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  1. Stick a fork in Hoyer for the year. Adam Schefter‏@AdamSchefter10m Browns QB Brian Hoyer tore his ACL, an MRI confirmed. Done for season. ================= Per Freeman? If the Browns sign off on the off-field issues then Cleveland, with TE Jordan Cameron, OLT Joe Thomas to protect his blind-side, WR Josh Gordon, and most importantly of all Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner is the best option he has. Add in the shaky ground of 'starter' Brandon Weeden with a 'chance' to step-up and take control of the starting job. Where else does he have that sort of chance, with that sort of player and coaching talent? The decision rests on those off-field issues and ofcourse if Josh feels for some reason that he doesn't want to the chance to be a starter and just wants to sit on the bench behind someone like Tom Brady or ??? Obvious need and rare opportunity to get a young guy with experience and some 'possible' upside.
  2. The team has to rely on QB Brandon Weeden. Last night he came in off the bench in a game with a quick turnaround so he didn't get reps and didn't know the game plan so Norv Turner was calling plays that he knew from the first two weeks of the season. At first Turner was trying to call plays that Hoyer and the rest of the team had worked on and were in the game plan but Weeden didn't know the plays and that is why the communication was messed-up and why he looked lost and was late getting up to the line and gettting plays off. He simply HAS to get better in knowing the game plan so he can get the team lined up quickly where he can look over the defense. He actually did a decent job of calling run audibles at the line but he was working with a very limited game plan which wasn't even installed to match up against the Bills personnel. The biggest issue with Weeden, and it was painfully obvious last night, is he is too damn slow pulling the trigger on his throws. Hoyer got the ball off much quicker and cleaner and Hoyer had the ability to THROW OPEN WRs before they made their cuts so he wasn't waiting for guys to get separation as Weeden does. The defense is better than what it showed last night, lots of guys OUT on the short turnaround week so they should, fingers crossed, be healthier at least in the next game against Detroit. But the team has to rely on and is at the mercy of QB Brandon Weeden. Last week I saw the big storyline as the defense and the development of Brian Hoyer. Now its all about Weeden. He has to go deeper into himself because he CAN DO the same things that Hoyer was doing IF he throws it up, as he did with that deep TD pass to Gordon. Pulling the trigger and trusting the reciever to make the play but he's got to build that trust to PULL THE TRIGGER on short-quick horizontal routes and get that ball out quicker like Brian Hoyer was doing. If he doesn't develop his game then the team will only go as far as the defense and special teams can take it and that won't take them to the post season. The onus shifts to Weeden's ability to develop his game.
  3. The story of this season would have been the the defense hands-down but now it could wind up being QB Brian Hoyer. Throws for 269 yards and 2 touchdowns, zero interceptions. The two touchdown drives he engineered went 95 and 91 yards. Impressive. Oh and I'm sure it doesn't need to be said but I'll say it anyway. Don't overlook the Bills on Thursday night. They just beat Baltimore.
  4. We're having a party. Everybody's swinging. Dancing to the music. On the radio. http://www.cantonrep.com/browns/x1837090616/Josh-Gordon-billed-as-host-of-party-Thursday-after-Buffalo-game?rssfeed=true Josh Gordon billed as host of party Thursday after Buffalo game We heard Tony Rizzo talking about this on the Browns’ AM radio flagship and checked it out. Wideout Josh Gordon is being promoted as a host for an event at Vada Restaurant and Lounge. The date is Oct. 3, the same day the Browns take on Buffalo in a Thursday Night Football game. This is how the event is billed on vada.com: “VADA THURSDAY HOSTED BY JOSH GORDON OCTOBER 3rd SPECIAL INVITED GUESTS THE CLEVELAND BROWNS TAYLOR JONES THE MODEL $100 BOTTLES ORIGINAL CIROC & BELAIRE ROSE LADIES FREE ALL NIGHT 1437 ST. CLAIRE AVENUE” A football being pierced by a thunderbolt is shown between Gordon’s first and last names, near an image of Gordon in his jersey No. 12. Apparently this is a post-game party. It wouldn't necessarily start for Gordon until Oct. 4. The Browns would be unlikely to get out of the locker room until midnight. Kickoff is 8:25 p.m.
