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  1. It could be the best “second” unit in the league with Ben at point-center surrounded by the shooters and versatility they have now. Could have 4 different really good lineups on this team if Ben wasn’t being a baby.
  2. A study in @Nature shows the rise and fall of 71 different SARS-CoV-2 lineages in England between September 2020 and June 2021, which demonstrates the role of different variants during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. go.nature.com/3AVOw62
  3. I think they are really high on Maxey. Probably higher than other teams are. After all, the rumor is his inclusion in a Harden deal alongside Simmons was what killed it. They aren’t trading Simmons for someone that they don’t think is better than Maxey IMO.
  4. Anyone try the Lagavuin Offerman Edition? As a stout drinker, the Guiness Cask is intriguing. But does it maintain the peat??
  5. I am confused because I saw one headline that he wasn’t starting, but then the body of the article said he wasn’t in the rotation. So is he not playing at all?? Simmons and Shake for Hield, Mitchell, and Bagley?
  6. So the conspiracy is that he told his parents where he was going to go kill himself, and they were to stay silent for a certain period of time before leading them to his body? Major waste of public resources that they may eventually pay for, plus obstruction of justice when it all comes out.
  7. So. Delta-Plus now at 8% of the cases in the UK. Something to start worrying about here soon?
  8. I think they thought they built a team around Simmons and Embiid, and that he signed a longterm contract. Intent to play them together but make Ben a mini-Giannis for a strong "second" unit. They thought he would "get over it" after the trade demand and were not going to take less than his actual value. When that didn't pan out, I think they thought he would play. But instead he just stewed. So they will wait to get a better deal and hope that he plays and does his best. The deals that were out there all summer are still basically there in my view.
  9. Both of these I drank neat in a glencairn glass. Glenmorangie Signet. Very good. Before getting into the scotch itself, I just have to comment on the presentation. This is a show piece. The stopper is so substantial and heavy, you have to be careful not to drop it the first time, because it is unexpected. You get immediate notes of bitter chocolate when you open the bottle. Same on the nose, with maybe a hint of coffee. Beautiful amber color. This is sweet, like a bourbon. Chocolate and alcohol is what I tasted mostly. I get more heat than anticipated at 92 proof. No smoke at all -- was hoping for a little at least. I compare this (with my limited repertoire) to Woodford Double Oaked, but thicker. Interestingly enough, when the glass is empty, I really was able to smell the chocolate and coffee notes more intensely. I tried this again with a bit of water. I would say mostly the same. A little more on the nose and less heat of course. Enjoyable, especially is you prefer bourbon and don't want peat. Ardbeg 10 Year This is a campfire in a bottle. And I mean that in a good way. The contrast between this and the Signet is at every level. Nothing to write home about on the presentation. The bottle and stopper are standard. The pale yellow color makes it look thin, but it does actually have legs. Nose is all smoke and a bit of sea. Char and lemongrass is what I taste. Maybe a bit of cream/marshmallow at the finish, with a little burn and a nice linger of smoke. Quite enjoyable. I need to drink this again! I feel like I am changing over from a bourbon guy into a scotch guy. I need to keep drinking to refine my nose and palate though, so that I can keep trying and enjoying new things!
  10. Not if he just keeps getting suspended. I am sure there is a "best efforts" clause or language in the contract. The suspensions will start getting longer and start having fines attached too. Not easy to prove, but if he is half-playing or practicing, he just will lose money. They end up in arbitration I am sure, but he is away from the team and not getting paid. Of course, that could hurt the on-court product until there is a trade.
  11. Like Adam Silver said yesterday, this is why we have contracts. He is too early in his for this to occur. This is a league issue as much as it is a Sixers issue at this point.
  12. Maybe this is part of why the booster is a half-dose, as opposed to the full dose that is supposed to only be for immunocompromised.
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