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  1. I roster Metcalf and would reject MT for him easily. I also roster MT and offered him for Lamb straight up and was rejected.
  2. 12 Team PPR Team A gets: Marquise Brown and Justin Jefferson Team B gets: Deebo Samuel, Diontae Johnson and Jalen Hurd
  3. 12 Team PPR Team A got Kenny Golladay and Sammy Watkins Team B got Calvin Ridley and Tyrell Williams
  4. 12 team PPR Team A got: Lamar Jackson, Jordan Howard, Hayden Hurst and (2) 2019 1sts Team B got: Derrius Guice, Duke Johnson, Austin Hooper, 2019 2nd and (2) 2019 4th
  5. James Conner/Nick Chubb/2019 1st for Dalvin Cook/Devante Parker
  6. James Conner/Nick Chubb/2019 1st for Dalvin Cook/Devante Parker
  7. Made the call, I forgot the name of person I talked to. Ended up with.. Sunday Ticket Max, NBA League Pass, Directv Sports Package for 6 months, HBO for 6 months, Showtime for 4 months, $60 off for 12 months. She also stated there were (2) $10 discounts I was eligible for that were applied. I already have a $30 discount for 10 months remaining.
  8. Did you go to retention or threaten to cancel?I said "Cancel" when prompted by automated service. Went right to retention, stated they're giving ST to new customers and I want it too. I also didn't have to extend my contract.
  9. Just called and said I'm a loyal 15 year customer I see you're offering ST to new customers in promotion, I want ST Max for free. The rep gave me ST Max for free.
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