowed, but that was an accomplishment, considering where they were a year earlier. The Bills finished second in sacks and second in interceptions. ===== Add interesting tidbit to file away for draft day. If you looked at the four finalists in this year's playoffs, three of the four head coaches were former defensive coordinators. Also if you noticed, none of the teams used a first round pick to get their quarterback. - Peyton Mannning > free agent - Colin Kaepernic > 2nd round draft pick - Russel Wilson > 3rd round draft pick - Tom Brady > 6th round draft pick
  6. Forgot this tweet: Tim Graham‏@ByTimGraham4h Gotten tweets fr followers wondering if Pettine going thru Browns process as practice rep. Sources close to Pettine tell me wants job badly
  7. Adam Gase won't interview for a job he wouldn't get? Big story? Really? Gase may never be an NFL head coach. No team interviewed him and only one team wanted to interview him. Even if the Browns had interveiwed Gase their in guarantee that they would have hired him. Pettine gets his second interview tonight. This is the guy I hope the Browns wind up hiring. Adam Schefter ‏ @ AdamSchefter 15m Browns second meeting with Bills DC Mike Pettine is scheduled for this evening. Ian Rapoport ‏ @ RapSheet 3m The # Browns are talking to # Bills DC Mike Pettine tonight. They plan on talking to Dan Quinn in NY/NJ. Can’t be later than a week before SB ====== Add Josh Gordon owners have nothing to fear from a coaching change. Gordon had his breakout season with three different starting quarterbacks, Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer, and Jason Cambell. The Browns will likely get a young QB whose long-term ability would trump all-three combined and even his rookie season has a shot to match the 'talent-level' of what those three produced last year.
  8. I am intruged by Pettine. I really am. I think he will be a solid NFL head coach. Gase looked weak. Reports are he lacks personality. I honestly did not want him as a head coach and I think we may not have really wanted him either but just wanted to pick his brain about his offense. The name David Shula comes to mind. Shula was a hot commodity a few years ago and got cute and removed his name from head coaching intereviews. Are people really crying over Adam Gase? Honestly?
  9. So you rather overdraft a player at a devalued position................................. a third or fourth round pick is over drafting now?Or later. We're not using a 1st or 2nd round pick on a RB. That much seems clear. I have no idea why anyone would think that we would sign Tate for a 2nd or use a 1st round or 2nd round pick on a RB.
  10. sometimes I wish we couldn't see who was posting what. Like, bracie has a good post but him being the eternal optimist it doesn't mean much to me. Just like how I am the total opposite and a negative message from me means much less than if bracie posted it.If you or me or anyone discounts posts that have merit based on who posted them then its silly. And if you look my post isn't positive its just not negative and that is the only takes that have appeared about the coaching search when the reality is none of the head coaches who have been hired would have made champagne corks popping.
  11. Honesty, I am pleased with how the coaching search is going. We are the only team left so we don't have to rush to make a decision, we can and are conducting tons of interviews. I think that is fantastic. Last year we heard the interviews conducted by the froint office was very beneficial. They learned tons of things. They found out which offenses and defenses were the most diffcult to face, what sort of quarterbacks, running games, blocking schemes, etc. Right now the front office is picking the minds of the best young coaching talent and some of the people bein interviewed could wind up on the coaching staff. I'm not fretting about missing any of the coaches who have been hired because I don't anyone is the next coming of Bill Walsh. One guy I liked was Wisenhunt but I don't like how he used Detroit to get more money from Tennessee. The weeds out guys who aren't strong or ready. We can choose an idea or concept guy or go for a more rah-rah Rex Ryan guy. Hopefully someone with ideas and who is also a strong leader and I hope we lean more towards hiring a strong leader. Adam Gase seems like an idea guy who has isn't a strong leader of men. Reports are that he lacks a personality and we've seen weak leader guys like Pat Shurmur who wilted under the spotlight. If Gase won't interview or is hinting he won't take a head coaching job then he doesn't look like a strong leader. Sorry but it appears like he is hiding under Peyton Manning's petticoats. I am very intriuged by the Buffalo defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. He's been called back for two interviews and reports are both interviews went well. Pettine seems like he would take to being a head coach like a duck to water. Mike is a defensive guy and if you notice three of the four teams left in the post season where former defensive coordinators. I don't know if he's thee-guy or if Gase steps-up and shows he's more than Peyton Manning's water boy, or if one of the other candidates steups up but in any case, I'm not sweating it. We don't have to make a decision and their are other guys to interview. No harm in that and why would we pass up the opportunity to pick the brains of the best young coaches in the league?