  5. Josh Gordon made an impact but we need to take another look and not assume he'll do what he did against Minnesota going forward. Gordon exploded back onto the scene, his first three touches he produced 99 yards and a TD. He was targeted 19 times making 10 catches and had 1 rush. After those first three touches... On his last 17 attempts he produced 70 yards and no scores. The Vikings D is not one of the best in the league and it could be one of weaker defenses. Defensive coordinators are going to focus on taking away or limiting Gordon going forward. They'll also be able to pick apart film on Hoyer. The big games that Josh had and QB Brian Hoyer and TE Jordan Cameron (the special team touchdown isn't likely to happen again) could be an anomoly. We don't know if the coaches will go back to Weeden when his thumb is healed or stick with Hoyer. McGahee was signed late in the week so his poor game, 8 rushes for 9 yards, isn't indicative of what he can do so we may not see a big drop in production from what Richardson was providing but the pivit point of this season is the dynamic of WR Josh Gordon and QB Brian Hoyer. I honestly don't see us beating the Bengals so if we lose this weekend I won't be discouraged about the rest of the season. The Bengals are strong in the front seven, they have the stud #1 WR, they have 2 talented TEs, they have an interesting rookie RB who can make big plays, their O-Line is solid, and they have talent in their defensive secondary. Add their kicker isn't nursing a sore quad. So this week they hold advantages in, defensive secondary, running back, offensive line (but Oniel Cousins did look much improved last week but this week he's got Geno Atkins on the menu so that matchup looks bad), and I'd have to give them the edge on special teams if our kicker isn't 100%. If Gordon steps-up and develops into a consistent threat and we get healthy on the O-Line and if just get enough out of the running game to the point everything is in place then we can get a better read on whether or not Brian Hoyer can do the job at QB. I never would have thought that Brian Hoyer could be considered as a starter but he showed enough last week where 'if the pieces are in place and he irons out the wrinkles in his game' he could be the story going forward for the team. Over 300 yards along with 3 TDs are something that Weeden hasn't done but Bri did that in his second NFL start. IF Hoyer turns into a viable stater by the end of the year THEN with two first round picks next May the team can rapidly improve. I think this team is more interesting than any other since the return and its due to the defensive front seven. We haven't had anything like that since the return and I love how tough Phil Taylor is playing and his nasty disposition coupled with legitimate pass rushers. I love that. Any extra hope we get on offense, like watching to see if Hoyer can develop is icing on the cake.
  6. Not to hijak this into a SF/SEA-IND thread but one point. The Colts don't have a CB Richard Sherman to shut down WR Anquan Boldin. That was the biggest matchup and a big win for Seattle. The Niners don't have to worry about Anquan getting shut out this week.
  7. The thing is that the Browns made an offer to the Rams for Sam Bradford. So the Rams could have traded Bradford to Cleveland gotten the Browns 1st pick, #4 and I'm sure they would have had to add another high pick, possibly their other first round pick of 2012 #22 or their high second round pick for last year or it would have been their first round pick this year #7. So the Rams could have taken that deal and selected QB Robert Griffin the third with their first round pick #2. They then could have choses to trade-down as they did last year to keep acquiring more draft picks or taken RB Trent Richardson with the Browns top first round pick #4. Then if the extra pick was the Browns first round pick this year the Rams could have taken DE/OLB Barkvious Mingo with the #6 pick or they could have got WR Tavon Austin without having to tade-up for him and give up extra draft picks as they did this year. ----- One other top uber RB name I am remiss to add that never made the Super Bowl was RB Barry Sanders. ---- One thing that the new Browns front office, ownership, coaching staff, has that Mike Holmgren lacked is brains and BALLS. Come on folks, they absolutely knew before they pulled the trigger that they would get killed for making this deal. They knew they would be facing a blowtorch but they went ahead and pulled the trigger anyway. They definitely don't lack for BALLS and I think they have done their homework and have a good metric of what sort of damage they can do May 8 of 2014. The wrath of POed Cleveland fans has only begun. Late December, after yet another double digit losing season, some fans will be spleenless from over-venting. So some won't ever get it, most will, and a few already have. I'm already over it.
