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  1. He is their best player on offense. They need to use him like Bell. Ben looked bad today. Play calls aren’t better than last year. But all of these injuries are a killer. KC is 1-2 as well. Long season.
  2. Worst trade ever for various reasons really. The Pirates had no chance of contending that season. But they just had a huge winning streak. This was the kind of trade that the Bucs should have made in seasons past, but neglected to. Instead of having a potential contending team again in short order, they set the franchise back another 5+ years. If they wanted to win that season, they should have kept Cutch and Cole, who are still great.
  3. I mean, at least this is sort of a nostalgic thread — brings back memories of the good old days on these boards.
  4. Unless a booster helps prevent the vaccinated person's ability to spread. I think that is something that should still be a high priority during this stage of the pandemic.
  5. The 40 years of scientific research makes no sense -- GO TO YOUTUBE FOR THE TRUTH! New and improved snake oil from CE.
  6. Saw this on twitter: Draymond went for 32-15-9 in an NBA Finals Game 7 while going 6-8 from 3. Draymond - a bad shooter - hit more 3s in the biggest game of his life than Simmons has in his entire career. Draymond has a higher defensive IQ than maybe anyone ever. So yeah. @KendrickPerkins is wrong
  7. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2021/09/22/1039272244/is-the-worst-over-modelers-predict-a-steady-decline-in-covid-cases-through-march Under 10,000 cases per day by March. Lots of caveats. Concerned about Pennsylvania (WHY AND WTF!?!?!)
  8. Political affiliation is not a protected class. Political speech is protected, but that isn't the same thing. And religious exemption isn't supposed to be carte blanche either.
  9. I hope they suspend him so he doesn't get paid and also fine him, and then take a #### inside his cars and Embiid has sex with his girlfriend
  10. For me, getting them vaccinated relieves a lot of stress of the unknown. I will be more willing to "get back out there" like back in June and probably start planning on getting back to the office via public transportation. For now though, I would rather not be a vector of infection for my two boys and wouldn't want to be the cause for their schools shutting down etc.
  11. Yea, but as pointing out up-thread, school in the south starts at the beginning of August and there certainly was an uptick in cases and adolescent/child cases at that time.
  12. In the last week, a co-worker, cousin, and my wife's aunt all tested positive. All vaccinated. Thankfully, we have not been near any of them.
  13. I am just getting up to speed on this . . . he drove to Florida from Grand Tetons. Alone. But they started from New York? wtf?
  14. I think the Offense has until Week 4 to kind of get it together. If they don't have things in-sync by then, we have a problem. Ben hasn't looked terrible. He even has extended some plays -- just not as smoothly as years past. They need to have some more intermediate throws and actually try to establish the run -- they have a workhorse RB and an O-Line who have better run blockers than pass blockers . . . .
  15. So, as I think I stated before, my wife has an auto-immune thing. What she has going on causes inflammation and some other symptoms -- but it is that her immune system is over-active, rather than being "immunocompromised" where her system isn't producing enough anti-bodies etc. This condition helped get her to the front of Phase II (or 1B, or whatever the F PA was calling things) and her doctor did write a letter now saying she can get the third dose. But my question is, if the third dose prior to 6-month is for people who likely did not have much initial immuno-response, should my wife get it now, or wait for the 6-8 month period, because she probably had the requisite anti-body production back in March/April. She also has Moderna.
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