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  1. 4 tackles and an assist on the first drive. IF you were able to grab him before tonight, congrats.
  2. Atlanta won't have the chance to choke again.
  3. I don't know if Teo got more playing time, the start etc. because it was against his old team, but you could see the potential if he plays with the same motivation as he did last night. He could be a great pick up. 7 solos and a sack. Klein was all over the field as well. He will be a SLB, but in on 3rd downs. Anthony did not dress, so we did not see how he competes with Anzalone, but the steady but non spectacular C. Robertson split the reps with Anzalone. To be honest if the season started today I think Robertson would be playing the WLB spot.
  4. So you think Ramon Humber will stick as a starter? As a Saints fan, I always like the consistency Humber brought. I didn't like seeing him leave, especially with a LB group that appears to be in shambles. I am glad to see him get a shot.
  5. I like taking a chance on the 5'7 5th rounder. But his name happens to be Isiah McKenzie from Georgia. He is already impressing enough to take over the return duties. He is elusive and fast. Everyone is looking for the Tyreek Hill at the end of every draft. It usually is a player that initially impresses with ball skills on special teams and gets the opportunity. Taylor seems like the guy who may contribute a little this year, but will move over for the FA pick up or high draft pick next season.
  6. Bills fans keeping up with training camp. Is Ramon Humber really going to start with Brown, or has Hodges been splinting 1st string reps with him? Is Ragland still hindered by the knee?
  7. This actually is not a bad idea in Louisiana now. Just say it is for the Cajun Navy Headquaters when #### hits the fan. Or just start calling it, "Our life boat".
  8. Bribe the boys anyway to be your wing men. Also, ask her if her backdoor is open incase the front is out of commission.
  9. Then recommend sleeping with her just to get it over with and out of the way. You both have a lot of frustration that needs to get out.
  10. Oh and whenever she starts complaining about her ex and tells you where he went wrong, your ex did the same exact thing. Unless of course she starts coming off as clingy, then RUN!!.
  11. If they go to the same school, set up a car pool schedule you both can agree on. Be very helpful in times when making a schedule, but don't agree to everything to be obvious you are wooing her or give her the idea you are the modling type. This gives you an excuse to talk to her everyday after school.
  12. Haken and Thank You Scientist is coming to New Orleans in September. I'm not a live show guy, but I might have to go to this one since it is such a rarity.
  13. Don't blame him. He said it organically, likely as a result of accumulated frustration from your post.
  14. Very troubling times that has everyone walking on a tightrope. Police have to be extra cautious because every shooting is going to be questioned to the fullest extent. Which, of course, it should be. However, each time this happens it is going to stir up a hornets nest. This certainly was absolutely terrible and this cop is certainly going to be made an example of. The same can be said everytime a cop is shot such as in Kansas City a few days ago.
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