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  1. Lauri Markkanen will start at small forward on Friday, though the Cavs' starters are only expected to play 6-8 minutes. ....I'm sure this SF experiment will go well. He was already incapable of guarding 4s
  2. "It was never about getting vaccinated, it was about ______________ (insert his LOOK AT ME nonsensical reason) Guy's a cancer (among other things that won't be posted on this board)
  3. Magic lock franchise building block Wendell Carter in for 4/50. Just need to lock down Gary Harris with lucrative long term deal and franchise is set 👍
  4. Obviously Tampa. All 3 WR around top 20 in PPG at the position, Gronk #1, Brady #1 in our qb scoring and Lombardi Lenny is coming on strong.
  5. Have about 1/4 acre grass and would never go back to gas. I'd make sure self propelled (they mostly all may be nowadays but my first wasn't)
  6. Went 15% on Collins and got him. If Carson injury keeps him out for extended period, I think he's an every week starter with quite a bit of upside.
  7. I heard several folks I follow promoting "WWE draft parties" for Raw. The torture 🤣
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/PFF_Fantasy/status/1444755349483913219 🤣🤣🤣
  9. 👍 Would be doing OBJ a favor. Imagine having worked your ### off to come back to this https://mobile.twitter.com/realDockery/status/1444769628996046853
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/realDockery/status/1444769628996046853 🤣🤣🤣 Just horrible. Literally had 5 yards on the DB
  11. Lions finally did it! Congrats Bears are absolutely horrific on both sides.
  12. 🤣🤣🤣 It's nuts the Lions still somehow have zero points. Their offense has moved at will against the Bears D....then the red zone comes
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