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  1. I agree with you that i don’t expect CAR to trade for Watson, but if they have the opportunity to get Watson for all of this year’s draft picks and CMC or DJ they should ABSOLUTELY do it. He is a proven and young superstar QB. That’s bigger than your draft class and a RB or WR no matter how good.
  2. That is why i didn’t say the cap/salary was an issue but JJ‘s wish to compete for the title.
  3. I think he would consider this if the Steelers were a top contender. But they are not so he will probably go to Green Bay or something similar.
  4. Of course you give up Minkah, Bush and the picks for Watson. The latter will be a franchise QB for 10+ years. I absolutely don’t see it happening though.
  5. Untradable and uncuttable with that contract, isn’t he? And I would probably still take Stafford over him. However, I don’t see PIT going „big“ for a QB.
  6. While I also would like to see Stafford in PIT I doubt their cap situation allows for it.
  7. Maybe it is on Ben? It seems all of his receivers are dropping balls left and right at the moment.
  8. It should also be added that PIT receivers probably dropped 10 passes against BAL. It was quite shocking
  9. LeRoy Butler over Charles Woodson physically hurts me.
  10. I don’t think Claypool hurts Diontea. There are enough targets for two WRs and I do think that JuJu might be leaving after this season.
  11. I was also annoyed by all the east-west running in the first half. It clearly wasn’t working so why not try between the tackles for a change?
  12. I agree with you. You need 1 yard to get the win and the downside is that the 4th string QB still needs to drive 80 yards in a 2 minute drill. The called played was crap but the decision correct. Steelers special teams had no answer for Dallas block attempts.
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