  12. Some podcast takes from Cleveland Browns Daily commenting on the first wave of mock drafts that have come out. http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/media-center/audio/Cleveland-Browns-Daily---71/f500ca50-aa2e-44e1-a5e8-d73805e42f11#/media-center/audio/Cleveland_Browns_Daily_115_Part_2_Pluto/f0fbfc77-80db-4cb0-9ef2-12d775f4953d - part 2 around the 9:40 point. Longtime Plain Dealer sports writer Terry Pluto was asked about the mocks that were projecting a QB to go with the Browns top pick. Pluto said he liked QB Teddy Bridgewater and that he did not like QB Johnny Manziel. - part 5 they talk the recent mocks Nate Zegura says he does not think they will take a RB with the 26th pick of the first round. He says he thinks the Browns will take a QB with the top pick and he loves QB Johnny Manziel but will go cornerback with the 26th pick. Zegura's list for the first round is: 1. 1st round pick #4 Quarterback (he loves Johnny Manziel) 2. 1st round 26th pick he thinks we will look to take a Cornerback but did not name any specific player Vic Carucci Says he thinks the Browns will take a QB with the top pick and he likes QB Blake Bortles and he does not like any mocks that show a RB with the top pick and goes so-far as to say the Browns will NOT take a running back in the first round. He think the 26th pick will address a different need. He said he would prioritize the Browns needs in the following order: 1. First round #4 selection Quarterback (he said that he likes QB Blake Bortles) 2. Firstt round #26 pick WR, O-Line, CB. (Vics order of preference for the 26fh selection) Both say the Browns won't take a RB in the first round and Browns would be looking RB 3rd round at earliest.. part 8 with Jeroud Cherry around the 5:30 They asked if Jeround Cherry thought the Browns would take a RB in the first round? Cherry said no. He said you can find a guy in the, 3rd, 4th, 5th, round and Vic agreed. Cherry feels the team needs to find another WR. He mentioned that as good as WR Josh Gordon has been that he's one slip-up away from not being on the team. Cherry didn't mention who he wanted the team to take in the first round. ===================== http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/media-center/audio/Cleveland-Browns-Daily---71/f500ca50-aa2e-44e1-a5e8-d73805e42f11#/media-center/audio/Cleveland_Browns_Daily_116_Part_6/a5a9ba35-154d-4fd1-9521-2046817aca43 Cleveland Browns Daily 1/16 Part 6 Another segment of interest was guest, former OLT and current color commentator on Browns broudcasts, Doug Deiken give his take on grading the Browns offensive line. He said the issue was with the guards. He thinks that free agent OT Chris Faulk is a guy who could take over at right tackle allowing ORT Mitchell Schwartz to move inside. Schwartz was injured, foot, so Dieken felt his struggles last year was due to the injury but he feels Mtichell needs more strength but he can move so he felt moving him inside would really help runs to the perimeter but he added we need to get a RB who can make those perimeter runs. Dieken's bottom line, get some athletic guards. He feels that is the biggest missing piece on the offensive line. He sounds very-eager to see what Chris Faulk can do. Both Zegura and Carucci feel we need to replace OG Shawn Lavaua and that Mitchell Schartz struggled and that Grecco at the other OG position was average at best. I didn't realize Schartz was injured and he was injured early in the year and Zegura rattled off a ton of stats to show Schartz really improved later in the season when he would have gotten healthier. So it sounds like we definitely need at least one O-Lineman and quite possibly two unless Faulk is healthy and blows up and/or if Mitchell Schartz vastly improves or can move inside so that gives more options as we can get the best ORT or OG but it sounds like we will be taking at least one O-Linemen early in the draft. ================================= http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/media-center/audio/Cleveland-Browns-Daily---71/f500ca50-aa2e-44e1-a5e8-d73805e42f11#/media-center/audio/Cleveland_Browns_Daily_114_Part_3_Williamson/135ff61c-5219-439c-ab3a-0a729c79ec85 Cleveland Browns Daily 1/14 Part 3 - Williamson Guest ESPN football guy and former NFL scout Matt Williamson He was asked about the draft and his take was QB Brian Hoyer could be a really good stop-gap guy that allows any rookie QB we take time to develop. Good quality draft and WR may be the best of the group so you can get a quality WR in the 3rd round that would normally be drafted high in the second round. Williamson