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  1. USED: Offense: Ravens,Jags,Bucs Defense: Broncos,Jags,Bucs WEEK 4: Offense: Cincinnati Bengals Defense: Buffalo Bills
  2. Prime Time game at Jerry World. Dak is back and Boyz D isn't awful. I'm not a fan of either team but I think the home team is going to slice and dice and generally steam roll the visitors. Cowboys by at least....a lot...maybe 20.
  3. And I'll be in Tampa week after the bye on a Monday Night 🤢
  4. Both teams will run all day. Titans make a few more plays in the air and win.
  5. I can't see The Bills falling at home again. WFT will play tough,but Allen wins it
  6. Interesting game here. Which Saints team shows up? A big rebound from an awful performance? Or the team that crushed Green Bay? I'm perplexed.
  7. Bears fans get their wish. Let's see how he does. I'll lay the points
  8. Agree. Ravens will run and run and run,eat clock and win a fairly close game.
  9. Cross country trip at 1:00pm,outdoors,Hopkins question. It will be close,but I'll take Murray to make one more play than Trevor and win
  10. Chargers will lead in the fourth quarter,then something crazy will happen and Chiefs will win. I guess you could say that about many Charger games.
  11. I agree. Which imop gives The Bengals a chance. I'll take the points
  12. Decimal scoring. 1 PPR TD's 6 pts. Need 2 of the following: M. Hardman vs LAC L. Shenault vs AZ M. Gordon vs NYJ And 2 of the following: K. Drake vs Mia Tyson Williams @ Det L. Shenault vs AZ Comments welcome,will respond in kind if you like
  13. Rubi


    Drake for sure. Then....higher floor Julio....higher ceiling Smith....I'm a high ceiling guy so....Smith
  14. If Danny Dimes is ever going to put up consecutive outstanding games it's now. Pick him up,put him in,have a strong drink,and....win
  15. Used Offense: Jax,Tampa Used Defense: Jax,Tampa Week 3: Offense: Baltimore Ravens Defense: Denver Broncos
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