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  1. FFPC scoring: Need TWO of the following: K.Drake vs Phi B.Aiyuk vs Ind E.Engram vs Car Ty Williams vs Cinn G.Bernard vs Chi T.Marshall @ NYG
  2. Offense Used: Ravens,Pats,Bengals,Jags,Bucs,Colts Defense Used: Bills,Pats,Browns,Jags,Bucs,Steelers Offense Week 7: Arizona Cardinals Defense Week 7: Arizona Cardinals
  3. FFPC scoring, need two of the following: M.Gordon vs LV M.Hardman @ Wah K.Toney(if playing,trending up) vs LAR Z.Pascal vs Hou
  4. I think they bounce back and win this week. The albatross that was hanging on their backs is lifted. The locker room knew a lot more than we did the past week. Watching them play against Chicago I think the whole affair had a major impact on their play. Playing on the road helps imop. Denver's D is better than average but I agree with Joe,they're over hyped. I think they put all the Gruden crap in the rear view mirror and take it out on the Broncos this week.
  5. Offense Used: Ravens..Pats...Bengals...Jags...Bucs Defense Used: Bills...Pats...Broncos...Jags...Bucs Week Six: Offense: Indianapolis Colts Defense: Pittsburgh Steelers
  6. One good thing that will come out of this season is he won't get the chance to get to .500 with The Giants.
  7. Nefarious Toney Kittle Korn Kissing Cousins Hail Murray
  8. FFPC scoring,because of injuries I need 3 of the following,thanks in advance: S. Perine(if Mixon out) vs GB M. Gordon @ Pitt C. Samuel vs NO M. Harman vs Buff Z. Pascal @ Balt
  9. Cleared up sooner than expected,conditions will be good
  10. FFPC scoring: Need 2 of the following: C. Kirk vs SF D. Goedert @ Car E. Engram @ Dall And which TE: N. Fant @ Pitt T. Conklin vs Det
  11. FFPC scoring,here's a few to consider: Need 1 of the following: M. Gordon @ Pitt S. Perine vs GB(if Mixon is out) C.Samuel vs NO And 1 of the following: C .Kirk vs SF D. Goedert @ Car And 2 of the follwing: C Kirk vs SF D. Goedert @ Car E. Engram @ Dall Comments welcome,will respond in kind if you like
  12. Agree with titusbramble. Woods should be more involved tonight.
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