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  1. My 13 and 15 year old niece and nephew arrived from India last night and walked into a Walgreens this morning and received their 1st Pfizer COVID vax. No appointment necessary.
  2. That's pretty much all I was saying to begin with, especially the last sentence. That sentiment seems to have irritated a couple people posting in this thread.
  3. And I have to add that I treat COVID patients most days of the week and keep track of the pandemic every day of the week so I'm not just blowing smoke. I want everyone to be as cautious as possible and not contract this virus because it's potentially awful when you do. Although the vaccines are very effective they are not perfect. Please take the precautions you need to.
  4. I actually made a sincere response to his question. And I wasn't trying to derail his thread. I gave an honest opinion and was wishing him well. I'm not a troll. Sorry if I offended you.
  5. I’m not sure why you’d shake your head at a factual statement and a well wish to a fellow FBG. I’m now SMH. Hasta.
  6. My daughter is a junior at Carleton and has had a great experience there. She knew she wanted a small LAC and had Macalester high on her list too but had the exact opposite feel for the two locations that your son did. She enjoys the small town vibe of Northfield with the Cities just 45 minutes away. I assume the campus visit was recent and thus it was essentially on lockdown due to the pandemic---in normal times it's much different, but, still in Northfield . Both great schools but not if the small libs are not for him. Best of luck in his search! My wife and I really enjoye
  7. We're definitely not even close to being post-COVID yet. I hope you will stay safe and well.
  8. Of the original choices I'd go with Melt With You. I also endorse Tainted Love, Take on Me, Head Over Heels, both Simple Minds songs and many more. As is usual though, these threads inevitably morph into "here is my favorite song/band that may fit the definition set forth by the OP" and that is why I love them---more music to hear because it's too difficult to limit it to one. Crazy 8's - Johnny Q---I loved this band from Corvallis in the mid-80's. Saw them a couple times in Seattle. I still have this album on cassette. And of course Blue Monday, the Cutter and
  9. I think of this and Shout more than EWTRTW as more quintessential 80's songs from this album but probably because my local radio station played them way more often---especially Shout. Great album.
  10. That's super-heated water. Nothing could live in that.
  11. This pretty much describes my reaction to Pfizer dose 2. I also was then fatigued for the next 6-7 days.
  12. Cassandra Jenkins and Sarah Mary Chadwick have released two of my favorite albums this year. Add to that albums from Sun June and Eve Adams....women song writers are dominating this year so far for me.
  13. Agreed. I’d give the nod to Pilot. Or A.M. 180 (not ‘00s) or El Caminos in the West. Great band.
  14. Thanks for the invite, NV. Very impressive draft——but far too late for me to join.
  15. If your doctor prescribed a nebulized medication then you likely had a component of reactive airways disease/asthma. Routine nebulized medications do not treat infections. Not knowing what those other medicines you were prescribed, I can't comment further. Glad you're better now.
  16. I’m all for this but just not quite yet. The masks will be very beneficial and effective at further suppressing the pandemic for a few more months. I hope to be able to ditch the masks by June or July.
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