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  1. Muhammad Hassan was the best thing from that period. No heel has generated anywhere close the heat he did since. His run lasted a whole 7 months on main roster (Dec 04-July 05) He's now a principal.
  2. RARE though Should get a few thousand for it. If Xman or Xman's family are topshot COLLECTORS.
  3. Your life and understandably family matters but no way I'd move from Austin to CT (or anywhere in the Northeast). Sure you might see them more often than now but really couldn't you just make it happen from Austin more often if you wanted in future? (obv understandable with Covid). I've seen it many times....move to be closer to family.....then really don't see them that often as each have built their own lives and independence when closer and wind up living somewhere they dont want. I'd go rent an Airbnb or something for a period of time (weeks/month) and see how often you really sp
  4. NOT A COLLECTOR!!! I can't wait to take advantage of all your collector nerds you've catered to years down the road topshot and make BOATLOADS!!!! UN-OPENED.....LIMITED EDITION.......GEM MINT 10s NERDS *So long as your scam is still up and running at that time.
  5. Bring back Antsports Just don't pocket people's money this time.
  6. I've bagged on the guy as much as anyone over the years but I can't think of many that have completely turned it around like he has mid-career. Guy was out of the league and staring overseas in the face (if he wanted to continue playing ball) just a few years ago. W/o Thibs in Minnesota at the time, he'd have no question been out of the league before he hit 30.
  7. I see little reason for concern with NBA involved. Topshot put up a testimonial from Tim Donaghy this week on their site
  8. Have been WFH for many years and use a couch. Comes in handy during conference calls.
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