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  1. My daughter wants a PC gaming set up but neither of us know where to start? Need something budget friendly, she’s obviously a beginner.....
  2. There’s a bunch of Zion content in the National Parks thread, but I think the Narrows, Angels Landing and Canyon Overlook are amongst the most popular hikes. The National Parks app and AllTrails app are both good references. Can’t really help on hotels as we booked Zion Lodge like a year ago 🙂
  3. Wild are really clicking. Kaprisov is the kind of player they haven’t really ever had.
  4. Forgot to add- was it hard to get her started? My daughter is so quiet and anxious to talk to most anyone that I wonder what a therapist may get out of her. Also wonder if medication may be a discussion point eventually.
  5. Interested to hear what “completed” would mean in your case, I suppose it’s different for everyone. My daughter doesn’t want to go to school and will barely talk to her good friends 😪
  6. My 13 year old is having worse anxiety as well, and talking to a specialist next week. Scary for sure.
  7. Added to DVR! Man I would love to be back in Florence or Positano right now.
  8. From what I had read, reservations open May 1 for the following year
  9. I’m not sure, but when they pull it down half the game to yell; it doesn’t really matter.
  10. Thanks- is it “obvious” how to get up there? Planning on staying at the Old Faithful Inn for a couple of nights.
  11. Thanks to all the replies. I would love to get to Wall Street at least but not sure I’ll be able to get my family that far even though it’s only 2 miles. The only reason it will be sort of a pain for us is because we’re staying at the Lodge inside the park so would have to leave, rent, then potentially wait to get back in.
  12. Thanks....we are going in June and we’re in our 40s with girls 15 and 13. No hiking experience at all, really; but no medical or balance issues. I have some supposedly waterproof Merrells but have never done anything like this in them. My wife and kids will need new shoes for the trip that we have not even purchased yet. Don’t have to make a decision for a while but was just curious what people thought. A couple of klutzes in this house so maybe just rent for the sticks and to keep our regular shoes dry!
  13. For those who have hiked the Narrows at Zion, what suggestions would you have? Was thinking of renting shoes and poles even though it would probably be a pain to pick up and return and cost $100 for the 4 of us.
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