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  1. Lauri Markkanen will start at small forward on Friday, though the Cavs' starters are only expected to play 6-8 minutes. ....I'm sure this SF experiment will go well. He was already incapable of guarding 4s
  2. "It was never about getting vaccinated, it was about ______________ (insert his LOOK AT ME nonsensical reason) Guy's a cancer (among other things that won't be posted on this board)
  3. Magic lock franchise building block Wendell Carter in for 4/50. Just need to lock down Gary Harris with lucrative long term deal and franchise is set 👍
  4. Obviously Tampa. All 3 WR around top 20 in PPG at the position, Gronk #1, Brady #1 in our qb scoring and Lombardi Lenny is coming on strong.
  5. Have about 1/4 acre grass and would never go back to gas. I'd make sure self propelled (they mostly all may be nowadays but my first wasn't)
  6. Went 15% on Collins and got him. If Carson injury keeps him out for extended period, I think he's an every week starter with quite a bit of upside.
  7. I heard several folks I follow promoting "WWE draft parties" for Raw. The torture 🤣
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/PFF_Fantasy/status/1444755349483913219 🤣🤣🤣
  9. 👍 Would be doing OBJ a favor. Imagine having worked your ### off to come back to this https://mobile.twitter.com/realDockery/status/1444769628996046853
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/realDockery/status/1444769628996046853 🤣🤣🤣 Just horrible. Literally had 5 yards on the DB
  11. Lions finally did it! Congrats Bears are absolutely horrific on both sides.
  12. 🤣🤣🤣 It's nuts the Lions still somehow have zero points. Their offense has moved at will against the Bears D....then the red zone comes
  13. Like Dallas upcoming matchups. Considering bears at home vs Lions. TN has nice matchup on paper but defense stinks and could be w/o brown and Julio. I think it's more likely a "get right" game at home for Wilson.
  14. In that body cam police video he said he didn't have a phone (before this new purchased one) which is odd in itself. But also prob why he/they were fighting over the phone. Questionable most younger people could find their way back from cross country trip w/o one
  15. Let's get Conrad on their Confidential sow of this episode and get his thoughts..... Dreamer really should have kept his mouth shut. I guess there's really not much consequence for him working for impact.
  16. ATL really F'd up not dealing Matt Ryan this off-season IMO
  17. Wolves won't part with Kat/Edwards and don't want to part with Russell. Who da fuq else they got to offer?
  18. Robbery at this ADP. I think healthy Godwin and AB will eat but Gronk will be great value if healthy. I think he'll just be more TD dependent than NE days. Evans will also have his moments but we've got enough sample size to know he'll largely be low target TD dependent (not my cup of tea in weekly PPR at WR) if the other 3 are healthy.
  19. So far so good Even more excited about Gio now given Jones/Fournette blunders. Ertz is another one I like. I think ceiling is definitely lowered with Hurts but imo crazy he's going last-ish round. He led Philly receivers in preseason targets and was seeing solid targets from Hurts last year.
  20. Might not have a lot left but a better fit than Bell. I think even Freemans a better fit. Leveons patient style was fun to watch in Pittsburgh....but it's not gonna work everywhere and don't think it'll work in Balt.
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