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  1. I haven't crunched any numbers but I feel like Michael Thomas overs are good.
  2. I'm sure he'd probably show you if you asked nicely. @hooter311
  3. Az/st game: Plummer u 18.5 comp Plummer u 167.5 yds White u 59.5 rec yds Darby o 3.5 rec Berryhill u 5.5 rec
  4. I had over 20 bets on the turd. Just happened to be at the families that I have alot of accounts at.
  5. Devontae Henry-Cole under 47.5 rec yds (Not rush yards, or r+r, only under 47.5 receiving yds). For the max.
  6. weird line considering he averages 12 yards per catch. What did you bet?
  7. After yesterday I don't think he'd be in the top 5. But alot of time left and a great, great schedule to rack up some big numbers.
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