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  1. We say "up north" in Wisconsin when referencing that thing located at the top of the vulva river.
  2. I'm here. Just ate some cheese curds and chatted up a lady who likes the Sauerbraten.
  3. I am listening to the Jays radio feed and there was a commercial on about some double bacon cheeseburger and fresh cut fries covered in cheese sauce by New York Fries. Nice job fatties.
  4. My best buddy's wife was supposed to deliver this week so on Sunday night they decided to have some last minute preggo sex. So he broke her water with his rooster and they had to rush to the hospital, but they didn't make it. He delivered his seven pound daughter in the car half way to the hospital and said he didn't even use his "glove hand" to make the catch. Guy is like Spiderman. Strangely this exact same thing happened to another good friend of mine a few years ago, except he actually made it to the hospital.
  5. Srsly? My dogs water bowl is a five gallon bucket. It's hot out here and that's just smart. I used it to wash the puke into the garden then gave that a good soak. The dog sniffed it like it might be something worth dining on. She's a Cane Corso. Scary I got a NSFW and was reported to IT for clicking that. Is it midget porn?
  6. Worth reading then? Do I need to start at the beginning? No, just like the last four pages.
  7. Possible. And scary. In Hoyer's last 5 games, he has failed to have a positive TD/INT ratio. And in that 6th game, it was 1-0, against the Raiders. Having a strong running game, and defense, and throwing 2+ picks against not TDs is no bueno. However, the team is in the playoff hunt, and Hoyer has shown he can be a game manager. This isn't about Manziel's development. It's about the Browns winning games, and trying to get to, and win in, the playoffs. But they wouldn't even be in the playoff discussion if Hoyer didn't have 2 turnovers through the first 7 games
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