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  1. Temporarily Evans and McNichols. They're typical backups in their own ways with McNichols having earned the staff's trust and Evans needing to. Sargent is a hard nosed little bugger that reminds me of Joe Morris. I'm constantly googling his size because everyone looks small next to Henry so grain of salt there. He's another put the team on my back type back and the other two aren't. Give it a game or two and he'll get the role if not sooner. People want Evans to be but he's got more of the novelty of a scat back. Very quick, got some moves and hands, works the screens well and....that's not lead back type. He's supposed to be tough to bring down after chasing Henry and probably would be if he could stay healthy. Blasingame is a former college RB that's been a converted FB for a few years. He doesn't have the vision. He's a big guy that can smash thru the line, but he doesn't have that initial adjustment backs have. He had a couple bad games and then played well against the Bills. He might be out of the doghouse. Again, a common suggestion as Henry handcuff, but it's just not there
  2. Mehki Sargent. Even if it's not initially, he'll take the job.
  3. Most of all his college fullback Jalston Fowler. (Forever wonder why he's not on the Titans) Fowler was a top college FB and then top and 2nd rated in the NFL. Henry's college roommate and best bud. After a conversation between them, Henry hit the hole way harder. After a couple long runs while Murray was there, you could see Henry go hug Fowler after. Fowler was released and it definitely hurt Henry. When the Titans lost their minds and were considering Dion Lewis over Henry, Fowler was re-signed. He was on the team two weeks, they moved padded practices around, and Henry burst onto the scene again and has been excellent ever since. Murray liked one back set and Henry didn't so much. Arthur Smith made sure to incorporate the FB into his goalline offense and then the whole offense as OC. Jonnu was absolutely phenomenal at hitting guys downfield. Henry probably owes him 1000 yards over the years. Mycole (Not Michael!!!)Pruitt was a college receiving TE the Titans turned into a blocker but he was meh at both. They didn't re-sign him, he got cut by the Vikes, and after the Titans -lost Moore to injury and other TEs didn't pan out- thankfully grabbed him. He's a new man. He has laid some (curse) wood this year and while he only has a handful of catches, they're well contested and he catches it anyway. Firkser is having a prob being more valuable and getting on the field. Titans added Tory Carter (top FB) this offseason to go with Blasingame so they're serious about the FB now. Watch highlights, watch in the future- a FB often gets him daylight and a TE often gifts him free range after ten yards. They're so integral to his record breaking run he's on Pruitt is gonna be the key
  4. I still think it's so cool that he and so many famous RBs have chatted since he was in high school. His recovery process is as well thought out as his workouts. The Titans CB injuries will surely invite the Chiefs to score quickly next week. It might take the shine off Henry some for a week
  5. Bri

    Titans IDPs

    Titans gotta be a favorite for Mercilus. They must add a CB or two this week
  6. I had him in a lot of leagues and was wrong. He took a wicked blow to the head in TEN and he doesn't have the same fire as he did in Tampa. I hoped a fresh start was all he needed but he's not that guy anymore. I wonder about Tyrell Williams now. Ill keep an eye on Humphries as he does have the ability to be a very effective NFL WR but I can't ride this train in FF until he can overcome. God Bless, I do feel for the guy.
  7. Bri

    Titans IDPs

    Some writers have Caleb Farley starting. I don't get that. He was not ready and looked not ready every time he played. He got hurt/sore. Earlier this week he got sick and lost weight and Vrabel commented on it. Fulton is out but they always go with Borders so why Farley now? The week he lost weight being sick? I'm thinking part time work for him. Both rookie CBs do have to contribute this week and they're probably gonna get burned for a TD and yet also make an INT. I love their fight while they learn. I'm glad the national audience will see it. It's not gonna do much for the Titans this week (maybe this year) but IDP folks may fall in love tomorrow night. Did ya see Elijah Molden's highlight this summer?
  8. Bri

