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  1. We're waiting til some date in June before it explodes. Or July. Or March. Or April.
  2. Oof. Just watched. Hopefully he's not having to read off a piece of paper and repeat the same thing over and over when he's trying to talk to his team.
  3. "Good call to punt to pin them back" "It's not the punt decision that was wrong, it was defense!" Welcome Adam Gase to the board.
  4. Got to admire the leadership shown by Gase. Easily could have folded up shop for the holidays. Him and Darnold look to be on the same page now after very little offseason program.
  5. Nope. Team A made a concession to get the deal done. Good on him. If someone was trading Melvin Gordon for a stud like a healthy Austin Ekeler, I could see the case. You lose all credibility making a deal like that.
  6. Since several outlets have now picked up our boy SRS's Exclusive.... SRS reported NWA offered Starks $1000/mo contract to stay. Offered $250/mo contract to Zicky Dice.
  7. As reported EXCLUSIVELY by SRS on June 25 https://www.fightful.com/wrestling/exclusives/nwa-tv-champion-zicky-dice-granted-his-release-more-details Part of Meltzer's "breaking news" a week later
  8. https://twitter.com/starkmanjones/status/1262418617783779328 Ricky Starks announced he's a free agent this morning and no longer part of the NWA.
  9. Some news from one of my sources from the weekend. Becky Lynch is pregnant. Sting has signed with AEW.
  10. This has now been confirmed. https://prosportsextra.com/brad-shepard-no-longer-affiliated-with-prosportsextra/
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