  8. Not saying it was a great move, but you trade with Minny to prevent Minny from trading the pick to someone else, not because you think the Vikings would select Richardson. The VIkings had no other deals on the table. Holmgren was competing against himself. Brains and BALLS. The VIkings had a dire need for an offensive left tackle. They wouldn't have traded down any further than the Browns pick because other teams would have jumped on OLT Matt Kahlil. Add, the Vikings didn't get any high picks which should have tipped off everyone that they didn't have any other teams willing to move-up for Richardson. The fact that Holmgren had a previous relationship with the Viking GM is the icing on the cake IMHO.
  9. My take as a long time Browns fan. Inital shock but I've had a few days to let things sink in. I have to be honest and state I never wanted the Browns to draft Trent Ricahardson with the fourth pick of the 2012 draft due to the league diminshing the value of the RB position. I was furious that the FORMER front office of Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckertt spent a package of draft picks to move up ONE SPOT to draft him when it was obvious to anyone with a brain and BALLS that the Vikings had no intention of taking him with the third pick of that draft. That is all on Mike Holmgren. He blew making a deal for RG III so he pressured Heckertt to 'make-sure' they came away with Ricahardson at any price. Per T-Rich. The one thing that always bothered me about his skill-set was the lack of break-away speed type of big plays. If you take a running back in the top-three picks he'd better be a sure-fire Hall of Famer in every aspect of his game. Trent lacks that extra break-away gear in my eyes where I would put his skill-set as a top-three NFL talent especially in a deep talent draft like 2012. He's never had that sort of break-away type of speed. If LaDalian Thomlison and Adrian Peterson and Eric Dickerson, and Bo Jackson, the four greatest RBs in terms of atheletic skill over the last 20+ years had zero Super Bowl appearances, it shows that having an uber atheletic HOF skill-set RB is cute for the fans but it doesn't help teams get to, let alone win the Super Bowl. So even if T-Rich had that extra gear, which he lacks, he wouldn't have done nearly as much as a franchise QB to help the Browns. Some who have responded in this thread seem to not be aware that this isn't the same, front office, coaching staff, or even the same ownership who drafted Richardson. They didn't hand the keys to Mike Holmgren, they didn't blow the deal for RG III, they didn't compound that decision by trading picks to move-up ONE SPOT to take a RB with the third pick in the draft to hide the fact that the person responsible for blowing the trade for RG III, MIKE HOLMGREN, was trying to distract the fans with a bright shiney object like T-Rich in an effort cover cover his butt for blowing the RG III deal. Those two decisions were bad enough but then to turn arouund and blow the 22nd pick in the first round on an old QB when they could have gotten him later was a series of bad front office decisions. That is all Holmgren and Randy Lerner, the former owner. The Browns have new ownership, new front office, and a new coaching staff. The new front office made two forward thinking trades in this year's draft, they traded away their fourth round pick for a 2014 3rd round pick and they traded away their fifth round pick this year for a 2014 4th round pick. They aren't shy. They are going to get a franchise QB in 2014. The team doesn't have a franchise QB. The team has suffered injuries on the offensive line that got the QB injured and made T-Rich ineffective. If Cleveland still had Trent Richardson they may not have won any more games this year. They would have burned one more year off his NFL shelf life and gotten NOTHING in return. Now they get something and they WILL get their franchise QB next year and the pick gotten for T-Rich and the additional picks gotten from this past draft trades could play a critical role in attaining a franchise QB. The upside is the Browns might be able to get the franchise QB without having to deal any of the extra picks which free those picks to plug holes to turn things around quickly.
  10. Former Cleveland Brown LB and current Fox football analyst Scott Fujita's take on the T-Rich trade. Um, verrrrrrrrrrry interesting take from a guy who isn' sitting on the outside looking-in trying to figure out the motivation to move Richardson. Scott played with Trent last year. He knows him as a team mate and he gives an intersting take. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/trent-richardson-trade-is-not-what-it-seems-browns-fans-092013
  11. Trey Wingo‏@wingoz2h We'd like to thank The Browns for their participation in the 2013 season....and wish them all the best in their endeavors
  12. Well, I know where you are coming from. It is unusual for teams to trade RBs for 1st round draft picks but the thing is that this could turn the team on the front office and they could phone-in the season. Fans just want a watchable product and right now the Browns aren't furnishing it. That just flat out sucks.
