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  1. So that's how he married Brooke Shields.
  2. It's an old quote, but City's Cancello about CP: Cancelo said of the 22-year-old Blues star: “I usually chat with my colleagues about it. “It may sound strange but, for me, the most difficult winger I have faced in the Premier League is Pulisic from Chelsea. “He is a very skilful and fast player with the ball, with quick dribbles, so for me he is the most difficult winger I have played.”
  3. I drove back to the city 5+ hours from Lake Placid the day after my one and only IM. Had scheduled a massage first thing in the am before I left...that saved me.
  4. Anybody still watching? That one guy might be the best pure singer they've ever had...no hyperbole. Big fella. Did Yellow by Coldplay insanely well. Gospel roots, but doesn't have to put a run on everything...although not sure what kind of album he'll make. The unfortunately shaped but still pretty enough girl has a huge voice too. And the cute little Disney girl has surprisingly good chops too, but needs a haircut.
  5. Always thought it was the second floor. Huh. But yeah...he's looked fantastic for the US the last couple times out. Would like to see him get a good run with the team, either A or B.
  6. Sad to see Robo, Ream and Fulhamerica get relegated again. Kinda sad that the EPL relegation situation is finalized already...that can be as fun/dramatic as the title race once it gets to the end of the season.
  7. That's my sense of Sieb too...but I've really not seen him play much.
  8. IDLES just announced a fall US your. NYC in Oct....very tempted, even though it'll be at a place that's too large.
  9. I just figured out 4. Fun movie. 8 is bugging me....I know it, but can't access the brain bits that know the name.
  10. Behind/along with Dike and Sarge? I guess. zardes gives the defensive work...giocch might be a similar guy to him. I really don't know enough about Siebs game to know how he fits in...strikes me as a pushed up high #9 who attacks the goal but maybe doesn't do the deeper defensive work the US might need...dunno.
  11. 2 involves enthusiasms...enthusiasms...enthusiasms. me, I got mine.
  12. Didn’t know 7 or 8, but 6 is an animated samurai type movie where the instrument he’s playing is a big hint. I knew 4 right away based on the trailer and the guys outfits. Feel like I’ve seen 3 and 5 but who knows. 7 is Don Knotts sitting in the TV
  13. Really Inter Dynamo United SC Just hand that out to every new team or rebrand. Jfc.
  14. Watching Mare on HBO, I just commented to the wife that I can't think of a better actress than Winslet. Her range and willingness to go places most won't (I'm loving her portrayal of a deeply flawed and real Mare) put her out front of wright...who I also love.
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