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  1. I aaaalmost cut him from my dynasty taxi as I had a ton of picks this year. I know, no one cares. He looked pretty dynamic, although against DET not sure how much that means
  2. Yeah a few miscommunications. Lamb looks like he gives up pretty quickly.
  3. When I first heard of this concept I thought you got the rights to a specific picture or video, and that no one else could use it. The truth seems…..less interesting
  4. I think people have been burned in the past by the NE backfield and probably have a bias or hesitancy there. How much Stevenson is used remains to be seen but removing Cam and Michel from the equation makes Harris a top 15 option IMO.
  5. Cut by ATL. May catch on elsewhere but not good for his prospects if a team that thin at RB isn’t even going to roster him
  6. Where does he slide into wr rankings? Around 40 (Gallup, A Brown) range?
  7. I would be shocked if anyone could sell tickets at a profit. Usually they are sold cheap or given away, which is why you see more first timers and kids.
  8. Too early for panic but he didn’t look very dynamic out there. Other highly drafted WR have looked the part more whether they put up a decent stat line (Marshall) or not (Waddle, D Smith). I passed on Fields in a superflex a couple weeks ago….could be one of those decisions that haunts a team for a long time. Just have to hope he’s still shaking off rust.
  9. Not an Eagles fan but how does Fulgham not even make the team? Dude balled out for a good stretch last year (I realize they were short handed)
  10. The top 20 WR or so are solid but you could make a case for him anytime after that. He literally hasn’t done much of anything since 2016 though. When you think of him vs the guys around him (Golladay, Claypool, Aiyuk) it’s hard to justify taking him.
  11. I tell them I’m on the other line, utilizing a final courtesy call to lower my interest rate on my credit card.
  12. I’m not sure how much Juju I want, at least at the same price as the others. Dionte is a pretty good ppr machine. Claypool is a lower floor, higher ceiling weekly play. Both are good gets as a WR 2/3.
  13. He and Juedy ranked pretty closely- who would you take in redraft and why?
  14. I think it takes away from the relaxation part, but it obviously doesn’t bother some people. I am going with my wife again next month but will spend a lot of time in the room, at the pool, at restaurants, etc. I would be hesitant to go with friends right now and gamble for hours at a time though.
  15. I had our pest removal company remove two of these things a few weeks ago- 1 from a bush, 1 from our mulch. There’s already another big one in the mulch so they’re coming back this week. Pain in the ###
  16. Make sure you look at aeration dates as many courses close around that time for a short time. I mostly echo thoughts given above- I was not crazy about the Celebrity course, would put it below the others you have listed. Loved the Mountain course.
  17. Interesting, I’ll look into it. Can you elaborate a little on what you saw, where you went etc?
  18. Looking at Greece for our next major trip- maybe split between Athens and Santorini. Doable? Other recommendations?
  19. Sunday would be the best day to go. I went in MN on Friday and there are only 4 groups on the course so it’s really hard to see. Depends on if you want to see the entire course but If I were you, I’d stake out a place on like #2 or #3 and watch all groups come through then head to a key hole on the back 9- maybe #17; to see them all come through again?
  20. How many people are left in America that have not been vaccinated and also haven’t had Covid? Seems like it should be getting fairly low?
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