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  1. It is forensic. They don't deep dive into accounts unless the account is in a major tournament. And at 5 accounts to a team, it is very doable.
  2. Yes, and I think they sprinkle in a bit of whatever location information they can pull as well.
  3. I don't think it is elitism--I think it is SC not messing around with any potential underhandedness at the highest and most visible levels. And I should add that the hypothetical really good player does have a route to a clean max THXX--to purchase stuff in game to get there
  4. Yes, they solved a lot of issues by getting a one hit/war format going (cheating), and then even more with a limited 5v5 format (war duration, stream-ability, TH flexibility). But it took a long time for the game to get there. Their biggest hurdle, IMO, is a long term issue: allowing access to the high level wars. Someone could be a really good player, but if they don't have a clean max THXX, they are SOL.
  5. And by purchasing an account it limits which high level tournaments/events you can take part in. Because they actually look at that stuff and enforce it now. Even your old account would get flagged since it was passed around. But progressing is faster these days than when the game started. Just have a lot further to go now.
  6. The handshake greeting. Surely we can figure something better out than that.
  7. Buckner to Colts https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28912356/colts-trade-1st-round-pick-49ers-dt-deforest-buckner
  8. Media is more fractured than ever, and that necessarily prevents huge cultural touchstones from happening. Think of it like a buffet. In years past, the buffet was whatever was on the 4 television stations or the 5 record labels. Today, the gatekeepers are dying or dead, and there are seemingly infinite choices. The Beatles will never happen again imho. All that being said, sometimes things still rise above the noise and enter the "popular culture". But things move more quickly, so it is increasingly difficult to have lasting power. But I'd argue it still happens. Think Frozen or Batman or the NFL. Even people who don't follow that stuff still know something about it.
  9. There are some GenX Senators, and I even recognize some of their names! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_current_United_States_senators
  10. Why not a group of women? A group of men? The possibilities are endless!
  11. I don't think he refuses to leave the White House. But I don't think he goes away either. All that decorum about previous Presidents going dark after going out of office? Fahgettaboudit.
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