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  1. I get this wise impression from the off-season news. I think they would take Teddy at a smaller contract and roll with what they have for camp. Don't forget Will is there too and he coached PJ. I think they would draft the right stud or trade for the right star but that's all. I read of Samuels and Corey Davis about trading spots and it's always mentioned that they need a star or two on D and upgrade OL. Those needs are first round and big free agent needs. I read of all three QBs walking and when's that happen? They were comfy enough to let whatshisname go to Washington last of
  2. Just a cleanup people are overreacting to
  3. The Titans have played KC well by running Henry a lot and throwing to everyone. The Browns can surely run often and utilize all their WRs since they've had such turnover/injuries this year. The Titans bend but don't break zone was the most begrudgingly use of the word successful against them. I mean ya know they're gonna put up points and it's about slowing them down some. Mahomes is about dying for a D to take a chance either by CB blitz or jumping a route and he's gonna wreck you for trying. The Browns gotta be disciplined and expect the O to make plays rather than get all down on thems
  4. His agent already made a statement he's looking for big $. It made me think well then he's gonna be signed real late when you learn to come down from that demand. One year, from a top 5 pick WR, does not make for a huge payday. Great intangibles, excellent blocking, he's a solid add for any team but he's not Randy Moss. I really like the PS WR the Pats took from us. I bet he catches your eye next camp
  5. The only time that franchise has had stability Coughlin has been there. It's awful for them. They're not a bad team at all, they just have no concept that fine is OK and just means a player is depth. I can't wait for my Titans to add Cole and Dede and a couple defensive linemen off the waiver wire. We'll draft bust DL so it'll be nice to add some that are actually good and umm we have roles to the player's skillset in TEN so Cole as the slot guy will be just fine. Do the Jags want Humphries big contract? Matt Jones, The weapon, Shenault....why are they obsessed with a WR that does other
  6. Dean Pees (rumored) is a 2x Super Bowl winning coach. When the Titans didn't have the best players, he found a way to get it done by allowing the players to do what they do best. This could also describe Smith's offense. Dave Ragone (assigned OC? rumored, probable) was ridiculously accurate in NFLE and preseason and never got too much of a chance in the NFL as a QB. He's been the Texans WR coach and moved his way up there. Each step showing improvement. Impressive young coach Keith Carter(rumored, less likely) had an awful OL his first 6-7 games with TEN and we all wanted him gone.
  7. Arthur Smith is the son of Fed owner and extremely wealthy himself but he famously works harder than anyone and wears ripped t-shirts and....you'd never know it. It took Mike Mularkey years to realize. He started under Gibbs in Washington. Titans had two (20 years plus) special teams coordinators that had been in the NFL forever. Lebeau, Mularkey, all these Belichick descendant types....he has a unique background for coaching too. He's been a TE coach most and uses two and three TE sets. His O used two most of the time. Atlanta probably adds a few TEs. He's so simple and straigh
  8. searched and searched for a thread as they've been in the news a lot the past few days
  9. If the Falcons move on from Jones, Corey is the perfect fill in. He can be the 2 WR well, great blocker, teammate, easy obvious add.
  10. Lol take that thing off your head Somebody tell him
  11. Congrats Ravens Shutting down the NFLs top rusher was huge
  12. Give it to Ricard, give that dog a bone. He earned it
  13. I know what ya mean but it's literally that simple when it's a miss. I'd have kicked too but it still should have cost them. Titans didn't come thru
  14. Titans field position. Should have gone for it then
  15. Again, has Adoree stopped one pass since he returned?
  16. Dez fell down and made a dumb penalty. Guys gotta do better
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