thinks we need a RB. He thinks we can sign an OG in free agency but unlike Dieken he feels we need a big run blocking masher to open holes. Thinks we could one more LB. Maybe another corner with size and says we can't fill all needs but we are in good shape with draft picks and cap room. He likes a big strong-armed QB who can play in poor weather conditions of the AFCN. ====================== Bottom line for the draft: - We won't be drafting any RBs in the 1st or 2nd rounds but RB will be addressed, likely from the 3rd round or later. - We will add at least one O-Lineman with a high pick. - Draft is deep at WR, we can find a quality WR in the 3rd round - Cornerback is mentioned and could be a high pick or filled in free agency. - Linebacker is a need but likely won't be taken high in the draft.
  13. The PD compiled the first slew of mocks together and broke down who the 'experts' say the Browns will take. Somehow I think we'll these mocks change dramatically before May but here are the early pre-Combine mocks. http://www.cleveland.com/mock-draft/index.ssf/2014/01/the_nfl_draft_has_a_quarterbac.html ... let's take a look at which way the experts are leaning with the two picks. ESPN.com's Mel Kiper Jr. has the Browns targeting two need areas in round one, with an emphasis on offense. "QB Blake Bortles, Central Florida - Suffice to say, no coach in Cleveland makes this a pretty difficult projection. While there's plenty of debate in NFL circles regarding which QB in this class has the most upside in terms of overall ability, from a physical standpoint Bortles is at the top of the list. At 6-foot-4, 230 pounds, with not elite but good arm strength, and the ability to move both in the pocket and to make plays down the field as a runner, he has a chance to add value and eliminate negative plays with his mobility as he develops as a passer. It goes without saying that Cleveland will look to address its QB situation through the draft or via a trade, and this is potentially a good fit for Bortles. RB Carlos Hyde, Ohio State - For one, I think this is a good spot for the Browns to move down and allow a team that really wants a QB to move up and grab one. This is a good spot to go and get a player like Derek Carr. So while it might seem crazy that Cleveland would trade a running back for a first-round pick, then go out and take one with the pick it got in return, it also reflects the fact that this becomes a pretty mobile spot on the board for the Browns, and they do need to get a starting-level RB at some point, perhaps in Round 2." NFL.com's Bucky Brooks released his first mock this week, with a pair of Aggies landing in Cleveland. "QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M - Johnny Football would energize an organization desperate for a legitimate franchise quarterback. WR Mike Evans, Texas A&M - Why not add Johnny Football's favorite target to the mix to alleviate the pressure on Josh Gordon on the perimeter? Evans would not only alter coverage, but he would give Manziel a jump-ball specialist to lean on in the red zone." Dane Brugler of CBSSports.com sees plenty of help coming on both sides of the ball in his latest projection. "QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M - Brandon Weeden won't be back in Cleveland, Jason Campbell is a stopgap and while Brian Hoyer is still in the team's long-term plans, he's coming off an ACL injury and Cleveland needs to add a young arm to the mix. Manziel will certainly create colorful discussions between now and May, not only on Twitter and your local bar, but also scouting war rooms around the league. He will be an option for the Browns here. ILB C.J. Mosley, Alabama - If the Browns go quarterback at No. 4 overall, their second first round pick is a wildcard with several need areas on the Cleveland roster. And while linebacker isn't tops on that list, if a player like Mosley is still available, he makes sense inside next to D'Qwell Jackson." SI.com's Chris Burke has the Browns forming a dangerous, new QB-WR tandem in 2014. "QB Blake Bortles, Central Florida - Bortles is the man of the hour in draft circles, with his Fiesta Bowl win putting the capper on a brilliant season. He has a chance to be great at the next level. Right now? I'd say he could be pretty good as a rookie as he undergoes some growing pains. For the Browns, the notion of finally nabbing a franchise quarterback will outweigh any concerns. WR Jordan Matthews, Vanderbilt - The Browns nabbed their QB earlier in this mock. Now, they add a terrific receiver for him. Cleveland already boasts one of the league's budding