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  1. 22. Michael Stanley Band - Lover I said I would have an exception to the October 80 rule and that is MSB. This tune means a hell of a lot to anyone from NE Ohio circa 1980. Thank god for the man who put the white lines on the highway
  2. 23. Roxy Music - Avalon The song features Yannick Etienne. The Haitian singer later contributed backing vocals on Roxy singer Bryan Ferry's 1985 solo album, Boys and Girls. Ferry recalled to The Mail on Sunday June 28, 2009: "I was in a studio in New York when I heard the most haunting voice coming down the corridor. It was Yanick Etienne, a singer from Haiti, who was doing a demo next door. I asked her to sing on our record, which she did in one take, and a piece of recording history was made."
  3. 24. Pete Townshend - Rough Boys Pete has two children and dedicated the album to them however... He makes his sexuality ambiguous. He dialed back his original statements where others said he was gay or bi. ...This started rumors that Townshend was gay or bisexual. In the November 14, 1990 issue of Newsweek, Townshend explained: "I know how it feels to be a woman because I am a woman, and I won't be classified as just a man." Regarding "Rough Boys," he said, "In a way it was a coming-out. That it was a real acknowledgment of the fact that I'd been surrounded by people that I real
  4. 25. Steve Winwood - Spanish Dancer First rate lyrics, under rated tune.
  5. 26. The Pretenders - Talk Of The Town "Talk of the Town" was inspired by a fan Chrissie Hynde had encountered on the band's first tour. She explained in a BBC Songwriters' Circle special, "I had in mind this kid who used to stand outside the soundchecks on our first tour... I never spoke to him. I remember that the last time I saw him I just left him standing in the snow, I never had anything to say to him. I kind of wrote this for him, so, in the unlikely event that you're watching this, I did think about you." An easy rolling tune.
  6. 27. Eric Clapton - I Can't Stand It A month after this was released, Clapton developed severe ulcers and almost died. Years of alcohol and pain killers were responsible. Maybe EC had premonitions that years later this song would be used as bumper music for the Bill O'Riley show, eeshh.
  7. 28. David Lindley - Mercury Blues THIS was the song that all of the DJs at the radio station would fight over to play on their shift because we had a rotation of songs and after it was played it had to sit for a day or two. That is why I found the tune from the same album 'She Took Off My Romeos' but still loved playing this tune whenever I could. This is a recreation of a 1949 tune by K.C. Douglas and Robert Geddins called Mercury Boogie. Lindley's version kills. Give it a spin if you haven't heard.
  8. If you look at the names they list them as RB/KR so it appears they are looking for special teamers not replacements or anything like that. Fresh legs can apply to kick returners/special teamers and 'potential' depth. Camryn Justice@camijustice #Browns Demetric Felton said he wants to play at kick and punt returner as well. "I make plays, I score touchdowns, I do all that. I'm just really excited for the opportunity." -------------------------- #Browns Demetric Felton said he bonded with ST Coordinator Mike Priefer during the pre-draft process. ------------------
  9. Field Yates @FieldYates Effective at 4 PM ET, unrestricted free agents that sign with a new team no longer count towards the NFL’s compensatory pick formula. Amongst those available: Richard Sherman, Justin Houston, Alejandro Villanueva, Russell Okung, Melvin Ingram, K.J. Wright & Jason McCourty. ----------------------------------- Got another one and its related to the tweet at the top. Doesn't look like Sheldon Richardson will be back. Browns sign Malik McDowell ------------------------------------- I believe this is the first 'character' issue
  10. I saw the name but it didn't register as I'm just not as familiar with SL.
  11. Field Yates @FieldYates Effective at 4 PM ET, unrestricted free agents that sign with a new team no longer count towards the NFL’s compensatory pick formula. Amongst those available: Richard Sherman, Justin Houston, Alejandro Villanueva, Russell Okung, Melvin Ingram, K.J. Wright & Jason McCourty.
  12. No clue without looking it up so a wild guess, Larry Carlton? I know I'm wrong but I believe he played on the Nightfly or one I did recently and forgot to mention it.
