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  1. Surely it's been adjusted over the years. With his study habits, knowing the terminology, he's surely in good shape to teach
  2. Bri

    Titans IDPs

    Banking on rookies and a major overhaul seems scary but their D was awful. Few seem to notice how bad they were despite one of the better offenses ever and Henry giving the D so much time to rest and be fresh. Both rookie CBs should start and KJ probably gets cut although he knows he's on thin ice so maybe he steps up. Depending on the opponent, the Titans have played a three safety set for 8+ years now. Both rookies are supposedly capable of covering the slot and playing safety. I think one wins an outside job while one gets that one. It saves a roster spot if the guy can do th
  3. Bri

    Titans IDPs

    I'm so sorry I didn't see this. Please tag or message me. Six months later... I think the Titans stink at developing LBs under Vrabel. Night n day difference between Lebeau and now. Rashaan is one of the better ILB talents I've ever seen. He did it all and has speed. I never thought Lewis Willis type superstar but automatic 10 year contract, special rock solid player. He and Shariff Finch had near 90 PFF rating for the 2nd half of their rookie season. Vrabel instilled his bend but don't break zone that sends speedy WRs to Evans and Jayons spot as if they can cover them. Mo
  4. Nah, this is common. They bring guys that know the system. I'm not buying that Tebow is in great shape so he'll be a good TE not that there's a slash role for him. I am, however, remembering he's a special man, with a great work ethic, and incredibly polarizing leader, excellent to have showing players "the ropes." I would bet $ he becomes an asst TE coach after getting released. Meyer may make many bad decisions, this isn't likely one of them. Add to this that Tebow might take some press away from nitpicking Meyer and Laurence and...it's a pretty good move. The Jags
  5. Nothing concerning. Video of him working out w Julio
  6. Have you tried wrapping aluminum foil around your PC and putting it on the TV? Maybe smack the side of it? 🙂 remember those days with rabbit ears? Well when you do get a smart TV, you're gonna love it. I'm envious like when people watch The Wire for the first time
  7. They don't have a lot of $ and it's assumed they'll add a veteran TE. The fans all expected a TE and WR and I don't think that changed. The GM is loving his draft right now but let's see when they hit the practice field soon. When has any team been all happy with a late WR starting? I think the shine has to wear off first.
  8. Bad spot if you want production as a rookie. Excellent spot to sit n learn which he needs to do. He looks at his feet too much like a lot of tall people do. They gotta get that out of him or he'll never be anything more than a straight route threat
  9. Living in OK...Sooners had players practicing when it seemed like they shouldn't (but were allowed) and they were ready to roll. OK State was following every directive and their season seemed to always be stop N go due to covid. Their Gs rarely won their blocks and it looked like a real pain to run through. There may have been an effort issue some times, but I'd bet $ he was frustrated as all H. He was a champ in interviews and never said boo about it. It sure wasn't an effort issue all game or bad attitude look just omg again no hole?
  10. Titans added Tory Carter, the top FB in the nation ...since high school. He's a classic guy that I'm probably gonna love but he'll get like five carries per year. Current FB Blasingame is a college RB converted to FB that wasn't that effective so Jonnu played FB. He played in the backfield and often shifted to the slot for downfield- blocking. He has hands but wasn't thrown to much. TE Briley Moore looks good in highlights. Not otherworldly athleticism but fine hands and effort and lots of heh he's pretty good thoughts while watching. He's a willing blocker but he looks like so many
  11. Trading three picks to get him is surprising and probably not a good move since he was projected to go later 5th 6th Corey wasted too much time playing patty-cake with every CB that pressed him until 2020. Guess what the knock is on both WRs the Titans drafted? Both rookies are supposed to be good blockers that seem to like the contact. That is really the prerequisite, in fact Reynolds spoke of having to improve blocking the day he signed. It's a bit much but maybe true but a bit much but....the best blocker starts. Fitzpatrick has fine tape. He's unexciting like Derrick M
  12. He's at least everyone's 19th round pick with hopes he's Mike Davis when/if CMC gets injured
  13. For me this is simple- if they land a receiving TE, then Reynolds is a sub. If they don't then he's significant. I don't think there's a site on the web NOT predicting they draft at least one WR. I think there are a good number of rookies better than Reynolds. Humphries should have taught us something here.
  14. I don't think there's been a back to compare to Henry overall so to suddenly compare him to Ricky or Jamal is a stretch. I confidently predict he's an old TD vulture. When is he old? That's a gut call and to each their own. Trade him for enough that your return can cover you being way wrong but...it's gotta be a gut call. Gurley and Gordon are quickly extra. RBs success is short lived, no doubt. I'd give him 1500 in 2021 and 1200 in 2022 if you're looking for a prediction. The Titans line is too stout for their to be too much of a decline. Most telling for me has been since
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