offensive stars in Josh Gordon, and he'd welcome the arrival of Matthews, a polished prospect with a productive college career behind him. Matthews will be capable of starting from the get-go next season." CBSSports.com's Rob Rang still sees offensive line help coming the way of the Browns with their first pick. "OT Greg Robinson, Auburn - Regardless of the identity of Cleveland's next head coach, the Browns are expected to draft a quarterback with this pick. A passionate fan base might love the idea of Johnny Manziel, but the gusts and grass of FirstEnergy Field may not be the best fit for a quarterback so reliant on his mobility and lacking elite size or arm strength. Otherwise, pairing the most dominant run blocker in the draft in Robinson with All Pro left tackle Joe Thomas could give the Browns the bookend tackles to make a quarterback drafted later likelier to enjoy success. QB Derek Carr, Fresno State - Until the identity of the Browns' next head coach is known, projecting which quarterback they'll add in the offseason is going to be difficult. Carr's struggles against Southern Cal in the Vegas Bowl has his stock in flux but he possesses as much arm talent as any quarterback in the 2014 draft class, including projected No. 1 overall pick Teddy Bridgewater." Matt Miller of Bleacher Report says the Browns desire to fix their quarterback position could have them reaching in May. "QB Blake Bortles, Central Florida - The Browns are desperate for a franchise quarterback but don't rule out Brian Hoyer as the 2014 opening-day starter. That would allow the team to draft a player who needs a little time to develop—like Blake Bortles. The UCF quarterback is a dual-threat star and has a little Andrew Luck or Ben Roethlisberger in his game. He's the type of smart, savvy passer the Browns have needed. WR Odell Beckham, LSU - The Browns grabbed their quarterback at the top of the round, but now they must finish filling out the offense by adding a threat at receiver. The team has a future star in Josh Gordon, but he's one slip-up away from a season-long suspension, and Greg Little continues to disappoint on the other side of the formation. Odell Beckham isn't the biggest guy, but he plays tough over the middle and has a second gear to run away from defenders after the catch. He's an ideal complement for the bigger, stronger Gordon." Charlie Campbell, from Walter Football, is on the same page with so many experts that see a new QB on the horizon. "QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M - The Browns land their quarterback. With Brett Hundley and Marcus Mariota returning to college, Cleveland probably can't afford to wait until its second first-round pick to take a quarterback. The concern that Manziel (6-1, 200) is undersized is being eased by the quality play of some other short NFL quarterbacks. Drew Brees is a dominant force and future Hall of Famer; Russell Wilson has been phenomenal to help disprove the height requirement. Based off the past two seasons, plenty of teams will be willing to overlook the height issue. However, his maturity is a bigger concern according to sources. While Manziel's running ability gets a lot of attention, he showed that his passing skills are improved and underrated. WR Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State - The Browns get a mismatch receiver to pair with Josh Gordon. Cleveland wants to have a vertical passing attack, and Benjamin could be a devastating weapon on the other side from Gordon. Benjamin has been a big-time play-maker for the Seminoles this season. Even though other receivers saw more targets, the redshirt sophomore produced a lot of long receptions for Jameis Winston. In 2013, Benjamin had 54 receptions for 1,011 yards with 15 touchdowns. The 6-foot-5, 234-pounder is a mismatch nightmare with a ton of upside." Eric Galko of Sporting News sees more touchdowns coming for Cleveland's offense in 2014. "QB Blake Bortles, Central Florida - In a good place as a franchise in terms of roster depth at key positions, the Browns must find their franchise quarterback. While their new coach might determine the type of QB they'd like, Bortles has the skills to fit in multiple schemes. WR Mike Evans, Texas A&M - After drafting a quarterback with their first pick, adding another weapon for him in Evans is a dream for any young quarterback. Josh Gordon can take the top off of defenses, Jordan Cameron can control the seam, and Evans can maximize any one-on-one opportunities." NFL.com's Daniel Jeremiah has the Browns breaking the "no running back in the first