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  1. Love Adams so hard. One thing, and I'm likely taking it in a way he didn't mean it...but when GGG mentioned the roller coaster and wanting the team to be level and not riding the peaks and valleys- that suggests playing at an LCD midrange rather than wanting them to elevate their play and maintain the peaks. It makes more sense for maintaining an emotional state, which is likely what he meant.
  2. And all of our former babysitters were Tisch kids...if she wants to make any extra bucks, let me know.
  3. Early admission. If she's accepted, shes obligated to go there. But not sure why she can't work on the rest of her applications just in case...? @-fish- when does she find out?
  4. For on the uptown 4 train at Union Square. Couple guys without masks, so I move down the car...to even more people without masks. I'm used to an occasional person these days, but not rampant like this.
  5. RBS win and go top of their group. Aaronson started at what looks like the 10.
  6. seeing that Werner and Lukaku both had to sub out as 1st half injuries. that's a team that's going to need CP. probably another week or 25 away from his return.
  7. 86th min goal for Juve to go up 1-0 at Zenit. still really... yucky... taking an active interest in Juve.
  8. probably too much to hope for- but a notebook with a confession would be something.
  9. Swag has looked good. Making some great little one touch passes to open up the attack, and continuing to make nice runs into the box- just missed a diving header....that again, couldashoulda done better with. tbh- he's looked Juve's most dangerous player on the night
  10. made a great little diagonal run in the box, received an even better ball to him to and just couldn't finish the first time shot... probably should've.
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