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  1. You might want to post this in the USMNT thread too. Good and expected news. Seems like he's carrying a knock and could use some rest...I read he was seen limping after getting subbed out of the last game
  2. Ok...I need some mouthwash to rinse out that bit o' vomit private eyes provoked. Brb.
  3. And then this weekend I'll do a hm on a vertical, ice covered cliff.
  4. Back still feeling ok....phew. Going to stay to the plan and rest tomorrow, run a little longer on Friday.
  5. So far so good. Should be getting ready to start moving soon..I think they were taking a couple weeks to get everything checked out. Iirc, the drone was going to be going up as one the first experiemnets.
  6. Anybody use Lutron, Crestron, or Control4? I've speced them, but haven't ever lived with them...curious how they work day to day.
  7. Nice morning here and back felt mostly ok during my 3m. A little stiff now. The bike commute has helped, I think. I'll take tomorrow off and try a little farther on Friday, depending on its feels.
  8. He was given a hospital ball deluxe. Short of just pounding it first time in the direction it came from, not a lot of options for him there.
  9. Aha. Thanks for the heads up. His autobiography was a great read.
  10. But the guy in the right you see daily at work with furly. CANYOUIMAGINE
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