round" trend. "QB Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M - Manziel is the most creative quarterback I've evaluated in the last 10 years. He has an uncanny ability to feel pressure, escape the pocket, and make accurate throws on the move. He is also very skilled from inside the pocket. He has a live arm and is very accurate to all three levels despite throwing from a variety of platforms and arm angles. As a runner, he is sudden and is able to make defenders miss without gearing down. His lack of size and aggressive running style is the main concern. He seeks out contact as a runner. That has to change at the next level. RB Carlos Hyde, Ohio State - Hyde had a monster senior season, rushing for 1,521 yards and 15 touchdowns. He has excellent size, power, vision, and burst. He rarely goes down on first contact and has sneaky breakaway speed when he gets past the second level of the defense. He is also a viable option in the passing game (three receiving touchdowns)."
  14. Situation has changed. Its not just because they fired Chud, the club will address the QB position giving a new head coach a built-in one-year mulligan added to the Chud firing meaning any head coach hired by the Cleveland Browns has two to three years.
  15. Yep. just announced on the herd on ESPN radio1 Manziel (Houston) 2. Matthews (St. Louis) 3. Clowney (Jax) 4. Bortles (Cleveland) 5. Waktins (Oakland) just passing his first mock along. he did the top ten on the radio. Bridgewater, No. 8 to Vikings http://www.waitingfornextyear.com/2014/01/mel-kiper-jr-has-johnny-manziel-going-no-1-overall/ Mel Kiper Jr. has Johnny Manziel going No. 1 overall ESPN.com’s Mel Kiper Jr. lifted the curtain on his first of many mock drafts as we head into May and his preliminary output has several surprises, chief of which: Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel going No. 1 overall. Manziel’s name has always been big, but his stock related to the NFL Draft has seen an incredible ascent. Just weeks ago, he was given a grade that pegged him being selected toward the latter half of the first round. Kiper’s partner in crime, Todd McShay, had Manziel as the third-best quarterback in what was his first mock draft—a slot that would be linked to the Cleveland Browns with the No. 4 pick. Today, however, Kiper is the next draft analyst to have the electric, headline-making quarterback at the top of his list. Here’s why: I spoke to a number of high-ranking NFL evaluators this week, and this is the one QB anyone felt certain was a top-5 pick. So consider this an early bet, with one major caveat: Bill O’Brien just arrived, is still putting his staff together, knows a good QB when he sees one, and hasn’t had enough time (if any) to study the draft class. But we know quarterback is a major need here. O’Brien likes a QB with presence, a leader and a guy who will out-prepare the competition. And while Manziel has gotten his share of bad press, he’s a dynamic talent, and I feel he can lead at the next level; I’m not alone in that opinion. While Manziel is currently ranked No. 11 on my Big Board, this reflects the draft. Manziel doesn’t fit the old prototypes of a QB drafted No. 1, and I have concerns about how well he can protect himself given his smaller frame, but he is a magician on the field, and is made for the current NFL. This league protects and welcomes QBs who can improvise, run and make plays beyond the playbook. It’s early, but Manziel is a special player and has the draft process to prove it further. Kiper, as you may have noticed, has laced this entire mock draft with caveats. This makes sense given the amount of time that is yet to pass between today and the actual draft. This said, ranking Manziel first overall, ahead of more polished passers like Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater and UCF’s Blake Bortles (who he has linked to the Browns at No. 4) is surprising. Ohio State fans will have mixed emotions with regard to the mock as linebacker Ryan Shazier was completely left out of the first round. That said, Kiper has running back Carlos Hyde being selected by the Browns with the 26th-overall pick, the one that was, ironically, acquired in the deal for running back Trent Richardson. Naturally, the draftnik also insinuated that it is very unlikely to happen given the potential for a trade or a quarterback like Fresno State’s David Carr (also left out of the first round) to be selected there. Silver lining: Kiper listed Cleveland’s situation as “a really attractive environment for a young quarterback to grow and succeed.” When’s the last time this could be said with a straight face?
