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  1. Did Maxey hit the rookie wall super hard or somehow get in Doc’s doghouse?? Second unit was great early in the year with him and Shake. Seems like Mike Scott not fitting since off injury?
  2. How accurate are those finger ones you can use at home or the new apple watch though?
  3. It’s kinda wrapped up. We know how it all kinda went down. Will be some type of confrontation between Visions/wanda/kids. Then a cliffhanger that leads into Phase 4 multiverse stuff.
  4. So was Agatha already living there or did she come after sensing the magic? She said there were thousands of spells cast in that basement over time — hers or is that some nexus spot there?
  5. So what post-pandemic stocks should we be looking at? Where are the plays in the travel, food service, live-venue, and in-person shopping sectors? People are going to go wild starting this spring/summer.
  6. Be a week tomorrow. To beer or not to beer -- that is the question.
  7. I will throw up if the sixers make this trade for Lowery and move Harris to the 3 and Simmons to the 4: The trade would likely see veteran Danny Green and his $15 plus million moved back to Toronto along with Tyrese Maxey, Mike Scott and Terrance Ferguson. The 76ers would also need to send at least one first-round pick in the deal.
  8. I hope that remains true. Some of the misleading headlines with the variants may have people sit it out. It helps that Robert Kennedy, Jr. got banned from Instagram!
  9. I don't mind wearing a mask. I have avoided those closer interactions though that some have continued with a mask and have just opted for delivery where available. I have had to run certain errands though and had a few contractors in my house for various things that happened in the last 12-months. During the summer I had a friend over outside for beers and went on vacation with family (after 2 week quarantine). My MIL comes over every few weekend without a mask, but she isn't really leaving the house either. My job requires that I travel and I also took the train into the office ever
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