  13. Their is one stat that stook out as an issue I had with T-Rich. Lack of big plays. What was missing for Richardson were the big plays. His longest run of the year was only for 32 yards, and just two of his 267 carries went for 20 yards or more. That's not a lot: 0.7 percent is the fifth-lowest rate for any back with 200 carries or more over the past five years.
  14. RB Chris Ogbannya is 'probably' next in line but the team picked up RB Bobby Rainey a couple of weeks ago. Don't invest too much into anyone just yet, I think this one is fluid.
  15. With the first pick of the 2014 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select .................
  16. He got cut Dec 9th and got the start THAT WEEK due to inury. I have no idea what to expect of him but at least he knows the offensive system and had training camp and played a full preseason game and quite frankly he looked good in the final X-Game when it wasn't known he would get that much time. Also to another post that said this was a Lombardi favorite. Um, Lombardi's top free agency signings have all looked good, LB Paul Kruger already has a sack and is one of the reasons our defense is ranked #1 in the NFL against the run. Many were knocking Kruger's abilit to hold up against the run but he's looked solid VS the run. DE Desmond Bryant has looked beastly and is ranked as one of the top DEs in the league for getting pressure on the QB per PFF. LB Quentin Groves injured his ankle early in the Baltimore game on special teams but he has looked good on Special teams and he already has a sack. Add I love the trade for WR Davone Bess who has surpassed WR Greg Little because he earned it. Oh yeah, and the top pick, LB Barkevious Mingo got eased back into action Sunday only playing 26 snaps but on his very first NFL snap, WHAM! Blasts by the left tackle and got to Flacco so fast he didn't have a chance to dump it off, sack on his first snap. Bats down a pass with his long mitts not long after that. Instant impact. So judging on what the players Lombardi has had a had in acquiring so far, he's done a very good job. I don't know what to expect of Brian Hoyer but if ANY NFL third string QB was getting his first start I wouldn't expect much so if he doesn't set the world afire I'm not blaiming Lombardi.
  17. Here is what the prognosticators say, pretty much unanimous........ Don Banks of SI.com believes the Ravens will win by two touchdowns. Ravens 27, Browns 13: The Ravens aren't as bad as they looked over the course of the last 40 minutes of the game in Denver, but Peyton Manning in the zone can do damage to your self-esteem. The Browns came up small once again in their home-opener, and quarterback Brandon Weeden is immediately under pressure to prove he's not headed for bust-ville (as opposed to, say, Canton). Denied their party last week by a scheduling conflict with the Orioles, the Ravens will probably hang their Super Bowl banner and try to get the bad taste out of their mouth at Cleveland's expense. Baltimore's homefield advantage remains one of its most trusted assets. * Mike Florio and Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk also predict a victory for the Ravens. MDS’s take: The Ravens gave up seven touchdown passes to Peyton Manning in Week One. I feel reasonably confident saying they will not give up seven touchdown passes to Brandon Weeden in Week Two. The Browns’ offense looked pretty bad in the opener and will continue to look pretty bad in the second game of the season. MDS’s pick: Ravens 21, Browns 7. Florio’s take: Brandon Weeden is no Peyton Manning. He’s also no Eli Manning. And he may be no Cooper Manning. Besides, with 10 days to prepare and a superior team on both sides of the ball, the old Browns will get to .500 as the new Browns stake out more familiar territory at 0-2. Florio’s pick: Ravens 34, Browns 17. * The Sporting News' Vinnie Iyer's "Lock of the Week" is the Ravens beating the Browns. Joe Flacco and the Ravens have had a long time to recover from Peyton Manning's shellacking, and they should be pumped for their home opener as Super Bowl champions. And oh yeah, since Flacco and coach John Harbaugh have led the team, it has never lost to the new/old Browns (10-0), with an average scoring margin of 13 points. The same Browns who just lost by 13 at home to the Dolphins. It's an NFL homecoming game. Ravens 27, Browns 10. * CBS Sports' Pete Prisco also believes the Ravens will win, but he thinks it will be close. Ravens 21, Browns 13: The Ravens will have had a long time to stew over their opening-night loss to the Broncos. They looked battered after that one, but I see them bouncing back here. The Browns struggled on offense against Miami, and that continues here. Baltimore gets back on track. * NFL.com's Elliot Harrison expects the Ravens to win in a blowout. Cleveland usually plays Baltimore very tough ... that's why I'm predicting a blowout. Actually, my sense is that the Ravens -- particularly their defense -- will be extremely fired up to put kickoff night in Denver behind them. New Browns coach Rob Chudzinski is going to get this deal turned around eventually -- just not in Week 2 against an angry Terrell Suggs-fueled pass rush that will aim to do what the Miami Dolphins did to the Browns in Week 1: collapse the pocket around Brandon Weeden. So Chudzinski will have to "max protect", which means either leaving tight end Jordan Cameron in to block more or choosing not to send the backs out. Figure on the latter scenario, as Cameron was the most heavily used target in the passing game last Sunday (nine catches for 108 yards). What a bright spot for the Browns he's becoming. * Yahoo Sports' Frank Schwab and Les Carpenter pick the Ravens. * All seven USA Today analysts expect the Ravens to win, and Jim Corbett uses his "Lock of the Week" pick on them. * All 13 ESPN analysts predict a win for the Ravens. * Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth, picking for Showtime's Inside the NFL, also take the Ravens. * All five NFL.com Around The League analysts expect the Ravens to win. * CBS Sports' Denny Burkholder and former professional wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts each predict a victory for the Ravens.