  16. I wouldn't put too much stock in the reports of Cleveland bein enamoured with Johnny Manziel. I did a lil digging and it seems those rumors have not come from the Browns but from Union Station. Obvoiusly the Browns would be checking all of the QBs who would have been available in the draft so I am positive that they sent scouts and maybe even Lombardi showed up for a game or two and the people down there would have seen them and felt that the Cleveland reps liked Manziel. I am sure that is true bu the problem is that the people down in Union Station weren't with the Cleveland contingent when they checked out other players, not only QBs but all other players so the problem is they had no context. The Browns may have shown the exact same or even more interest in other players so none of this information is coming from Cleveland from everything I've seen. Its all from Union Station so I'm sure it true information but take it with a grain of salt. I actually was giving them credit for creating a false rumor. They are basically saying to the teams below please come up to #2 so that a certain other player falls to us. I know I am biased because I believe Johnny Manziel is severely overrated. Does the franchise want to gamble there top pick in the draft on a QB that runs with reckless abandon? He could end up being clocked like Pat White. Do they confine him to the pocket? Take away his natural instincts. Even if Maziel fell to the 8th pick, I am not sure I want my Vikings to take him. I wasn't going to mention that but, yes, ofcourse it could have been a false rumor but they are coming from Union Station and those rumors started to emerge, I think the first ones were in early September, so I don't think the Browns were laying a trail of phoney bread crumbs back then. Now you could be right about any new rumors surfacing because last year no one had a clue that the Browns were sold on Barkevious Mingo. If you go back to last year's draft and the mocks, everyone was clueless on what the Browns would do even up to draft day with the Browns on the clock Mayock threw his hands up in the air and looked directly into the camera and said he had no clue what the Browns would do so this new detente of Browns draft information seems very suspicious to say the least.
  17. Peter King and Tony Grossi stopped by the Big Show yesterday and went over a ton of things. One of the things mentioned that I thought was very interesting is that Norv Turner has an idea of the type of quarterback/system that he favors and might not have been open to the new sort of mobile QBs, like a Manziel and the read-option offense or off-shoots of that offense. They speculated that the coaches were bound to a system and certain type of QB but the front office is more open to new offensive systems and different types of quarterbacks which would help with their QB search. I think they were hinting that one of the reasons why Chud/Norv were let go is because they didn't mesh on being open to diffent offensive systems/new mobile QBs (Johnny Manziel). Oh and Peter King said that the Browns head coaching position is probably the most secure in the league for any new hire because he said the Browns CAN'T FIRE the new guy for at least three years and I agree wholeheartedly with that. Long podcast so if you have the time, check it out. Tony Grossi‏@TonyGrossi13h Link to the @SI_PeterKing segment on850 WKNR today. Talking #Browns, Adam Gase and Peyton Manning. http://www.stationcaster.com/player_skinned.php?s=70&c=476&f=2307633 …
  18. I wouldn't put too much stock in the reports of Cleveland bein enamoured with Johnny Manziel. I did a lil digging and it seems those rumors have not come from the Browns but from Union Station. Obvoiusly the Browns would be checking all of the QBs who would have been available in the draft so I am positive that they sent scouts and maybe even Lombardi showed up for a game or two and the people down there would have seen them and felt that the Cleveland reps liked Manziel. I am sure that is true bu the problem is that the people down in Union Station weren't with the Cleveland contingent when they checked out other players, not only QBs but all other players so the problem is they had no context. The Browns may have shown the exact same or even more interest in other players so none of this information is coming from Cleveland from everything I've seen. Its all from Union Station so I'm sure it true information but take it with a grain of salt.
