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  1. I had the opportunity to visit the so-called "battlefield" at Gettysburg last week. The tour guide couldn't even form a cogent response when I asked him how many of the gray-clad tourists present for those three days in July were charged with insurrection.
  2. Good strategy--get in and get out before the cash is siphoned off, leading to the inevitable bankruptcy filing.
  3. The first few times, Mayim made remarks like "well, being an actor certainly helped with that category". I'm thinking the producers suggested she stop that when he runs a movie/theater/actor/director category now.
  4. I've felt the same way...actors, directors, movies, Shakespeare....
  5. Nah, it's the people who sent them that are the gravest threat to the United States. Unfortunately, just like when mob hitmen are prosecuted, it can be tough to work your way up the ladder.
  6. We've missed you. Welcome back to the discussion.
  7. Yeah, read Sig's write-up this morning and rushed to get my claim in on Toney. Then I read Henry's "Rest of Season" rankings that has him as the #69 WR behind the likes of James Washington, Tre'Quan Smith and Elijah Moore. So, he's either going to be a star or a waste of money.
  8. Almost exactly what I was thinking, but I wouldn't waste time on Ebron. I think Washington gets the downfield work (with Claypool moving to the slot) and Freiermuth becomes the the "3rd down and 2" guy.
  9. Why would they need to do anything to stop tourists from visiting the Capitol?
  10. The good news: 245.55 points takes my average score to almost 200. The bad news: it doesn't matter thanks to my 133 point stinker last week.
  11. This is me, but without the improved outlook of you later post. I've been averaging about 190 points, but this was one of those perfect storm weeks: Brady's miserable score and Bridgewater concussion left me using Ben's mediocre score; Chubb gets the yardage, but not the TDs, because Cleveland prefers to pass 3 or 4 times from the 1 yard line instead of handing it to their battering ram (twice); Kupp has a bad week and Matt Ryan refuses to look at anyone but Patterson near the goal line, so I've got 4 WRs scoring between 11 and 17, but no big scores; Kelce proves he's mortal after all and Andrews fails to pick up the slack; less than 6 points from my 3 kickers (who all scored in double digits last week) and no help from my 3 defenses (who also had 2 double digit scores last week). Oh, well, there's always next year.
  12. I hope you got a charge out of it. I'd be shocked if you didn't.
  13. Not sure about them, but I was pleasantly surprised with Shenault.
  14. Joe already explained that the site remodeling set everything back and forced them to prioritize what they were able to get ready. The querier is a frill that didn't have to be up and running Week 1, so work on it wasn't a priority like other things were. They're working on it and will probably get it up and running the week after you're eliminated. 😉
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