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  1. Will probably have a semi traditional Easter Breakfast as that was what we did in my family. Breakfast consisterd of Cold Cooked Ham, cold Kielabasi, usually 2-3 different types, regular Ekrich style, a Slovenian style and an Easter Style were some of the ones we have had in the past. My wife bought some homemade kielbasi this year. Hardboiled eggs, Easter Cheese called Hrudka (probably won't have this time as my mom always made it) Homemade Horseradish (made with beets - I took this over from my grandparents about 25 years ago, still grow our own too) cottage cheese and Paska bread (when my grandma quit making homemade we switched to the Hawaiian sweet bread) Tradition was that you had to eat an egg first. Also, the reason for the meats being cold is that they would be cooked on Friday, refrigerated and then a basket was made up of the food and taken to church to be blessed. For dinner, my wife usually makes potato salad and then we may warm up the ham and keep some cold (if you want a ham sandwich) and maybe some green beans and whatever else was left over from breakfast.
  2. Currently, Bill Burr, Sebastian Maniscalco and, Gabriel Iglesias. Segura and Jeselnik are probably 4 and 5
  3. I think Mr. Rogers could handle it. But, I also believe that he was that rare person. My comments are more as to how we, as a society, could not or cannot accept that someone could be good and kind like he was. We would be looking for that one instance.
  4. could you imagine the attempts to ruin his career or ruin his reputation in today's society...
  5. NO, NO, NO...you people are forgetting the Kent F'n Graham year. next up would be the Mark Malone/David Woodley/Todd Blackledge/Scott Campbell years before Bubby
  6. However, if we are only counting while I was aware: Pirates - 1 (5 total) Steelers - 4 (6 total) Pens - 5 (5 total) NBA -
  7. I am recording this, but did watch the first episode. I will be all in. May get caught up next week when i travel for work.
  8. i am so sorry for you loss
  9. I know i don't post much, but if you could, T&P could be used for my wife's family. Her cousin, a volunteer firefighter, passed away 2 days ago after coming home from a fire call. He was only 46. He was a good man, devoted husband, father, grandfather, brother, son and cousin. If you have a chance, try donating a case of water or gatorade to your local volunteer fire department. With the heatwave that is coming to the midwest and east coast, these volunteers will need help in staying hydrated. If the department has to buy water, it comes from their operational budget for equipment and such. And if you do, think of Lt, Neil Cope of Station 80 of the North Belle Vernon Volunteer Fire Department. Thanks for listening...
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