  19. One other tibit from Grossi' column that should quell any talk of the Browns trading-up for a QB. http://espncleveland.com/common/more.php?m=49&action=blog&r=18&post_id=27511 Hey Tony: Friends and I are in agreement the Browns will not improve until they acquire and stabilize the QB position. We often debate who and how to acquire one. A current debate is whether trading up from #4 in this year’s draft is worthwhile. I’m for sitting at 4 and hoping a QB drops and my argument against trading up is, when has it worked? The only examples I can think of are Eli Manning and John Elway (even though they were technically traded after being drafted). In both of those cases the player demanded to be traded by the team that originally drafted him, thus lowering the bounty the team trading for the QB had to give up. Are there any other cases that I’m not thinking of? Can it be argued that if a QB is worth trading up for you won’t find a partner to trade with you? (i.e. Andrew Luck) And if a team would trade with you, the price they demand would be too damaging to your team going forward? -- Nathan, Cleveland, OH Hey Nathan: Here are some recent examples of quarterbacks taken in the first round by teams trading up for them: 2012, Robert Griffin 3, No. 2 overall, Washington; 2009, Mark Sanchez, No. 5, Jets; 2008, Joe Flacco, No. 18, Baltimore; 2006, Jay Cutler, No. 11, Denver. Draw your own conclusion.
  20. Tony Grossi, long time beat writer from ESPN, does a weekly 'Hey Tony' collumn where he answers fan questions. He made a really reasonable speculation on what he thought went wrong with the Chud firing where he places blame on how the front office communicates or failed to communicate with the coaches. The classic line from Cool Hand Luke applies. "What we got heeere is.... Failure to communicate." Here is the link: http://espncleveland.com/common/more.php?m=49&action=blog&r=18&post_id=27511 But if anyone is stupid enough to say that the Cleveland coaching job is radioactive or toxic or icky squicky oowie goowie or whatever moronic adjective they can scrape off their sheets then they are out of their frick'n minds. Chud skates away with $10 million dollars after ONE YEAR! Sign me the F' up for some of that 'radioactive' coaching, sheeshusHcrimeny. Also the job is probably the most secure of any in the league right now because the owner and the front office know their itchy trigger fingers will get busted into a million pieces if they dare to even think of firing the next head coach after two or three years. ------------------- Also Mary Cay Kabot says that Broncos OC Gase plans to interview with the Browns once Denver's season is over so that is good news since other coaching positions are getting filled up which means we might be the only coaching position left open if Denver goes all the way to the Super Bowl.. Mary Kay Cabot@MaryKayCabot11mAM Repost: #broncos OC Adam gase plans to interview w/ #browns per @mikekliswww.cleveland.comBeat Writer / Columnist
  21. No question that the quarterback play was the single biggest personnel issue that the Browns faced this last season. Weeden began the season and struggled as the team only scored 1 touchdwon in the first two games. People made excuses for him saying that he didn't have Josh Gordon and OG Shaun Lavaua was injured. Weeden got injured and Hoyer leap frogged ahead of Cambell and was named the starter but the club traded away RB Trent Richardson and people lost their minds saying the team was tanking the season and lambasted the front office. At that point three things happened to spark a three-game winning streak: 1. WR Josh Gordon came back from suuspension and exploded onto the scene 2. The team got angy at how people on the outside were saying they would tank the season 3. QB Brian Hoyer provided a spark that was missing with Weeden Hoyer got injured and Weeden was re-named the starter so now the Weeden apologists could see what Brandon could do with WR Josh Gordon and TE Jordan Cameron and with Lavaua back and with an energized defense so we could compare the two QBs. It was obvious not only that Weeden wasn't good but he sucked the life out of the team and that Hoyer not only played better but he sparked the team. When Cambell replaced Weeden he played better but he didn't provide the spark of Hoyer. We've seen what this team is capable of if it not only gets 'good' or 'solid' QB play but if the quarterback steps up as a team leader to provide a damn spark to the team. The team can lay down like dogs and die if they have a rudderless non-leader like Weeden or Cambell or it can find its backbone with a leader like Hoyer and he only has to play 'good' or 'solidly' and for this team to play with any team in the league. See the Patriots game for evidence that this team is only one guy from competing. Having said that I don't see any sure-fire "elite" QBs in the draft so I hope we don't mortage the farm to move-up for a non-elite QB prospect. The team is much closer to winning than at any time since the return.
