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  1. Finally caught up. The 5th episode was a bit of a mess, even if we got some new information. I will say this show is gorgeous, the visuals are off the charts. I feel like there’s a really good show in there somewhere, but the storytelling part is a bit off.
  2. This is a little surprising to me, because I’m sure I’ve seen Joc hit some dingers that were at face level.
  3. Before this series started, I was afraid that the Dodgers used all their emotion on beating the giants. this team seems tired and has no heart left.
  4. Anyone still watching this? I just started a couple days ago and am through 4 episodes. I like it well enough, but I like sci-fi and space stuff, and I didn’t read the books so have nothing to compare it to. even with the space stuff, probably the most compelling thing to me so far is the dawn/day/dusk situation.
  5. Even with Steve Carell, Jen Aniston, and Reece Witherspoon…Billy Crudup steals the show for me.
  6. Leaving your shopping cart randomly in the parking lot when you are within walking distance from an obvious cart return thingy. We’re living in a society, a-holes!
  7. I really enjoyed certain parts of the first season, but I think I gave up pretty early on in season 2. There was just not enough good stuff to sustain all the weirdness.
  8. Coming soon, Quaker’s Maple and Politically Correct Sweetener Oatmeal!
  9. The Huge Mac, for when the Big Mac just ain’t big enough!
  10. I love that Kike is a bonafide star now. Wish the Dodgers could have found a way to keep him.
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