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  1. I am obviously not in the same wage bracket as an NFL pro, but I do my job because i am good at it (and it pays okayish to well) and not because i love doing it. I have hobbies and passion projects for that. I imagine it is like that for a lot of NFL players.
  2. Ravens fans are pretty sure they are signing him or rather that everything has already been agreed upon.
  3. It doesn’t look too rosy when your best defense is „some of them didn’t mind“.
  4. I don’t see any chance of him not missing games this season. Zero. Regarding the law suit: let it play out. Football will take a backseat.
  5. Why would you call that guy back into this thread?
  6. https://www.cytodyn.com/newsroom/press-releases/detail/516/cytodyn-completes-28-5-million-convertible-note-financing https://www.cytodyn.com/newsroom/press-releases/detail/515/first-compassionate-special-permit-csp-patient-in
  7. A lot of the free agents were expected to sign one year deals in the hope for an increased cap next year.
  8. Trying to win a Super Bowl in Ben‘s final season.
  9. No, that’s not it. You wrote „do“ instead of „due“.
  10. I had to read this 5 times until I understood what you were saying. Autocorrect was not being kind to you.
  11. I agree and expect a lot of guys aiming for 1 year contracts in the hope that the cap will go up next year.
  12. Keep in mind: If Pitts was drafted to play WR in the NFL there‘d be a good argument that he is WR2 in this draft class. TE might be a mislabel.
  13. Would Ben opt for retirement I‘d love Fitz at PIT with those WRs.
  14. I agree with you that i don’t expect CAR to trade for Watson, but if they have the opportunity to get Watson for all of this year’s draft picks and CMC or DJ they should ABSOLUTELY do it. He is a proven and young superstar QB. That’s bigger than your draft class and a RB or WR no matter how good.
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