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  1. But obviously there was an extra 10-15 minutes of added time so you could get things done. Unless he was wearing a puffy coat.
  2. I've never done it. But the way it's going...I might. I try to always give people the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not helping matters by getting sucked into it. And I admit my constant baiting isn't helping the thread. And while I like busting people's chops- I don't like doing it anything but a friendly way and Im not liking the level of snark I'm descending to. Ill try to just actively ignore the way I did with Lhucks and with GG. And I'll try to be better about how I engage. It's ####### exhausting
  3. a bit unfair, maybe. at this point yes- I'm hypersensitive to the method in which you post. I'm at a point where your comments aren't well received (by me, at least- I won't speak for the others) because they lack critical thought or substantiation. they're not criticism- they're juvenile hyperbole. if you were able to say "X sucks because A, B, C"... great; that's critical thought and worthwhile criticism. we can agree, disagree, whatever- more importantly it creates discussion in this amazing little place filled with amazing people. and ned. but that's not what you do. your repeated "X sucks" without support... sucks. especially going double and triple down on it ad nauseum. it drains this place for me. And it's an absolute button pusher for me when I know it to be categorically false- like saying the sky is green and holding firm. That's the stuff that genuinely makes my blood boil and brings out the all-caps smartass crap posts like above. And I'm not sure why the hyperbole has to be so polarizing black and white with you... none of us, feel black when you say white, but that seems to be a narrative that you repeat. we're all USMNT fans in here and we certainly don't all have to see eye to eye. This is the only sports team I genuinely care about, in a sport I genuinely know a lot about. I know what I know based on a long time with the sport, but I don't have to be right- I don't care about being right. I'm learning from these guys in here all the time, even guys who are self-proclaimed newbies to the sport- because they think first, and then write their down thoughts. and again- that's what criticism is- if you're going to say something goofy, at least have the sense to back it up.
  4. was it me? I don't remember meeting you... but thanks! I also don't remember managing. but still- thanks!
  6. His 4-3-3 with one group of US players is nothing like it is with another group of US players.
  7. They were set up not to win, not to lose. And that's a difference. That group was more than capable of grinding out an ugly 0-0 draw. And again, outside of a stupidly defended set piece, they almost did. But yeah, they were never going to win that game with that lineup. Not saying I like it- I don't. But I get it.
  8. He's my current #2 as well, and not the end of the world if he's in there surrounded by the CL players. Doesn't elevate the US game...but beggars can't be choosers at this point.
  9. Another thing... These MFs also have shown profoundly better spacing and support for combinations. This should allow CP the opportunity for those- something he's looked great at with Mount, Ground. havertz- and not always have to do those take on 3 defenders dribbles to try to progress the ball.
  10. With the way the preferred 3 MF can play, he should be able to stay higher and not have to come back so deep. This isn't a pass it back to the CBs from the MF group of guys
  11. Really appreciate seeing the correlation with how other teams line up...makes it much clearer and easier to compare the formations for me. If we went three in the back, I'd use Jedi as one of the three instead of a third tru CB, switching with Dest to allow one or the other the ability to overlap. That would allow us to include another attacking player like Pepi.
  12. agreed: The lyin', piss off, sack of #### Slut trash can scumish Dirt bag... #####
  13. but honestly... I don't want him starting even further from the goal. Swag and Musah are genuinely good at doing this- LDLT and Busio maybe as well. (one with the dribble, other with the longer ball). Id' rather try him as a 9 than move back to an 8. or do a new formation with him as a 10 or false 9, to keep him central.
  14. absolutely. let's put him somewhere where he'll get kicked even more.
  15. tldr. what is that tri-man did exactly?
  16. obi-wan pulisic. he definitely makes this team go from potentially good, to really good. if he's healthy. which he rarely is. so.... time for Aaronson and Weah to get those minutes and step up.
  17. didn't learn those skills from Eddie, unless somebody taught them to Eddie first. daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!
  18. a lot of these are staged/shopped, but still enjoyable. this one- no possible way that's real.
  19. Does that affect the US players as having been in close proximity?
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