  18. Well I think the Ravens defense is not stronger as many were saying this offseason. I thought that was ludicrous. Losing three of your four starting linebackers and losing three of your four starting defensive backs is too much to replace and then mesh together into a cohesive unit. The leadership lost in Ray Lewis and Ed Reed alone is significant. I don't care how old and gimped up those guys were/are if they were on the field in Denver week one their is no way that Ray Lewis would allow that many points/yards. He would have put a stop to that by sheer will power. So if you want to complain about your defense you are justified. It will take time but facing Peyton Manning on the road itching to get even for a playoff loss is one set of circumstances but facing Brandon Weeden and a beat up third string OG starting O-Line and a WR corps with zero threats is totally different. I doubt you'll find any optimistic Browns fans till we get Josh Gordon and our starting guard back but go ahead and try to find one. It will be intersting if someone has a different take.
  19. No Josh Gordon. Travis Benjam nursing a sore leg. Greg Little back to dropping passes. Oneil Cousins starting at OG which wipes out run blocking for T-Rich to get to the second level where he does most damage. Onei at RG hampers ORT Mitchell Schwartz who struggles against athletic-quick and low-to-the-ground pass rushers like Cameron Wake. See how Wake destroyed Schwartz last week. Go to the video but this site focuses soley on Mitchell Schwartz but Mitchell was very good in pass pro last year when he had a real NFL guard starting next to him, not Oneil Cousins. Go to the link to see the gif vids of Wake's sacks. http://www.grantland.com/blog/the-triangle/post/_/id/74387/the-trenchie-awards-the-eagles-offensive-line-cam-wakes-destruction-and-the-best-line-play-from-week-1 This week Oneil Cousins will have Haloti Ngata lined up against him so that is instant death. Add Schwartz has Doom lined up against him to make it death to the second power. Add, no Josh Gordon and possibly no Travis Benjamiin which means you may see Gurely lined up at WR. Yes we may have a GURLEY MAN lined up at WR this week. Add Ahtyba Rubin is out and CB Buster Skrine is bad and his shoulder is gimped up and you are not facing Peyton Manning this week. So you don't have to worry about T-Rich or Josh Gordon and our O-line is screwed and our second corner sucks and you have ten days to prepare to play a game at home where you unveil your SB banner. Call me nutty but I think you have a slight advantage.
  20. So we put Geno Smith or E.J. Manuel or Matt Barkely or the kid that Tampa took and we say. Oh boy we got our QB now lets set them for failue by...... - Having our starting OG go down with an ankle injury - Having our backup OG go down with an ankle injury - Putting in shlub Oniel Cousing in who can't get low and loses the leverage game so he is a turnstyle in both run blocking and pass protection - With no run blocking we basically remove our best offensive weapon, RB Trent Richardson - Have our top wide receiver get suspended the first two games. Now lets see Geno or E.J. or Barkley or the kid from Tampa light it up. Obviously Weeden whipped up a batch of purple drank for Josh Gordonn and he took out the ankles of his guards. If we would of drafted a rookie QB everything would be smoth sailing.
