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  1. Long and Avery Williamson are probably the ILB duo. Rice hasn't been good. Avery has to get used to the system. Simon knows it and can fill in at ILB but he's lowest tier here. Titans have been playing Bledsoe at DE and moving Landry around(often middle) presnap. Byard and Evans cheat towards Landry's vacant spot and still have Bledsoe's athleticism- not to cover just he can really run if a team runs right, he's been excellent for these few plays. The Jags and Jets ran up the middle real well. Landry isn't a good run stopper and surely not in inside traffic, Evans would have to fend off a lineman because the DTs were creating a gap for Landry and...it kinda backfires against the run. The OC has to have some stones to call a run on third and 6/7 but they couldn't block Landry's speed so it was a good counter. The Titans normal zone D allows WRs to catch easy passes right by the ILBs that have no business covering them. I expect the go back to this and Landry can't move around. Avery can't cover a big area like Evans. The weakside ILB has been Long and that's the guy getting idp stats. The strong side is ...not used well as above. To move Landry, Long has to switch because he can cover the big area so...I'm not sure which they do. I think Rice should be an OLB and they're still figuring that out. I'd sit on one for IDP and see what happens. Vrabel mentioned Avery's run stopping ability if that helps
  2. I've been touting him since XFL as have some others. Last year the Chargers used him as a red zone weapon and he caught a few TDs then they watched their free agent starting TE walk. That's all they're doing now. He has way more snaps than last year, but as their blocking TE in a 2 TE set. They're really taking a page from the Titans who took it from Gibbs. Notice Ekeler is catching more and playing better. Parham isn't getting many(any some weeks) targets between the 20s but he's bringing a defender with him on his route. He's got like a Cris Carter curse or some weirdness- all he does is catch TDs- and we need him to get the targets between the 20s. I'm still waiting (God Bless, but it happens) for Cook to get dinged and Parham to get a start
  3. I think y'all saw Batson climb back to- don't forget about me and he'll continue to be speedy lil bugger used here n there but not much for FF. NWI inactive, Reynolds didn't do much....gotta take note. Rodgers looked same- good depth Marcus had a lot of snaps and led them in receiving. (3 for 52) I don't think there's a need for this thread anymore with Julio returning, it should be back to normal- so I'll stick to player threads other than AJ.
  4. Inactive this week. Seemed like a body previous two weeks even though a lot of snaps.
  5. First game, more n more snaps with each possession, led Titans in receiving. I don't blame ya calling me sugar coating that but 3 for 52 yards, five targets was more than AJs 43 yards. The offense looked better and Downing showed some Smith-like changes and adjustments and it was very encouraging for Titans fans. I gotta figure some of that was due to having Marcus- the top WR all offseason- so he was comfy calling this n that. Last week they were down three starting WRs and play calling was so vanilla. Again could be sugar coating some but it is what it is. Anywho, I hope y'all picked him up from my posts in WW thread and Titans WR thread. I expect he plays the most of Titans WRs. AJ and Julio don't need to be in on every snap...been discussing over n over...same view. Use them as a pros pro and let the other WRs do the dirty work
  6. AJ was on a snap count. If Milkman wasn't busy exaggerating all week, you wouldn't have been misled
  7. Really didn't see a place for either NY teams highly drafted WR but these injuries are getting him reps and it looks like if he keeps it up, the injured are gonna have to hope they get their spots back. Ross may finally has a decent first step, how it took so long is beyond me. I thought the D plan last week was dopey. I understand letting people prove themselves but it was more like "prove you're fast" and then "ok we're gonna give a giant cushion." How about just play D normal? I think there's a fine line between giving both of them credit and discrediting a bad D plan. I'll be looking for "who is truly good" this week. I lean towards Toney as he has an it factor to him. Shepard is always dependable, solid WR. I've always liked him and I don't think he can be bumped off starting. I want to see Garrett stop with the passes over the middle (good last week) when things get stressy, so Saquan isn't easier to defend. Everything can't be to the middle of the field and he has that tendency. Close game, third down, gotta spread the field. I know Garrett isn't loved right now and only had a brief window but as long as he spreads things out, he could look like a top OC again with this WR corps. Brings me back to Toney- first second, you see he's not a normal WR and there are a handful of plays that just won't suit him. He's certainly not using his frame on the sideline or being in any lob situation etc. Garrett has a tendency to force players into roles rather than adjust to the player. Toney has to be allowed to be Toney
  8. He went back in and they got the W (RB play) so...does he not put his name in the portal? Still get drafted?
  9. AJ practiced, no pads, this week and will play. Marcus was activated so.... still think one week to get comfortable but I just want to see why every (experienced too) reporter has been so impressed
  10. Benched. He just fell a few rounds in the draft or turned into a udfa
  11. Bri

    Titans IDPs

    Jayon to IR. Joe Jones, I figure y'all know his back story, probably just plays ST. Hooker practiced, should play. Bledsoe active again after a real solid game last week. (Again, y'all probably know his back story) He went from PS to starter last week and played about half the snaps at DE. With his athleticism, Bowen took a risk and had Landry move around and rush the passer from different spots while Evans and Byard cheated to cover the vacant OLB spot. I am wondering if this wasn't "the rookie QB won't audible to a run right at Landry's vacated spot" so it worked whereas it wouldn't if a veteran QB was there. Bledsoe looked real good. The Jets have had line issues so that's a grain of salt, but it was real big for the D. Denico had easily his best game too. I don't want to overstate handling a questionable Jets tackle and don't want to ignore project Bledsoe maybe starting to hit his potential.
