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  1. I'm out. The bye week, along with CMC, Jeudy, Edwards, Wilson, Thomas injuries got me. Good luck to those remaining!
  2. I somehow survived Week #4 with a combined 14.3 points from my starting RBs (Mixon and Michel). Thanks Sam Darnold.
  3. Thanks for putting the spreadsheet together - that's awesome!! I'm pretty sure my team is going to be cut this week (only 2 healthy RBs were Mixon and Michel!), but my team isn't in the spreadsheet...so something seems off? Entry 100556
  4. My team is still alive...but with CMC/Gus out, I only have Mixon and Michel at RB...so my entry will likely be eliminated soon
  5. Cut = 150.15. My team scored 150.35. Whew. On to week 3...barely.
  6. Unless Gostkowski hits about 10 FGs on Tuesday night, I'm out. Had Barkly, Ekeler, and Dak on my 19-player roster.
  7. I'm 2.05 above the cut line with no players remaining Here comes the Turk.
  8. 3 Player Keeper League (6-0 record, 63-3 if playing every team each week) QB Lamar, Josh Allen RB Barkley (Keeper), CMC (Keeper), Conner (Keeper), Breida, Malcolm Brown, Mattison WR Godwin, Lockett, Chark, AJ Green TE Henry, Waller K Slye D Patriots Bye issues this week with CMC, Godwin, and Connor out (plus Slye...have to cut him). Really need Barkley to play this week.
  9. I got an initial email from Dodds about the prize selection (I chose free year of FBG vs. PayPal cash transfer), but my account hasn't been updated with an extra year of FBG subscription yet.
  10. I got an email yesterday from David Dodds about the payout.
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