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  1. Its been my draft philosophy forever but you can't have one-sided trades. This draft has more uncertainty so teams will value players differently so their 'could' be opportunities especially at the end of the 1st. Talent historically drops off in the 3rd so I'd always be looking to dish 3rd and 4th round picks for future higher picks. One caveat specific to this draft is that COVID and players opting out creates more uncertainty higher in the 1st so it is 'possible' that a gem could fall into our lap picking later in the 1st round.
  2. 53. Rolling Stones - Tops ... I'll make you a star I'll take you a million miles from all of this ...
  3. 54. Heart - Tell It Like It Is Originally done by Aaron Neville back in 1966. At the time it became Heart's highest charting single. Great guitar work and Ann belts it out. Strong toe tapper.
  4. 55. Moody Blues - The Voice When I first moved to Colorado I knew of The Moody Blues from the single Nights In White Satin I was basically a kid and the guy next door used to play the Moody Blues a ton and turned me onto a lot of their great tunes but the newer stuff they put out early in the 80s was so different but definitely memorable. Really liked this tune even when I didn't realize it was the same Moody Blues as Nights In White Satin.
  5. 56. Donnie Iris - Ah Leah I first heard Domick Iris when he was part of the group The Jaggerz when they had a minor hit called The Rapper which was left in a pile of 45s by an older sister. The 45 was warped like crazy but it in my tiny little stack of 45s where I got started listening to music. When Ah Leah came out my boss at the ski area was pulling a night shift at the local wind powered radio station and mentioned that Donnie Iris was the same Dominick Lerace from The Jaggerz and he was also part of the one-hit wonder group Wild Cherry Ah Leah started out as an anti-war
  6. 57. RockPile - Teacher Teacher Nick Lowe and Dave Edmonds... smile... no need to add anything else.
  7. Going back to my original pick of O-line for the Steelers. Much too big a need IMHO and their 'should' be quality offensive linemen available when Pittsburgh picks. LINK - to tweet with chart showing every NFL team's expense on the offensive line. PIT lowest expenditure on the O-Line or any team and have the least amount of players signed next year of any team on the offensive line. If Pittsburgh goes any other position other than offensive line... well ...
  8. Honestly wish you the best possible mental health.
  9. I was looking for a reaction vid of someone who had never heard this and found one. I have not seen this one yet, watching now. Reaction vid to Lets Groove EWF
  10. Sting's wife was from Northern Ireland and they were living there at the time he wrote this song. You can 'feel' those times and that place. The 'Invisible Sun' was a hope/plea for something positive not seen in a dark landscape. This song has deep corners.
  11. 58. Earth Wind and Fire - Lets Groove This was the best selling single of all Earth Wind and Fire tunes. One of the best 'hook' lines in any song. 'Let this groove, get you to move' Simplistic perfection. Always upbeat, always positive EWF.
  12. QB Trevor Laurence - JAX QB Zach Wilson - NYJ QB Justin Fields - SF TE Kyle Pitts - ATL WR Jamar Chase - CIN WR Jaylen Waddle - MIA CB Patrick Surtain - DET QB Trey Lance - CAR LB Micah Parsons - DEN CB Jaycee Horn - DAL
  13. Just giving a shout out to the 'cool' thread title. Slim Reaper
  14. Best political speech was by Tyler Perry accepting the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award. THIS was unbarred the single best thing of the night. Tons and tons and tons of respect and attention to Perry's message. Respect to the best Academy speech in decades.
  15. 59. John Lennon - Beautiful Darling Boy Best of the unfiltered sentimental aspect of Lennon. Wonderful...
  16. I was 19 so if I hadn't made the Traffic connection then ofcourse I hadn't made or wasn't even aware of Blind Faith at that time. I did make a mixed tape a few years later and remember I had Can't Find My Way Home mixed with Low Spark and a few other Traffic tunes along with some tunes from Arc of a Diver so I did put some things together before my gig as a disk jockey. I had a ton of friends who were really into music and they all had great record collections so I had a lot of mentors.
  17. I honestly have no clue what we will do this year. Saw this tweet that Smith shared. Marc Sessler tweet mock pick
  18. 60. Michael Jackson - Thriller I can't tell you how much I loved American Werewolf In London, the only horror movie I love. John Landis would probably have gone stratospheric if not for the horrific accident making The Twilight Zone. MJ contacted Landis after seeing the movie to produce the most expensive music video in history, basically a mini-movie. Its been years since I have seen this and its still good. I mean its Michael Jackson, its Thriller.
  19. 61. Donald Fagen - IGY / Ruby Baby The Nightfly is another incredible album from the early 80s that everyone should know.
  20. Have heard this name and us trading up for him from the net. Nothing being leaked from the team or any connected sources. Haven't looked into him and I am completely baffled and have no idea what to expect. Just throwing this out there since I did hear 'something' recently with this name. MMQB mock Browns trade up
  21. 63. The Police - Invisible Sun The TROUBLES. In the early 80s war torn Northern Ireland was rife with hate. "And their only gonna change this place, by killing everybody in the human race." The video was banned on MTV
  22. May be the most deserving award and speech in decades. Per fashion. I haven't read the whole thread but no one has said a word about Luara Dern shooting and skinning two Bjork's to make that 'dress'?
  23. Impressive since Wikkid spaces out his predictions, once every 5 years. He started with the 22nd Academy Awards.
  24. 64. Stevie Wonder - Did I Hear You Say You Love Me You know when people say Stevie Wonder is a musical genius? Listen to Hotter Than July and you'll come to the conclusion... He is.
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