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  1. A lot of people make fun of U2/Bono but I think it is definitely testament to their greatness that we are already listing good songs and haven’t even cracked the top 150 yet.
  2. Oh, for FF his TE designation was the main reason he was drafted so early. He is a WR but with him you can get WR2 production out of your TE spot. WR also need less time to adjust than TEs.
  3. That would be „Tomorrow“. It‘s certainly not great but way too low on the list in my opinion.
  4. Best thing is @Senor Schmutzig liking your post. „Schmutzig“ is German for „dirty“…
  5. Agreed and it has now even made the news in Germany. I assume that wouldn’t have happened if it was a black/brown dude missing.
  6. It looked like a repetition of a game from last year: good to great defense and the offense just doing enough to not lose the game. It was 4 rookie starters on offense, correct? That gives hope because it is about to get better.
  7. Well, „you guys“ (US Americans) park in the driveway and drive on the parkway…
  8. Rudolph getting 10% of the passing yards basically predicts Ben to miss two games though.
  9. Maybe Ben is not expected to play 16 games?
  10. He undoubtedly seems to be a good dude which makes me root for him.
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