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  1. The way Mayfield has been playing, Keenum is probably an upgrade. Not having Hunt hurts more. I understand all the Denver leans but I think it’s a toss up game. Cleveland is a tough place to play.
  2. Personal preference. If you are planning to gamble a lot of the day, may want to reconsider. If you may spend some time at the pool, our for nice dinners, doing some sightseeing, then sure.
  3. Headed to Big Cedar in two weeks. Playing all 5 courses (2 are short courses) in 3 days. Looking forward to it! Anyone ever been, has any recommendations for food or evening activities?
  4. Carolina is pretty good too; it could get ugly. The way they gave it away today (despite getting bailed out) was just so disgusting. Instead of trying to give a team less time for their last drive, just go get a #### first down and don’t give it back to them at all! Jefferson tearing them up all game but go into an idiotic shell up by 10. Stupid fumble by Mattison with nothing to gain by fighting for an extra foot. Didn’t use timeouts on D when Detroit was driving with under 2 min, to preserve time for a potential winning drive (Detroit was out of timeouts and Vikes calling timeouts couldn’t have hurt them). Just a mess in the 4th. If there’s anything positive, they somehow won one of these type of games, Mattison proved effective and versatile, Jefferson is a stud and the defense was halfway decent today. They better up their game though or their season will be over by Thanksgiving.
  5. Any down, really. Nobody is better at the 3 yard run on 2nd and 15
  6. Picked up and streamed Patriots D everywhere. Not looking like a great choice.
  7. Just reservations. Try calling or just keep checking for cancellations. You can also eat in the bar without reservations but don’t have a view of the entertainment so don’t recommend
  8. SW for a relaxing steak dinner or STK for a louder fun one. Mayfair Supper Club or Delilah both capture the old timey Vegas vibe with live music- was just at Mayfair last month and highly recommend. Lago, Giada or Sinatra for some Italian. Wing Lei or Blossom for Chinese. Din Tai Fung is good as well and pretty reasonable. A couple really fun bars at Venetian/Palazzo although their names escape me- we like the “Library” one. Hit up Chandalier at Cosmo and go find Ghost Donkey!
  9. Went into my office today for the first time in 18 months. There was still a bunch of microwaveable soup and Doritos on my desk.
  10. Looked good to me. Failed qb sneak then a pass from the one foot line was a killer though.
  11. The bengals played terrible but I agree with the way they played the last 45 seconds
  12. They did give Taylor 3 straight carries from the 1 against the Rams and he didn’t score. Not sure if that is in the back of the coaches minds but he goes from a top 10 to a top 20 RB without top level TD opportunities. Sucks for those of us without better options.
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