  21. Lets go back a few months to draft time. No one was beating the drum to use the top pick on a quarterback because they were afraid of Geno Smith and the other names being bandied about were Matt Barkley and they kid Tampa Bay took later in the draft, a small minority were softly speaking about Manuel but the majority did not want a QB with the top pick. OK, no QB. What other position? Going down the list, the next highest priority on the team was cornerback and clearly the top corner in the draft was Dee Milliner. OK, draft time comes and the team takes OLB/DE Barkevious Mingo. The Dee Milliner camp cries and whines and weeps. Barkevious gets injured and the Dee Milliner camp thumps their chest and says. I was right, see. Blah blah blah. Dee Millner started in his first NFL game. How did CB Dee Milliner do? He got benched 34 plays into his rookie season for screwing up and giving up the game winning touchdown. Pro Football Focus‏@PFF17h What got Dee Milliner benched? Well this mental goof certainly started the ball rolling: https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2013/09/13/analysis-notebook-thursday-night-football-week-2/ … I'm glad the front office improved the defensive front seven, the top two free agenst both colletcted sacks and looked good and even Quentin Groves proved he can rush the passer as he had a sack too. I'm also happy with the pick of Mingo. Trading picks in this year's draft for future higher picks in next year's draft gives them ammo to manuver up for a QB. Also they own the highest cap number of any NFL team right now. Last year they used their free agent dollars judiciously to improve the front seven of the D and didn't get old guys so our front seven should be solid for years. Its pretty early to make any definitite statements about the team until we get Lauvuo back to plug the gaping hole of Oniel Cousins. It may take another week until we see more of Mingo but I'm very eager to see him in real NFL action. Obviously we'd all like to see what Josh Gordon can do once he returns next week. Later in the year OG Jason Pinkston will be back to provide depth/competition at the guard position and at 100% we may have one of the strongest offensive lines in the lague. And with a real NFL O-Line in front of T-Rich we know he is capable of so-much-more. Last year people were complaining we couldn't stop the run and they were right. First game, 23 carries and only giviing up 20 yards for a .09 average per rush attempt and ???? Nothing. No one has said a word positive about the vast improvement in the rush defense. Last year the only proven pass rusher we had was Jabaal Sheard and now we are loaded with pass rushers. So looking at the team right now, yeah we do have a huge hole at cornerback and we honestly don't know what Weeden can do behind a legitimate NFL offensive line or when he's got his #1 WR or when his RB is operating behind a line that gives him holes. So I want to see those things in place and THEN SEE what Weeden can do before I make definitive statements about the quarterback position. But the people who know more probably still want Dee Milliner. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2013/09/13/analysis-notebook-thursday-night-football-week-2/
  22. Could be a nice IDP wire pickup. I actually started him hoping to catch lightning in a bottle since I was facing the guy who had Peyton Manning and Demarius Thomas and Torey Smith. Now I'm only down by a billion points, lol. But that was a great play and a good start for the kid.
  23. Miami WR Mike Wallace putting up bulletin board material for Browns CB Joe Haden. Um, from what I recall, Joe has basically done pretty decent against Wallace but Mike is basically calling him out so this will be a fun angle to follow during the game. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/dolphins-blog/sfl-mike-wallace-is-excited-about-his-showdown-with-joe-haden-20130904,0,1350200.story
  24. This kid seems interesting. Looks like he can handle kickoff returns so we may see him soon. Pro Football Focus‏@PFF1 Sep New Browns running back Bobby Rainey was our highest graded cut RB. Forced 11 missed tackles on 26 preseason touches https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2013/09/01/cut-tracker-running-backs/ … http://espncleveland.com/common/more.php?m=49&post_id=21671 Rainey: A 5-8, 212-pound running back, he was in his second training camp with the Ravens after being signed in 2012 from Western Kentucky. He led the Ravens in rushing in preseason with 23 carries for 89 yards and two touchdowns. Rainey also is a candidate to return kicks.
  25. Just saw this to put the above into context. Seems Weeden isn't the only QB who struggles while under durress. From PFF game ReFo (ReFocus) per CLE - IND tilt. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2013/08/26/refo-cle-ind-preseason-wk-3/ Game Notes - Andrew Luck when facing no pressure: 13-of-17, two touchdowns, and a 140.3 passer rating. When pressured: 3-of-8, a pick, a sack, and a rating of 6.3.
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