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  1. Reading volume 2 of the Wandering Inn. guilty pleasure. Was annoying for a good part of the first book then it really grew on me. Into second one and really am enjoying it.
  2. Worst case he lied, best case he made a big strategic blunder and wasted time.
  3. Depending on your timeframe, from what I hear it's still a promising drug. However, we're primarily still hearing that from folks with ties to Cytodyn, or with anecdotal evidence. We have some good results from m/m, but until more is known on the Covid front, it's a big question mark. FDA approval seems reasonably likely, so odds are it's worth at least where we are now, on that alone. But that still may be 4 months out, or more. The good news is there's upside. But the upside is a ways off too. Just a lot of waiting to be done, and I'm gonna guess shorts will pick off those who don't want to wait, and others who don't want to wait to cash out when they invested at fraction of the current price may not wanna wait either.
  4. I didn't mind the CC. It got all the information out there, with the spin they wanted, but it was a whole lot of bad news really. The bad news being almost NOTHING they were hoping for in the short term has panned out and it turns out the direction they've been going in for months has been pointless. It was good to get it out, and I appreciate a CC more than a press release. Either way, I'd likely be frustrated, but as an investor, hearing them go through the CC, I feel I have a more clear picture of what has happened, where we are, and what the next steps are. I just don't like the picture of what's been going on the past several months.
  5. Interim results should be available, but results ready for release in October? No confidence. FDA approval based on resubmission? Don't have a timeline. Uplisting? Extremely unlikely. All dominoes that will fall in sequence, but not closely after each other. Many months of delay still ahead.
  6. Except we were told by NP that they hadn't filed for an EUA, and that the advice given by both the MHRA and FDA was that they weren't interested in approving a drug for emergency use for a mild-moderate population, or on the results from a mild-moderate population. Could this NOT have been determined by a $#$%@# phone call at some point, oh, I don't know, over the past two months? I'll supply a script. "Hey Guys, it'd your buddy NP over at Cytodyn. We're working with a drug that has had good success against Covid in the mild to moderate population. Is there any chance that even good data in this group could lead to emergency use authorization? Oh...no? Ok, thanks." Bam. Months of investors hopes being strung along gone.
  7. By all means, the board should wish NP the best, thanks for the memories, and bring someone else in if they can find a quality person who can turn this around.
  8. On this series of tweets, I think he has a point. NP did admit that no EUA was submitted. That is not how he promoted it. I'm a big AF critic, but I think he's not too far off here. I feel like while NP has meant the best over the past few months, I'm left with just words and a lot of poor decisions and smoke and mirrors in terms of what he's offered in terms of guidance and direction for the company. I think he should step down and let someone else bring Cytodyn into the next chapter and beyond.
  9. The problem as I see it is there was a short term bubble introduced by the tilting at windmills NP has lead lately. A better use of his time, and company resources, over the past few months would've been a focused approach regarding the S/C trial, enrollment, and results at which point FDA could be consulted and uplisting could follow. INstead, he took a shotgun approach spreading out resources into mild-moderate studies, EUA in with results in a study the FDA didn't care about, and started the uplisting process with a stock price inflated on the hopes of getting an EUA quickly, or FDA approval. FDA approval still seems likely down the road for monotherapy, and other indications are promising, but man the timeline for returns has been expanded by months at least. So for those of us locked in, it'll be end of 2020 at this point before we can start to see some promising results. You could tell NP knew the situation as he was short, abrupt, and frustrated on the call. The company is indebted to him to get it this far, but really it needs a steadier hand far more familiar with the process than NP is at the current moment. However, for a company without an approved drug, they're unlikely to find anyone better to take the helm at this point.
  10. Still waiting on S/C results, and lowered probability on the uplisting option. What I'm most discouraged about is that the FDA and MHRA had no intention of greenlighting a drug for EUA for mild/moderate populations, which means the exercise has been pointless. How could they be unaware of this, spending all this time and blowing so much smoke about it, while all the while had they known enough about what the FDA was looking for they'd have known there was basically no shot. That's a big flaw imo. Anyone see things differently?
  11. They remind me of a guy who works for me whose wheels spin a lot, does a lot of work, but at the end of the day ended up going down many rabbit trails that he shouldn't have. I intervene a lot to keep him on track and can usually short-circuit his low probability rabbit trails, based on experience and knowledge of the industry and technology. This company seems to have spent a lot of energy trying to get EUA approval for the mild-moderate results in a situation where this shouldn't have been pursued because it wasn't what the FDA was looking for. With better oversight and leadership, they should've been focused on s/c studies all along. Sure, it's nice to be able to say that you're the only ones out there with good results in the m/m group, but there COULD be a reason other companies aren't spending a ton of time there because it's not where the FDA is caring about. A better leader would've short circuited these rabbit trails and focused them more on what was the highest threshold for success. It's fine to have pursued other options, but they now seem, based on feedback from FDA and UK's equivalent, to have been pointless endeavors, paired with uplisting based on increased stock prices, based on the hope of early approval, and where are we now? Still with a product with good science behind it, imo, but we have ridden down several rabbit holes with NP for now. Sadly, I'm locked into the shares for a while as i'm unwilling to take a big loss with some drops otherwise...oh well.
  12. And if the price of stock falls, chance of uplisting goes away. We're back to waiting for results for s/c for anything else. It's all talk until then, and likely lower stock prices. All we have is an upset NP on the call.
  13. Oof, definitely going to drop soon. Uplisting will have review of application completed next week. They don't sound optimistic to be honest.
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