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  1. Hope they keep it together. I still refuse to believe they'll deal or not resign Lonzo. TBH I think Lonzo's one of the most improved/underrated players in the league right now. He'll probably forever live in his younger brother's shadow but Lonzo's an extremely gifted PG that's unquestionably improved a lot. Guy is still just 23 (!!) I think too many folks want instant gratification. Yet, how soon we forget even Steph Curry's career didn't take off until 24. Lonzo got ridiculed about his shot.......it's gotten fairly quiet now with him shooting 40+% from 30-something games into the s
  2. Pluto is $$$. I'd gladly pay for the content (especially if eliminated ads in the process). Philo is by far my favorite streaming service. Been with them since nearly their beginning and haven't had a single issue. I can't sit through a ball game anymore. If I ever have any desire for sports (ie NCAA Tournament), I'll subscribe to a discounted or free month trial. Or there's a few low cost "alternative" sports streaming options. I have family members (across the country...or I'd help them switch to streaming) that're still paying $100-$150+/mo for FN cable. And most of them watc
  3. Illinois eeks out a win in Wisconsin w/o Ayo. What a comeback by Wi......Trice. He was absolutely unconscious the last 2 minutes. As hot as you'll ever see a basketball player. 19 points by him the final 2+ minutes (!!!!).
  4. Well that was an adventure. That website is a train wreck. Chase wouldn't authorize the transaction....I then tried to explain to the foreign representative what it was I was trying to buy . BOA went through fine.
  5. Yep that's my guess too. A woman coming back with Lolo gone. I'd be surprised if it were Ashley. Hopefully it's a top notch competitor like Queen Amber coming back. That'd be a game changer The women left are just sad AF. Kam may actually win this. May be missing someone but besides Kaycie, who else is left worth AF on the women's side? I'm surprised Lolo and Nam didn't win a daily challenge. I have no idea what "American Beast" is (supposedly the show he was on. Presuming it's a physical show like Ninja Warrior or whatever that show's called)
  6. Just came to post. Awful. Absolutely loved him with NWA.
  7. Lashley should have been pushed to top after his TNA/Bellator run. Not a great talker but infinitely better than his first WWE run. MVP by his side has been good for him. TBH They should use Carlito as a mouthpiece in the same way for another group. Let's hope we get Lashley main eventing Mania in a Title on a Pole match. BRO!
  8. Arquette as WCW champ was epic Everyone still talks about it BRO!!! Imagine talking about ANYTHING in today's wrestling 20 years from now.... ....Unless Brown Bunny wins the title!!!
  9. Miz vs WWE #1 merch seller Brown Bunny main event WWE title match at Mania!!! And that will be AAAAAwesome WHOOO RAH!!
  10. Draymond's more trouble than he's worth at this point. And that contract's just begun.
  11. Yeesh. What a collapse by the Pellies at home in the 4th. Up 11 entering it. Outscored 41-12 during the quarter. Don't know what it is with that team. They're loaded with talent but the only time IMO they look like a team is when Ball's facilitating the offense leading to easier buckets. ---------------------- Man, this would be wonderful for the Bulls.... They desperately desperately need a facilitator that can create easy shots for others. Coby can be a high volume scorer. I just think he's a 6th man ala Lou Williams. He's just not a PG
  12. Ingram and Zion seem to be 2 individuals playing on the "same team". JMO They're going to have to shell out for Lonzo. Can't imagine he'll get less than what Rubio got. Feeling the itch to pay Steven FN Adams $17-18m/yr on yet another deal but not paying Lonzo is a tough pill to swallow. Maybe he's a good locker room guy but he should at best be in the that $8-10mil/yr range. It's quite funny. I think Lonzo (a facilitator) is exactly what the Pellies need.
  13. Imagine not volunteering yourself against a jobber like Amber. Nany's been crying for 10 years to avoid going into eliminations. She finally sees Amber down there and gains some courage
  14. Killed STUNK before his first match. Turn a 62 year old attraction into a weekly overexposed guy that does nothing week after week. And cuts the balls off your current talent that look like scared puppies in the process.... https://mobile.twitter.com/KENTASZN/status/1362127898094825475
  15. Blazers playing surprisingly well w/o Nurkic and McCollum. Bob Covington and Jones Jr were terrific acquisitions. They needed guys that'd play ANY defense more than any team in the league this offseason. Assuming full health, they're a much much more interesting playoff team this year IMO. Bob and Jones Jr can both play defense any position.
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