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  1. It looked like a repetition of a game from last year: good to great defense and the offense just doing enough to not lose the game. It was 4 rookie starters on offense, correct? That gives hope because it is about to get better.
  2. Well, „you guys“ (US Americans) park in the driveway and drive on the parkway…
  3. Rudolph getting 10% of the passing yards basically predicts Ben to miss two games though.
  4. Maybe Ben is not expected to play 16 games?
  5. He undoubtedly seems to be a good dude which makes me root for him.
  6. I am truly sorry your friends experienced racism in Germany. I hate racism and xenophobia so i am fully in your corner. I just wanted to point out, that Germany is by all available metrics quite a lot better in these regards than other (European) countries. There still are racist idiots running around though and this is by no means meant as an excuse. I simply don’t want to lump all Germans together. When you look at the election you can see that the far right party (AFD) received something like 10% of the votes. This is 10% too much, but way less than what comparable parties in for example Italy, France or the Netherlands receive. Btw, the Republican party in the US would be classified as „far right / right wing“ in Europe and they got what? 45% of the votes?
  7. Unfortunately very true. When you look at support for right wing / far right parties, Germany is definitely not perfect but way better than other European peers.
  8. If I was a betting man my money would be on Chicago.
  9. I as a German take offense to that. What makes you post that statement? Personal experience? And what do you classify as „Eastern European“?
  10. Listen to this guy. And put some respect on the „Döner Kebap“! 😉
  11. It’s interesting to see how Xavier Woods’ YouTube channel handles this since Breeze is an integrale part of it and they are best friends.
  12. Roberto Carlos doing things that only Roberto Carlos could: https://youtu.be/XdL7EDKr_rk
  13. Eddie Vedder is simply exceptional. And in regards to this thread: https://youtu.be/5ZH2it92ZmA Black is such an iconic song with one of the most soul destroying lines („I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's sky. But why can’t it be mine“) and this performance on MTV Unplugged just has it all.
  14. I completely understand where you are coming from. And by that judgement you should deal Pitts to the Hockenson owner for the latter plus a big X.
  15. https://youtu.be/TNy4tmTRQC8 Fiona Apple covering Elvis Costello‘s „I want you“. Goosebumps guaranteed every single time. Needs to be watched in whole.
  16. They have basically no one signed after next season. From a cap perspective they are primed for a rebuild. But they never do. They still need to find a QB and extend Watt and other key players.
  17. I personally still don’t get the appeal. Is it only because Tebow is a hardcore Christian or am I missing something else?
  18. I am obviously not in the same wage bracket as an NFL pro, but I do my job because i am good at it (and it pays okayish to well) and not because i love doing it. I have hobbies and passion projects for that. I imagine it is like that for a lot of NFL players.
  19. Ravens fans are pretty sure they are signing him or rather that everything has already been agreed upon.
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