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  1. Not sure what you consider months of pretty much completely ignoring the PSF and this thread in particular, but sure. I stopped back in after our POTUS retweeted a white power message, as well as news breaking that he turned his back on men in uniform and sided with Russia, just to confirm that there's literally nothing he can do to lose core supporters. Consider myself confirmed and maybe i'll stop back by in a month or so when he once again crosses lines no normal person can cross, while not losing the support of folks twistedly thinking he's somehow doing something beneficial for america.
  2. Just want to say to all the Trump supporters that you're all likely good guys with whom I have a difference of opinion on Trump. But, in these times y'all stay safe, be good to your loved ones, and best of luck. Gonna bow out of these kinds of conversations for a while and I wish each of you well in the coming months. May be back from time to time but I, and likely you as well, find my absence from the political forum to be a net plus.
  3. This thread is intended to be a positive place where strategy is discussed. For example, the strategy and positivity of a joke posted about Hillary plummeting to her death from a plane. Things like that are welcome here. Folks saying that the purpose of the press is to challenge those in power, are not welcome here. However, if you bad-mouth members of the press, that is strategy and positivity. Certain members of the press sure are bad at doing a bad job at their job. See. I'm trying.
  4. The titles for Trump was clearly satire - a joke - a Game of Thrones reference. Clearly not trolling. The comment about Acosta basically stated that he's doing what journalists across the generations have done, which is ask tough questions of our leaders. Trump doesn't like that, and has convinced his supporters that folks doing such things are the enemy of the people and it's humorous to shout them down, insult them, and belittle them. At the same time, he's dismantling any meaningful Inspector General oversight of his administration, replacing folks who have been there with appoi
  5. Yeah, seriously, how dare the press ask the US president challenging questions. Do they not understand they're there to be lap dogs, to be puppets of the administration, to not ask challenging questions, to not upset his highness, Lord Trump the 1st, champion of the aggrieved, First of his name, King of the scandals, Dictator of the realm, breaker of precedents, and father of dragons.
  6. Trump is a guy who famously judges other folks for how they look, harshly judging or insulting them about any flaws. Are you suggesting it's off limits to talk about his physical appearance?
  7. I'm not trolling you guys. I'm trying to offer differing points of view, as I come to these forums to hear other people discuss points of view that aren't my own. I enjoy engaging in fact-driven conversations, trying to refine my own opinion. To be honest, I have no idea what benefit you guys get from this forum. Due to the severely reduced quality of dialogue here, I come a lot less (in addition to being incredibly busy with work and family), but the times I do come here it just seems like a bunch of slapfights, mixed in with a few folks continuing to solidly post good info. I ap
  8. That's pretty rich. I barely post here anymore, especially not the PSF.
  9. A joke involving Hillary plummeting to her death is a big hit in here. Who could've seen that coming?
  10. I do wonder, when this is all over and we are looking back on this, whether we'll be able to make any meaningful determinations about the fate of those who trust more in Trump and the right wing media, and those who trust more in experts and the MSM. Will we be able to trace health outcomes in the two groups and make any kind of objective conclusion about which sources of truth ended up being more reliable?
  11. And in 3 years he was unable to buy some masks and ventilators. 🤣 (I laugh, but this level of incompetence is utterly horrifying in the current situation)
  12. Blame Bush lasted at least 6 years. So you don't deny it. Interesting. Also, restocking a damn inventory of ventilators and medical supplies would take a day or two in a competent administration. Obama was faced with, at least what used to be, the worst economic situation since the depression due to Bush's bunglings. Now I wonder what the next president will face, hopefully not Trump, due to Trump's terrible leadership (or lack thereof).
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