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  1. I haven't crunched any numbers but I feel like Michael Thomas overs are good.
  2. I'm sure he'd probably show you if you asked nicely. @hooter311
  3. Az/st game: Plummer u 18.5 comp Plummer u 167.5 yds White u 59.5 rec yds Darby o 3.5 rec Berryhill u 5.5 rec
  4. I had over 20 bets on the turd. Just happened to be at the families that I have alot of accounts at.
  5. Devontae Henry-Cole under 47.5 rec yds (Not rush yards, or r+r, only under 47.5 receiving yds). For the max.
  6. weird line considering he averages 12 yards per catch. What did you bet?
  7. After yesterday I don't think he'd be in the top 5. But alot of time left and a great, great schedule to rack up some big numbers.
  8. Can't say that I expected 14 ypc! Can say that I expected Wilson u 22 comp and 275 yds 😉
  9. Feels like the loss of Bushman will be rough for BYU. I watched many games where it seemed like the whole passing game ran through him.
  10. I think +550 is a bad number, should be +1000 or higher imo. +300 at Sbet is insane. Everybody that has won the award in at least the last 15 years have had legit seasons, it really hasn't been a charity case award. There are at least a handful of guys with odds that will be starting and should produce solid numbers. I'd be pretty surprised if Smith even started a game this year. I wouldn't bet him +550 even if he was announced the starter today.
  11. I played Kenseth over Bowyer +150 in Nascar today. I think this is good to +100.
  12. Awesome live bet on UFC yesterday. Gutierrez gets taken down and dominated round 1, likely 10-8 round. After Rd 1, live bet "draw" is +3300. Gutierrez being a -350ish favorite, obviously he has the tools to win the next 2 rounds. Sure enough, Gutierrez wins the next two rounds 10-9, and it was an easy win with all 3 judges scoring the fight 28-28. https://tinyurl.com/y3rtpov5
  13. Haven't spent much time or $ on them, but have had 8 unders and 2 overs. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1i3S_5j5Wmh7cgGi4DvvaSiCIy_dAQKnpav9EfDfzTUc/edit?usp=sharing
  14. Action for player futures? I didn't have a single skin (out of about 15) that offered action on season long stuff. Here is sbets disclaimer: 2020 Regular Season. Must be on active roster for Game 1. Team must play at least 59 games for wagers to have action. Regular Season must be played according to new format.
  15. Kudos to Betonline/Sportsbetting for following through on their 20% balance boost promotion (not withdrawing) during the pandemic. 👍 Gooroo, You previously opted into our Balance Boost promotion and your Cash Reward was just credited to your account. Log in and you’ll see $5,000.00 added to your cash balance. You can use your funds to bet tonight’s MLB matchups, next week’s NBA games and more right now.
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