  12. His first game stats look better than he was. I was thinking wow I'm so spoiled watching OU QBs, as he struggled. Next game was umm did he throw an incompletion yet? I'm throwing the first game as new jitters. Still looks like OU is QB University. I'm almost in disbelief now wondering if he'll have a bad game and be normal. Twitter is fun, all these pretend draft folks critiquing him during that near perfect game...I don't care if he throws passes like Kareem shot the sky hook, if they're all complete y'all need to shush. It's really funny if ya want to search that day at Twitter.
  13. Titans DC Bowen might need to be concerned. His follow-up year to the 31st D has to be significantly better
  14. Don't put words into his mouth. JG said he looked smooth. The injury report showed he progressed from limited to full. Im done with this thread.
  15. How do you figure? Correct me to post a video of drills?
  16. This is one of the times were just stupid as a society. Chip Kelly had this awesome tech that scanned a bod for heat and trainers would then know to react to an overheated body part which is well proven to be an imminent muscle issue. But oh no Kelly was the worst, what does he know, he's no longer a coach, he's no doctor etc. As if he is the one that patented this, built the machines, or did the studies. We would know (far better if not conclusively) on AJ and McCaffrey. Stretch, work it out, stretch, what's the heat temp on the muscle? A massage and stretch could also lower the temp It was so fascinating! The Eagles felt like an interruption to their day to day and didn't give it the full commitment it needed. I'd bet $, 10 years from now this is back in all sports and prevalent. It's garbage that we have to wait for shame and probably a company name change to take place
  17. Went through stretch and individual today, not team portion. It seems they're in "let's test it" mode
  18. I feel like the world doesn't know the Panthers have an impressive D and now he'll get credit for turning them around. Someone needs to tell them McCaff doesn't need the ball 500 times in one game and that Anderson can catch the ball and they're a formidable team. This is a pretty big deal.
  19. This shouldn't be untrue. Teams have to file paperwork. I don't like this at all. Further, if GB or TB contacted, then they tampered and they were following the rules.
  20. I expect AJ and Jones to sit again. The Titans ran a couple deep routes and that's it for much of the game. That can't happen again. The WRs gotta run routes more than five yards. Reynolds stunk again, but he woke up late and showed something. He didn't get separation but made catches and...maybe worth considering. NWI was a body. It bugged me to not do much with him, give him so many snaps, and he essentially blocked. Rogers looked fine when he ran routes more than five yards but that was rare. Johnson is again likely to return and I think this is who they push, not AJB or Jones. Risk the supposed great extra not the bonafide studs injuring themselves worse. Pruitt is like ummm hi a pro bowler what? He got another 90+ grade from PFF and is blocking phenomenally well. He's caught everything thrown his way but it's so few times. The Titans OC wants 3 WR but they allow sacks and the linemen are clearly spoiled by the two TE offense Smith ran. They must use it as they did weeks 2 and 3. 14? sacks in 1 and 4 when they didn't. Downing must own this fact. That would mean Pruitt and Swaim not Firkser. Hudson made a heckuva catch but got hurt. Batson wasn't really used. He's caught like three TDs on the same play as yesterday and the Jets were foolish to fall for it. I still think he could be used and surprise some for FF. Speedy lil bugger isn't much on most teams but they're desperate. My prediction Johnson, Reynolds, and Rogers with NWI and Batson subbing in. A whole lot more snap n throws to Rogers and Batson in the slot so Jags can't pin their ears back
  21. Vrabel said he's hopeful he returns this week. Last week he was hopeful Marcus Johnson did and he didn't but probably this week. Sooo might be a two week window. Also, McNichols has done well. He does NOT have Evans elite quicks but there isn't as pressing a need for him as previously thought
  22. That was a really big confidence building game for him. Huge deal. Trying to trade for him in FF. The Jets did a poor job (most of the game and season) of using other weapons for what they're good at. In the fourth when Cole and Crowder were doing exactly what you'd expect, they looked best I've seen this year. Do that, add Kroft and hold off on Elijah just one week and I bet they improve a lot. How many slot WRs can one team have? And asking them to be open wide and QB to hit them when they play small...it doesn't work. Corey has to save the day with each catch and it's too much. I know Mims stunk in camp and career but if they had him taking up a corner wide and these guys taking turns doing what they do in the slot...it would work.
  23. Horrible loss and overconfidence by Titans. Jags gonna beat them next week or what?
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