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  1. I'll join the club. However, when someone does something absolutely reprehensible 3 or 4 times a week and fills in the missed days doing things that are merely "not good" (and which would be headlines for any other president), it's difficult for the media to cover all the "not good" stuff. What I've never understood is the argument "Look how the media treats him with all those negative stories". When you do a lot of reprehensible things, you're going to get a lot of negative stories. Why is that the media's fault?
  2. Outraged mobs, sure. Sexual predators, no.
  3. Hey, watch who you're calling little! That's Rubio's claim to fame.
  4. Yet that "dead man" and his allies are fighting it tooth and nail, even though it means nothing.
  5. Jim Jordan SAYS he thinks the defense team did great. Two different things.
  6. Close: So, technically, she didn't even say that it happened. She said that she "wants to" say it happened and she "wants to" tell everyone she doesn't believe it's fake. I want to tell everyone that a cure for Covid-19 has been found and that it is being distributed by radio waves so that by tomorrow it will disappear. The fact that I want to do that doesn't mean I believe it's true.
  7. Which is exactly why Cruz is using it. Play to your audience.
  8. Hey, if you get to choose between what was actually said and what Sean Hannity says was said, why would you choose reality?
  9. Apparently that ban doesn't prevent partial quotes that misrepresent the actual words said, so why would they prevent partial quotes that actually properly paraphrase?
  10. Can someone please explain to the Attorney General of Texas that a 14 day TRO does not mean you won the case? Thanks.
  11. Keep pumping out those Right Wing Fake News lies. See the ellipses in the quote? They're there specifically to avoid putting in relevant and important parts of the statement. Biden was asked if his tax changes would take affect immediately. His response was that he had to get the votes to do that because you can't change the tax laws by Executive Order unless you're a dictator. Totally true statement and totally unrelated to the use of Executive Orders to do things that don't require votes. Sort of like reminding everyone that JFK said, "Ask not...what you can do for your country."
  12. True, if not for the fact that we're already running out of vaccine. Neither of the two largest medical systems in Western PA are taking appointments for vaccinations because they're out of vaccine. PA has added the 65+ group to the 1A classification, but there are no appointments available at any hospitals or pharmacies within at least 100 miles of me, so their websites tell me that even though I'm qualified now, I'll be lucky to see a vaccination before April. I'd say continuing the current pace is pretty ambitious if there isn't any vaccine to keep the pace going.
  13. Actually, what people forget is that Fauci and the medical experts predicted a vaccine "maybe" by the end of the year or early in 2021. Trump predicted a vaccine by October with "hundreds of millions of doses" delivered by the end of the year.
  14. If he was planning on a joke answer whether he knew the correct response or not, wouldn't he have bet nothing? I don't think it was "easy" in that I had no idea that the 6 in Motel 6 had any relationship to its rates and I doubt most people know that. It was one of those Finals that can be "figured out" pretty easily if you can isolate the important part of the question and the category, but it's also one that a contestant might look at and say "I have no idea". It's really similar to the DD he missed when he couldn't relate "puff" to an article of clothing and guessed "pastry".
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