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  1. Probably the new normal period, especially if you are capable of working from home. No reason to "tough it out" and come into an office when you or someone in your household has a cold or is sick. This will help with flu and cold (coronavirus) season too.
  2. Have any of you flown on a plane or taken public transportation (subway, regional train, Amtrak) since vaccination? My hesitancy going on a crowded train is really what is holding me back from returning to the office right now.
  3. I think they are better than last year. Replacing Nelson/Hilton is the issue. Hopefully Sutton makes the leap and there is one more move left this off-season.
  4. Do we think Marcus Allen is permanently at ILB now? Steelersdepot has Allen making the 53 over Vince Williams, and I just dont see that as a good thing unless VWill looks terrible in camp somehow.
  5. A second episode this week? Great! I don't love that there are Star Wars X-Men essentially, but they are good characters and I am excited for the show to fill in some blanks between the Dawn of the Empire and the Battle of Yavin.
  6. I have some specifics, but then I get stuff like "I won't tell you, but what we shot today is epic" and considering some of the other stuff I have heard, well, DAMN.
  7. Filoni is God. He and Favs need to just run everything. Shame they didn’t influence the sequels. From what I hear about Book of Boba, we are in for another amazing star wars story.
  8. 44% of those 16 and older have received at least 1 shot in the CIty of Philadelphia. Chester County is over 60% I think.
  9. Pfizer apparently seeking approval for 2-11 years old for September . . . ..
  10. I doubt we go into the season with a rookie as the backup swing tackle.
  11. Villanueva waits until one day after the comp pick deadline passes to sign with the Ravens for 2-year @ $14MM with $8MM guaranteed.
  12. Seriously. This is the biggest movie other than Infinity War/Endgame, and we KNOW NOTHING (jon snow) ABOUT IT.
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