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  1. I wish I could say I taught him everything he knows - my emphasis with him was always making his feet better because his athleticm was off the charts. Couple funny stories. Players on my team told me this kid was on their ODP team (we are from Delaware) so by the time they’re 12 you basically know anyone who’s half good. So I go out to watch him play, he was playing on a YMCA team up two years. Watch an entire half and I go over to a parent who was there and I said he’s pretty good pointing to number 9. They said umm he’s not 9 he’s number 12. So that was funny, watched the wrong kid for an entire half! Anyway he came to my team at u13 and left at the end of his u14 year (before birth year came into play). Not surprisingly I played him at forward 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ In all seriousness, he did play forward and then he went back to holding mid in big games when we had the lead. One game against a very good Penn Fusion team (with multiple future D1 guys) we went up late and he took it upon himself to go back into holding mid. I always thought he would probably be some sort of a defender - I actually thought outside back would be his calling card because his parents aren’t that tall and I didn’t think he would get the height to play CB. In regards to the Academy this was right when the Philadelphia Union were ramping up and things were relatively new. At his u14 year he played on an EDP Select team (EDP is a local league) that played in the Dallas Cup and that’s really how he started to get some looks. He would train with the Philadelphia Union once a week and our team twice a week. The writing was on the wall he was going to go. He was such a great kid he knew he was letting his team down by leaving (he easily was worth 2 goals a game). I met him and his parents out for coffee when they told me he was going to the Union full time. I also coach at a local powerhouse high school and he told me he was going there either so it was a double dagger haha. In the end it was for the best and that’s what us coaches are in it for - what’s in the best of the individual player. We still keep in touch every few weeks/months depending on how things are going with him. I went to lunch with him a few months ago and got to catch-up since we haven’t talked much since college. He said he ran a 4.31 40 yard dash at Wake last year which is incredible. He is a really good kid that’s what I’m most proud of - he’s obviously very good at soccer but he’s a better person.
  2. Humble brag here as I see Mark McKenzie being talked about a decent amount. I coached him for two years when he was u12-u13 right before he went to the Union Academy. Obviously it was a no brainer him moving onto the Academy, but it certainly hurt our team! Great kid, hard worker, and a really good leader. To be honest, I didn't think he would ever get to where he is. Pretty cool though, hoping he makes the World Cup team (I'm most certainly going if so).
  3. Thoughts on Derwin 6.5 tackles? Will he just chase around Gronk? I’m leaning under.
  4. I'm playing unders in the Rose Bowl with the windy conditions. Seems like the wind is strongest at the start of the game.
  5. Ha me too. Iowa up two scores helps, just need to get to halftime.
  6. Any news on Flynn Nagel? Trying to see at what capacity he will be tonight, I know he's been banged up much of the year.
  7. I have Conner and Bell. Was offered Mike Evans for Bell. Trying to think of a reason not to take it... This entire situation was odd from the get go.
  8. Really weak prop list this year. Can't find: first kick touchback number of touchbacks 1st 3rd down conv run/pass no fg missed who will getfirst sack/int player I can find some at 5 dimes but $50 max there.
  9. Cool, thanks. Maybe just not offering them this week because of the super bowl? Wishful thanking.
  10. I was already paid out a decent sized payout this month from @OU Kurt thanks. All seems well.
  11. I have some Trubisky 7:1 for first pick and Garrett 10:1 for 2nd pick. Thinking of buying some Garett -350 or so for first pick, I don't really buy Cleveland taking a qb. I have been playing over 2.5 wrs the last few days. Multiple bets tab bol. Same with rbs but more on WRs. Worried about Dalvin dropping out of round 1.
  12. Can also bet UNC not to win the region +100 at BOL using the same bet.
  13. Under 4.5 wins for WCC -150 at BOL. Currently at 3 with just Gonzaga alive. Basically betting Zags not to go to the final 4 -150. This is -210 at 5D.
  14. Played unders at 5d on the all star game and I sold a pt or half point to take + juice. Figure with these super high totals points are worth way less. I played un 87.5 +105 1q instead of un 88 -110. Yeah, it will probably hit 88 now
  15. Half the shots attempted last year were 3s though, so can't really compute just using 2 pointers.
  16. 3p FGs are tough to cap. Going back through the last few years they don't even come close to this number. But last year we had 51 and the year before was 48. Crazy thing is half the shots in the game last year were 3s and both teams shot it 38% and 34% which seems really low. And even shooting those % it still went over. I do think betting everyone's 3pt fg under is probably +EV with all the juice you'll be getting.
  17. Kerr coached the west two years ago - Curry and Klay started. Curry played a good amount but Klay didn't play a lot. Both RWB and Paul off the bench played more than he did. Not sure Kerr is going to kill his guys here with mins. I was just trying to look to see how coaches played their own guys in the ASG - it's pretty spotty overall. Some don't play their guys a lot and some run them into the ground.
  18. 353 seems like a lot for the all star game - last year's game was played super fast. Fastest game ever with the most attempts it seems. Thoughts?
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