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  1. So that money he spent renting out the Four seasons will come out of his own pocket?
  2. Exactly and its something they need to hear. Play call and everything else aside they look as lifeless as the cardboard cutouts. I wonder if Doug goes for it if the place was packed?
  3. Another up and down regular season. Thought for sure they were done after the Miami game. Thankfully, I was wrong. One thing I wasn't wrong about was Wentz. He really came on strong down the stretch. My brother and I had a bet this season on who'd have the most wins - I took Wentz and put up my hair and he went with Foles and wagered his beard. https://twitter.com/keith_dever/status/1211492603738361858?s=20
  4. Just when it was safe to Say Merry Christmas again they went and pulled this stunt. I guess its back to Happy Holidays again.
  5. The Phils fired Pat Corrales, in July of 1983, when they were leading the NL East.
  6. Good, I hope that shut that blabber mouth up, but I doubt it did. Everyone loves Doug when he does Philly Philly in the Super Bowl and then questions his aggressiveness in a playoff game.
  7. True, my bad, I'm seeing that from my friends on Facebook and group texts. Let me rephrase my comment - I haven't heard a single analyst question why they ran the play.
  8. I have yet to hear 1 analyst say running a play before the 2 minute warning was stupid. If someone does please let me know. How is gaining yardage a wasted play? 2 and 3/4 with 1:53 left and a timeout would have been great.
  9. That's my thinking as well. We all know Pederson is an aggressive coach and the play should have worked. Jeffery catches that pass 99 out of 100 times. It just happened to be that 1 time today. It stinks, but that's football.
  10. But rushing the play was not the cause of the interception. Jeffery ran the route, Foles threw a perfect pass where Jeffery was at, and it just went through his hands. That's what caused the interception.
  11. If he catches the ball they are in a better position and still have the 2 minute warning... there would be less time on the clock. I have no problem with them running that play. I feel bad for Jeffery though. Sounds like he is taking it hard. “Went though my hands... I got to make that play... that’s on me...I’ll take that Loss. I let all my teammates down, city of Philadelphia. That’s on me”
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