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  1. Yep. "We want COLLECTORS!!" .....Too bad so sad you're gonna be a collector anyway because we won't let you withdraw your money!! Congrats GB. Money should be available -- maybe -- to withdraw by December.
  2. Got to admit it'd be awesome to get a Terrence Ross, Josh Jackson, Draymond Green, Terry Rozier, Lauri Markkanen video card limited edition of 99. $1000 and a marketplace that's tanked? Sign me up.
  3. Braun is pretty much Festus 2.0 at this point. I'M STANDING UP FOR ALL THE STUPID PEOPLE!!!
  4. Thanks. Is it possible to max out a 401k with Company A ($19500), 457b government deferred comp Company B (an additional $19500), plus Roth IRA (additional $6000)? I have a mandatory contribution 401a with government employer Company B....I wouldn't think it would, but would that have any impact what I could contribute to 401K with Company A? From my understanding (not much), a 401a isn't same as 401K so wouldn't have a "combined" contribution limit of $19500. Wish I was better with tax stuff and contribution limits. I've spent quite a bit of time looking into it but it never really
  5. A novice in stock market investing: Have government 457(b) Traditional Deferred Compensation Plan through Nationwide. ($19500 limit) Have own Roth IRA through Fidelity. ($6000 limit) Am I able to max BOTH out (for total of $25500) or am I capped by the $19500 combined for both?? I do also have the Roth IRA option through Nationwide (doing through Fidelity instead)....but capped at the $19500 combined per Nationwide plan documents. Just wondering if that $19500 limit would apply to my Roth IRA through Fidelity as well (combined with my government 457(b) Traditional plan)
  6. Amazing they let Fessy dictate everything and now he's got the best woman competitor. BTW HTF Did Leroy/Kassie pass Nany/Kyle so quickly being after them in the lift thing. Not really a great sign for Nany that she's so poor and easily beatable in a distance run.
  7. What's it with WWE taking away the best themes of their company? Aleister Black had the best in the business at that time IMO (only debate to me was Fiend) and it was nuked. And so was his WWE career.
  8. Bunch of very solid college players + Suggs vs. NBA level athletes that are just animals on defense. They got Kispert off his spots (deeper) throughout. Just a total mismatch in every facet.
  9. Yep. I haven't seen a whole lot of him but the obvious physical and game comparison is Brandon Roy. He looks like the only Zag that looks like he belongs on the same court with Baylor.
  10. Good lord that close out. Seems like it spooked Kispert
  11. Suggs with some tremendous effort defensively the last few trips.
  12. Just remarkable. And they're switching even when the driving player doesn't ACTUALLY USE the screen. Zags feet across the board look like they're cemented to the floor. They can't stay in front of anyone.
  13. Remember how smooth this Zag offense looked against UCLA? This Baylor D is just awesome. Forcing A LOT more dribbling and getting Zags off their spots.
  14. Yep. Probably the only shot. Zags have no alternative to Timme but he's no match to these level of athletes defensively. Even with 2 bigs out, Bears play a lot bigger and just different level of athletes.
  15. Ball game. Too athletic. And Gonzaga is never stopping that high screen with Timme. Only thing that'll give Zags a remote shot is if Baylor goes away from it. Doesn't seem they're going to take Timme out. Great gameplanning by Baylor
  16. They can use Timme in the post but can they really afford to keep him out there on the other end?? He's just too slow footed on that end and Baylor's exploiting it over and over (literally every trip down)
  17. Wrestlemania in 6 days!!!! WHO IS READY!?!?! SAD!!
  18. Plopped some money on them +1200 to win the East. That and the Heat +1400 are tough to pass on. And we all know why.. Time. Lord He's arrived.
  19. Some great great basketball. Both teams played incredibly.
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