  13. Lots of great trivia connected with this song. Eddie's guitar work was so incendiary that his solo LITERALLY caught the studio on fire. 🔥 👨‍🚒 According Rod Temperton, who wrote the title track to Thriller, a mystery blaze broke out in the control room as Eddie van Halen played his guitar solo. "Eddie was playing and the monitor speakers literally caught on fire," recalled Temperton to Q magazine. "The speaker caught fire and were all thinking, like, 'This must be really good, this solo!' That technicians had to race into the control room with fire extinguishers and put it out."
  14. Moving right along, pay no attention to previous mistakes made in list. 29. Michael Jackson - Beat It Real bangers were used in the video. Since I just put Van Halen in as a sub its a good time to post a song highlighting Eddie's guitar work. Eddie thought he would catch crap for working on the song and thought no one would know it was him but word got out. Took only two takes. According to Eddie, he had the engineer restructure the song to accommodate his solo, then blasted out two takes. Jackson showed up after the second take and was thrilled that Eddie cared enough abo
  15. Ah, I thought I had them screened better than that. I don't see it on Tim's List DOH, its #13 Change this to everyone's favorite, sarcasm intended, of Van Halen's Pretty Woman EDIT: Yikes does that video suck even for bad 80s MTV standards, lol. Its a tune I used on my very first night as a DJ. Just a mistake on my part in not catching it on Tim's list.
  16. 30. Joe Jackson - Real Men Joe Jackson is either bi or gay and wrote this song Real Men that has been described as a Real Queer 80s song. Joe left interpretation of the lyrics up to the listener. "I think your average male has had his masculinity and supremacy threatened to the point where he's not sure what it is he's supposed to do. Intelligent, forward thinking, in the sexual arena, is being done by women. It's all about the way stereotypes have reversed, turned upside down and become meaningless." -- Joe Jackson 1982 MTV didn't give the video much air play so if you haven'
  17. 31. IceHouse - Hey Little Girl / Great Southern Land Double shot of classic early 80s tunes by under rated group.
  18. Analytic look at 18 'expert' grades combined and averaged for an over-all look how each team's draft graded out. -------------------- Michigan Football Analytics@mfbanalytics just what i wanted to see from @benj_robinson and @fboutsiders ! grades are cool to look at after the draft but they don’t predict anything for the future LINK to chart 📈 of 18 'expert' grades
  19. Matter of personal preference as I was looking for a spot for The Goodbye Look
  20. Last year our top pick was a slam dunk at an area of need with a blue chip prospect so his 'success' was expected. The top FA signing of OT Jack Conklin was also a slam dunk of a top FA talent at an area of need but he surpassed expectations. The buzz at this time last year was about the 'expected' improvement with 2nd year CB Greedy Williams and the addition of S Grant Delpit and then Delpit was the big news in camp. Didn't happen and the pass-D was the downfall of the team. This year the FO attacked the weakness just as they did with the sorry offensive line last year. Top FA si
  21. 32. Donald Fagen - New Frontier I remember hearing an interview with Fagen where he mentioned the song was about the end of the world and living in a bomb shelter, something that was a big topic in the early 80s when the nut jobs at the Pentagon were seriously considering using tactical nuclear weapons against Russia, lol. Morons. Then the study about nuclear winter made the idiots reconsider. I was younger than everyone I hung out with in the early 80s so whenever I mentioned what this song was about I would get shot down because their was no Internet and no way to easily look
  22. 33. Warren Zevon - Let Nothing Come Between You Warren Zevon was a favorite of David Letterman so when Dave heard Warren was dying and that he wanted to come on his show right near the end he chose this song to literally end his career. It was a heart breaking performance. Letterman wept. Dave announcing Warren Zevon's death This is a great tune.
  23. Browns This tweet says it all. --------------------------- mk@MKonSports if you’re having team problems I feel bad for you son I got 99 problems and a GM ain’t one --------------------------------------- Dan Orlovsky@danorlovsky7 The @Browns are a freaking problem with this new regime man. #NFLDraft2021
  24. 34. Santana - Hold On Tenth best selling single from the band was a cover from Canadian artist Ian Thomas. This was the most popular tune but I prefer another from the same album and have a bit later on the list.
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