  22. Well it does matter that the coaches were in charge and got to see all three quarterbacks. They had the power and actually made the decision to start Brandon Weeden. Ok, he was a first round pick and they needed or wanted to get a chance to see him in real NFL action before making any decision but it took an injury to Weeden before Hoyer got his shot and he obviously looked better but here is the real killer GhostGuy. AFTER Hoyer got injured who did the coaches start? They then had yet another coaching decision that was all on them and they chose to start Brandon Weeden over Jason Cambell. Its really hard to defend those decisions that were all on the coaching staff.
  23. Let me ask you how many games did you need to see once Brian Hoyer took over as the starter to realize that he was better than Weeden? Before you answer note that Chud and Norv started Weeden until he got injured where they had to put in Hoyer. Hoyer won all of the games he started. Weeden lost every game he started. The coaches not only started Brandon but they gave him the bulk of the starting reps in training camp and in practice. The coaches got to see the quarterbacks every day and up-close. Giving Weeden a chance is fine and all but honestly how many games did it take you to realize that Hoyer and Cambell were better quarterbacks?
  24. GhostGuy, The coaches made the decisions to: - Start QB Brandon Weeden over QB Brian Hoyer and QB Jason Cambell - Sit RB Bobby Rainey and start RB Willis McGahee - Sit RB Edwin Baker and start RB Willis McGahee - Start WR Greg Little over WR Josh Cooper - Start WR Davone Bess over WR Josh Cooper Those were coaching decisions. The front office was responsible for initiating the trade of RB Trent Richardson for a first round draft pick, a deal that looks sensational but at the time it was made they knew that they would take heat from Browns fans boy did they ever. Chud gets props for coaching three consecutive wins after the trade but we won after QB Brandon Weeden got injured and QB Brian Hoyer was plugged into the starting lineup. The front office reportedly wanted Hoyer to start over Weeden. Having noted the above, my biggest problem with Chudzinski was the game against Cincinnati when the team imploaded in the second quarter. We never won a game after that diaster. I have to put that loss and the fallout from that loss on Chud. From what I heard, one of the reporters said that Chud must have went to the carpet on one of those failed personnel/coaching moves where he said he felt so strongly about having it his way that he would put his job on the line. I don't know which one. Oh and Davone Bess deal was great when it was made but he lead the NFL in dropped passes so that was a huge problem but then he left the team for 'personal issues' but then a picture surfaced of him smoking what looked like a joint in front of a picture of Bob Marley so his body and apparently his head wasn't in the game. I heard the front office was sick of the drops and wanted Chud to either cut Little or Bess so that WR Josh Cooper could get a shot but Chud refused. Cooper got his shot in the last game and he caught everything thrown his way which could have pushed Haslam over the edge because it came after Bobby Rainey and Edwin Baker showed more than Willis McGahee, two other coaching/personnel mistakes made by Chud. Ofcourse the biggest coaching/personnel mistake he made was having Weeden start over Hoyer/Cambell when the front office wanted Hoyer from the begining. Oh and Haslam left both the last two, NY Jets game and the Pittsburgh games early fuming. Haslam is the one who met with Chud for nearly two hours. You don't meet a guy for two hours if you simply plan to fire him. You meet a guy for two hours with an ultimatum. My guess is he probably told Chud to give up some control to the front office or he'd have to let him go. We heard zero reports of any possible Chudzinski firing until the day he was fired so I think it was Jimmy Haslam who was responsible for the firing but from what has come out, well their were reasons so if anyone can defend the coaching mistakes then go ahead.
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