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  1. I agree with the suggestion to bring duct tape. If going into bear country, I don't agree with putting the tape on the poles. I do use poles, a 4 footed animal is more stable, they help with pacing and can help on descents/accents. However, duct tape is smell-able. if you put the tape on the poles, the poles will need to go up with the bear bag. Remember, any interaction with a bear is likely to lead to two losers, you and the bear. Just roll the tape up into a small roll, maybe 1/4 or 1/2inch diameter. You don't need a whole roll of it. If you don't like rolling it up, put it on the wate
  2. Oh, and I'll second the no cotton thing. NO COTTON! For anything. Ever. Get wicking materials. It will rain. Cotton is a heavy sponge that will never dry out and lose all insulation properties. No cotton.
  3. Get a bag or something to put the pack in when flying. Fill the pack with gear. Put the filled pack in the bag. The pack will be ruined if the airport baggage handling machines catch a strap. Nothing should be hanging loose when the bag gets checked. I'd suggest knowing what the water filtration situation is going to be. Are they able to refill from potable water? Will they need to filter? Who is supplying the filter. Does he know how to use a filter? My suggestion is to make sure that some sort of back up filter is available anyway. I'd suggest a gravity filter. Pumping multiple
  4. 23 hours into Moderna #2. Spiked a massive fever last night. Couldn't wait it out any more. Took some Tylenol and it is breaking the fever. But there is no way I am going to try to work today. Head is super foggy.
  5. 3 hours post Moderna #2. Starting to feel a bit of head ache coming on. Had some arm soreness shortly after the shot, but that seems to be all gone now. I feel the mutations coursing through my blood stream as I type. I am totally looking to be able to teleport like Nightcrawler by tomorrow. Really just looking forward to seeing my mom in a few weeks. She hasn't been able to see her grandkids for entirely too long.
  6. Dino is good in Rochester or Troy too. Haven't personally been to the one in Syracuse. RedBones in Boston is outstanding too.
  7. I was as well. That game was amazing. I remember looking at a 2.5hr ride home and asking myself if it was worth waiting. Think I finally rolled well past 3am that night. When I saw the bracket I immediately thought of sitting in those stands, being amazed anyone could even stand up anymore.
  8. Got my first shot, Moderna, at Gillette today. They are running a machine down there. Only time I stopped moving was the minute it took to get the shot and the waiting period after. Very impressed with the whole setup they had running. Arm is a little sore. Had some chills earlier this evening and I am tired. Going to be an early night for sure. But so pumped to have this. Need to wait till the 5th before the wife becomes eligible. The finish line is slowly coming into focus.
  9. My "fast" is ending tonite. One day short of the full month. A bunch a buddies are getting together tonite over zoom for some hijinks. The time went quick.
  10. I was thinking about this thread the other day. Yeah, the Covid drinking hasn't been a good thing. Not doing the day-drinking thing, but the will power has been stretched really thin by the time the evening rolls around. Way too easy to head to couch in the evening, watch mindless TV and be mindless. So, I'm in again this year. I'll be starting after the super bowl. So the 8th to the 8th.
  11. I'll admit that I went into this game thinking the G-men were going to get it handed to them today. Zero expectations of a win. The win vs Cinncy was nice, but lets face it, it was Cinncy. They haven't really played well in Seattle for a while now. It all seemed so inevitable. I was totally wrong. I completely marked out in the third. The running game was massive. And we haven't seen this type of D in a long long time. It was so refreshing. I'm with Monk, I am beyond pumped right now.
  12. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/08/26/906323250/from-the-global-south-hints-that-u-s-may-be-spared-flu-on-top-of-covid-19
  13. Playoffs or not, I am cautiously please with what I am seeing. The improvements are obvious. The OLine is finally doing something productive. It seems like years since they've even approached "Not completely Crappy". There are legit holes now and legit pockets. There is light years of improvement from where they were at the start of the season. And the defense is holding up on their end too. I just hope this continues. If they remain competitive in the games they have left, playoffs or otherwise, the season will be a success.
  14. The thing with Jones is you can see the bonehead play coming up before it actually happens. Seconds in advance. On both these last two turnovers I had time to scream at the TV "nooooo!". But he didn't listen... It has to be frustrating for the coaching staff. I am sure they are in his ear about it, but it doesn't sink in. As a fan it is super frustrating. I was waiting for a defensive player to pull a Buddy Ryan on him during the game.
  15. I got the shingles shot along with the flu shot. Shingles in one arm, the flu shot in the other. Didn't feel the flu shot. I started to feel the shingles shot the moment she started pressing the plunger. Arm was sore for 3 days. Felt fine the first day. The second day I was slow, tired and started running a low grade fever. I attribute all of it to the shingles shot. Mrs IT, who already had the shingles shot a few years back and got the flu shot with me, was like "yup that one sucks". She felt fine after her flu shot and mocked on me as I was dragging my butt around the house. I suppose I had
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