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  1. Chiefs O-line issues concern me,but I think Mahomes is athletic enough to overcome any pressure. The stars will all show up for both teams,who will be the unexpected player to make a big play or plays? I say Sammy Watkins. Kansas City Chiefs-34.....Tampa Bay Buccaneers-30
  2. Garrett coming back. Not going after Watson. I need a
  3. Tails for sure. No cannons,has to be tails.
  4. Crowd will slightly favor Tampa imop,but noise level won't be a big factor. However, with NO CANNONS The Bucs will be at a disadvantage. The Bucs need more cannons.
  5. Darrel ....and if not him his other brother Darrel
  6. Analytics aside it was a terrible decision then and in hindsight of course. Rogers a guarantee of one chance to get the TD if you go for it. Kicks the FG and you get MAYBE a few plays to get the TD. Get stopped on the fourth down and you have Bucs inside the 10 with the same 2 minute time out and 3 of your own. I had no skin in the game and I like the coach,but it was a terrible decision.
  7. Man I love that Watson/Barkley/Pitts trio. I think Pitts is the best player in this years draft. Watched his college career,he has IT. I'm gonna dream/wish for that to happen😌
  8. Texans counter....Engram a first and a third. If only Bill O'Brien was still there. We could get him for much less.
  9. I got it! From a friend of a friend who knows a friend in another friends house: Kansas City Chiefs-34.....Tampa Bay Buccaneers-30 Book it!🤑
  10. Offense: KC Offense 1st Half Defense: TB Defense 2nd Half Puppy Bowl: Labradoodle Offense 1st Half Cockapoo Defense 2nd Half
  11. If Mahomes toe doesn't bother him too much I think Kansas City will outscore Buffalo in a shootout. If the toe limits his running or pocket movement in any way Buffalo can pull the upset. I'll go with modern medicine and say... Chiefs-38.....Bills-34
  12. Should be a good one. Of course Brady and Rogers but both defenses have stepped up recently. Tampa's D won't give much running room Jones so I think Rogers will look to get him out in space with short passes. The defense that makes the biggest play(s) in the fourth quarter will decide this one. I'll flip a coin and say it's The Packers that do it at home in the cold. Packers-27.....Bucs-23
  13. The hype is Brady versus Rogers but I think the game is decided by the defense that makes the most,or biggest play(s) Should be a fun game as I think both offenses will be wide open the entire day. I'm giving an edge to Mr. Rogers.
  14. I don't think the concussion keeps Mahomes out,he'll play. I'd be more concerned with the turf toe,to paraphrase Cousin Eddy,that's the injury that keeps on hurting. Hope to see both teams with all available players and the weather not be a factor,with no skin in the game it will be enjoyable to watch. The analytics tell me The Chiefs should win,but my gut thinks The Bills are going to find a way.
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