    Titans IDPs

    Hooker is close to return maybe return. I could have missed that watching games today. Cruik had a good game, after being a ST guy his whole career, but that was it. He's on the edge of being replaced. The announcers called him Chris Jackson last week and it drive me nuts...long story shot I never got to look back and see if CB Chris Jackson did actually play any at S. I wrote about the LBs in the WW thread. Please see that, it was lengthy. Ya don't want the strong side ILB but the weakside one. For IDP it's been close to only the weak one gets the stats.
  9. Yeah it was. I think I mentioned it that day too. (Thanks BTW) I think it's something to remember. His coach benched him and he's not even gonna be drafted now. Let's go back to he's a sophomore and has time left to develop. I know one thing- he isn't awful and the draft folks took it too far this summer. These types latch onto a guy like a pitbull and won't let up. Note Lamar still has detractors and Hurts too. Hurts is a good example. He was done at Alabama. (Soph year?) and then transfered to OU. Didn't Baker walk on twice? Rattler can make every throw. He needs a coach to work on the mental side. When he's humming, he's as good as anyone (that perfect game or almost perfect) but when he's not he looks quite pedestrian. He'll never make it through rookie year or soph slump in the NFL til he fixes his mindset
  10. 33rd team writeup pretty much calls him Stafford or bust. He's making good money off NILs so it really seems unreasonable to expect him to jump to the NFL as a sophomore. I expect him to hit the transfer portal and let's see if this sting matures him
  11. Long and Avery Williamson are probably the ILB duo. Rice hasn't been good. Avery has to get used to the system. Simon knows it and can fill in at ILB but he's lowest tier here. Titans have been playing Bledsoe at DE and moving Landry around(often middle) presnap. Byard and Evans cheat towards Landry's vacant spot and still have Bledsoe's athleticism- not to cover just he can really run if a team runs right, he's been excellent for these few plays. The Jags and Jets ran up the middle real well. Landry isn't a good run stopper and surely not in inside traffic, Evans would have to fend off a lineman because the DTs were creating a gap for Landry and...it kinda backfires against the run. The OC has to have some stones to call a run on third and 6/7 but they couldn't block Landry's speed so it was a good counter. The Titans normal zone D allows WRs to catch easy passes right by the ILBs that have no business covering them. I expect the go back to this and Landry can't move around. Avery can't cover a big area like Evans. The weakside ILB has been Long and that's the guy getting idp stats. The strong side is ...not used well as above. To move Landry, Long has to switch because he can cover the big area so...I'm not sure which they do. I think Rice should be an OLB and they're still figuring that out. I'd sit on one for IDP and see what happens. Vrabel mentioned Avery's run stopping ability if that helps
  12. I've been touting him since XFL as have some others. Last year the Chargers used him as a red zone weapon and he caught a few TDs then they watched their free agent starting TE walk. That's all they're doing now. He has way more snaps than last year, but as their blocking TE in a 2 TE set. They're really taking a page from the Titans who took it from Gibbs. Notice Ekeler is catching more and playing better. Parham isn't getting many(any some weeks) targets between the 20s but he's bringing a defender with him on his route. He's got like a Cris Carter curse or some weirdness- all he does is catch TDs- and we need him to get the targets between the 20s. I'm still waiting (God Bless, but it happens) for Cook to get dinged and Parham to get a start
  13. I think y'all saw Batson climb back to- don't forget about me and he'll continue to be speedy lil bugger used here n there but not much for FF. NWI inactive, Reynolds didn't do much....gotta take note. Rodgers looked same- good depth Marcus had a lot of snaps and led them in receiving. (3 for 52) I don't think there's a need for this thread anymore with Julio returning, it should be back to normal- so I'll stick to player threads other than AJ.
  14. Inactive this week. Seemed like a body previous two weeks even though a lot of snaps.
  15. First game, more n more snaps with each possession, led Titans in receiving. I don't blame ya calling me sugar coating that but 3 for 52 yards, five targets was more than AJs 43 yards. The offense looked better and Downing showed some Smith-like changes and adjustments and it was very encouraging for Titans fans. I gotta figure some of that was due to having Marcus- the top WR all offseason- so he was comfy calling this n that. Last week they were down three starting WRs and play calling was so vanilla. Again could be sugar coating some but it is what it is. Anywho, I hope y'all picked him up from my posts in WW thread and Titans WR thread. I expect he plays the most of Titans WRs. AJ and Julio don't need to be in on every snap...been discussing over n over...same view. Use them as a pros pro and let the other WRs do the dirty work
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