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  1. who said it was a great game? how did others do against this defense the last several weeks? why are you comparing a rookie having this game with veterans having this game? why am I responding to someone who doesn't understand football? so many questions.
  2. I'm sure eventually there will be a good NFL QB from OSU, but I wouldn't stake my franchise on Haskins being the first.
  3. I'm sitting him for Jamal and Damien Williams and James White (PPR). Hoping with Gordon out they go back to White more in the passing game.
  4. Chickened out on dropping him. Might do it Saturday so he can't be picked up this week.
  5. Other drop candidates are McGuire, Damian Williams, or Robby Anderson. Jamal Williams and Foster are targets for pickup. Remember too I have to consider week 17, and I definitely don't see starting Fournette against the Texans.
  6. Jags and Fournette's situation seems to be a lot different now than it was 4 weeks ago.
  7. Right. My opponent has Kamara, Coleman, and Michel. If he wants to start Lenny that's ok with me.
  8. Is it really very possible? I'm more worried about him picking up Robert Foster and him going off for 100/2 against me.
  9. So for us poor souls stuck in leagues that play week 17, any reason to continue rostering him these last 2 weeks? Terrible offense, team quitting, inconsistent usage, bad attitude, and now injury. Need roster spots since week 17 is such a crap shoot.
  10. So if you're taking a couple flyers on backups that could do something the next few weeks Damien Williams K Dixon Clement Burkhead Penny Gio B Fair ranking?
  11. Looks like Sproles is back this week. Could he be the one to own going forward?
  12. Warning: I have to start him today. Expect nothing. Bench him if you can.
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