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  1. Californians are happy their state is not going to be run by a Trump-supporting, lie endorsing, vaccine opposing wacko. Good for them.
  2. I can't help noting the definition of "produce": It takes time to manufacture all those records.
  3. Hospitals have insisted employees be vaccinated for various diseases for decades as part of the hiring process. Contracts also (in my experience) require future vaccinations when deemed necessary by hospital administrators. She breaches that contract and she's fired. End of story.
  4. Thereby demonstrating perfectly the problem with today's GOP: Members have to choose between telling the truth and their careers.
  5. Not sure you were watching the same game as me. They were on the field about the same amount of time (of 58 plays, Pat had 29 snaps, Ebron had 27) . Ben just didn't look at either one very much--1 target for Pat and 2 for Ebron.
  6. I hope you do that and score one point less than I do.
  7. Looks like a team that can score a ton of points and make a big splash early, but has little to no chance to survive Week 12 (Mahomes, Hill, Pringle, Kelce and Butker byes) and 13 (Chubb/Hunt byes leave him with only Singletary at RB).
  8. 176.35 for me and ditto--losing Gus left a hole in my RBs that my 3 "bargain" guys need to fill, and this week they combined for 1.8 points. Would also be nice if Dallas moved Zeke from fullback to RB.
  9. Thanks. To my surprise, I may just survive, even though I have to use Elliott's score as my 2nd RB. Currently at 160.15 with Andrews and B. Edwards (both -5.9 and 12.9) and Carlson (-8.3).
  10. What's the number of people charged for the huge Democratic election fraud scheme? No charges yet? Guess that means there was no election fraud.
  11. Hard to feel sympathy for a conspiracy theory stooge. Sometimes justice comes in a strange form.
  12. Been doing it for years Voting without pants or voting by mail?
  13. I'm surprised at how many entries seem to have Zeke and Robinson as their top 2 RBs even though they share the same bye week. Looks awful risky to me.
  14. Sounds like the arguments against Gus Edwards and James Robinson, except the Ravens and Jags didn't even draft them.
  15. Wait...a month ago the Ninjas were claiming there were 74,000 too many mail in ballots counted. Now, they're saying there were 174,000 too few mail in ballots counted? Do they also understand that the vast majority of mail in ballots were for Biden? Using their "interpolation" method that gives a "95%" probability, doesn't that mean that Biden won by even a bigger margin than what was certified?
  16. Looks like it. Only about 60 teams get cut in Week 14, and only 100 or so for each of a few weeks leading up to that. Hmmmm, should have done that math last week--looks like late byes are the way to go.
  17. Looks like only 9767 entries ( https://footballguys.com/contests/subscribers/2021/week/1 ), so 2441 cut Week 1
  18. And, just because I make the same request every year, here it is: PLEASE, don't just cut and paste your roster here. A long list of names does nothing but make my eyes spin. Break it up and give us some analysis--why did you pick who you did, why do you like/dislike your roster, etc. Makes it much more readable, much more comprehensible, and wayyyyyyyy more interesting (and maybe some of us will actually learn something we can use next year). TIA
  19. While that sounds great for the first 11 weeks, I'm not sure I'd want all that money (and 1/3 of my WRs and over 1/2 of my WR $$) sitting on my bench in Week 12.
  20. Close. QB - Tom Brady - 17 (9) QB - Ben Roethlisberger - 9 (7) QB - Teddy Bridgewater - 5 (11) Brady seemed like the best way to put up huge numbers without paying the premium for Mahomes. Ben seems to be hugely underpriced--3 top 20 WRs, a RB who is in the top 10 in large part because of his receiving ability and two capable TEs (too bad Freiermuth wasn't available here), but the QB throwing to them is bottom half? That doesn't compute. I was tempted to go with just 2 QBs, but when their average age is 40+, a 3rd seemed wise. RB - Ezekiel Elliott - 27 (7) RB - Nick Chubb - 26 (13) RB - Gus Edwards - 11 (8) RB - Sony Michel - 5 (11) RB - Rhamondre Stevenson - 3 (14) RB - Wayne Gallman - 3 (6) I tried to drop Zeke out, first for Najee and then for Robinson, but couldn't find a way to use the savings that made me like my lineup more that way, so decided to zig while everyone else zagged with Robinson. Chubb, like Brady, seemed like a way to get top 4 or 5 production without paying the extra bucks the others at that level cost. I actually had Edwards on my early iterations, before the Dobbins injury, so it was a no-brainer to keep him there. Michel and Stevenson were the "necessary" bargain adds. For the longest time, I had Ollison, since I'm not a big Davis believer. When Gallman took his spot in ATL, he did it on my roster, too. WR - Calvin Ridley - 27 (6) WR - Cooper Kupp - 20 (11) WR - Laviska Shenault - 13 (7) WR - Michael Pittman - 9 (14) WR - Marquez Callaway - 5 (6) WR - Bryan Edwards - 4 (8) I normally go for 7 or 8 bargain WRs, and I've had pretty good success doing that, but, when I'm eliminated, it's usually because I get a week where they all score 9 points. Decided to upgrade at the top and then take advantage of the guys who seemed poised to really outscore their early rankings and cheap prices. Only bye internal bye conflict is Ridley/Callaway, which I can live with, and only Shenault has a bye conflict with my two stud RBs, so I should be able to pick up an extra flex score here when either Chubb or Zeke aren't active. TE - Travis Kelce - 30 (12) TE - Mark Andrews - 16 (8) TE - Dan Arnold - 4 (13) I always go big at TE, and there just isn't anyone as certain to produce as Kelce. With all of Baltimore's injuries, Andrews may be their leading receiver and seemed like the best buy of the 2-5 guys behind Kelce. Both of their bye weeks blend well with my other positions, so hopefully, I can count on one of them as a flex score most weeks. I was afraid to go with only two guys at such a key position, but didn't have much money left, so went with Arnold, hoping Waldman is right about him. PK - Jason Sanders - 4 (14) PK - Daniel Carlson - 3 (8) PK - Greg Joseph - 3 (7) Meh, 3 cheap kickers who are likely to keep their jobs. Had Jason Myers for most of my iterations, but swapped him out for Sanders when Draft Dominator insisted that I was the weakest in Week 9 (Brady's bye). TD - Philadelphia Eagles - 2 TD - Green Bay Packers - 2 TD - Dallas Cowboys - 2 Same analysis as kickers, but was happy to see that these 3 cover two of the higher rated combos in the DTBC article.
  21. Been looking to swap mine out for one of the bargain guys with the same bye week, but I can't find a way to use the salary difference in a way that makes me happy with my team. It's a double digit difference, so I feel like I should be really able to do something great with it, but no matter what I try, I get a "blah" feeling. Seems more like changing just to change rather than to improve.
  22. If you don't know/recognize the names Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller, you were either in a coma during the Trump administration or you don't belong in a discussion in the PSF.
  23. Byes: Week 6--$35 Week 7 -- $54 Week 8 -- $34 Week 9 -- $17 Week 10 -- $0 Week 11 -- $30 Week 12 -- $30 Week 13 -- $32 Week 14 -- $18 May need to find some Week 10 guys to stick in. Week 7 is high $, but Draft Dominator says Week 9 is my lowest score, while Week 7 is actually above average.
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