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  1. those "Latinos for Trump" voters must be so proud.
  2. I have nothing to go on other than a hunch, but my hunch is that Pence is sick of Trump and ready to be over all of this. Pence seems like a more rational person, and being tied to Trump through all of the craziness has to be exhausting. and since Trump doesn't do anything that doesn't glorify Trump, I can't imagine him as being an encouraging and empowering presence behind the scenes. ever since that fly landed on Pence's head in the debate, which Trump's ego would be disgusted by and see as a yuge personal embarrassment, I can't even recall them being seen together...maybe for more than a mi
  3. The speed at which they all turn on each other is amazing. Probably sell their mothers down the river for a couple extra donation dollars or re-election votes.
  4. sorry, you asked people to turn off MSNBC, and you just linked to Roger Stone's web site as a source? come on, man...
  5. here's my ***OFFICIAL*** rankings. (NOTE: I didn't include TV shows like Mandalorian, Clone Wars, Resistance, or Rebels because I haven't seen them all) The Empire Strikes Back (almost perfect, probably will never be topped) Rogue One (story & characters are great, unstoppable Vader, wraps up in a nice bow) A New Hope (classic, never gets old) Return of the Jedi (yub nub) The Force Awakens (actually sets up the future movies nicely, which was then immediately ruined by The Last Jedi) Revenge of the Sith (some decent fight scenes, and we finally ge
  6. the woman sounds nuts, but the hotel manager is getting a lot of blowback too, and Crump is even calling for a civil rights investigation into the hotel. I think this is too much. it seems like the hotel manager was just trying to de-escalate the situation, but the woman's behavior wasn't allowing that to happen. he probably could have handled it better, but you can't automatically assume racial bias just because he's trying to solve the problem.
  7. Pretty bittersweet for those of us in LA too. The highs of seeing the Dodgers and Lakers win (for Kobe!), but not getting a chance to see it in person.
  8. it seems like January 6th is the next big date on the Presidential calendar, with several events likely converging at the same time on that day: VP Pence to preside over session of Congress to count electoral votes large march/protest/demonstration/rally/battle royale being planned for DC implications are that Trump and his team will have something planned for this day as well this makes me a little nervous because the probability for political shenanigans and/or protestor violence seems pretty high. undoubtedly, some Republicans in Congress will challenge certain elector
  9. Plus he just wrecked a whole army of dark troopers. Probably not the bear you want to poke.
  10. I'm not up on all my 'overthrow the government' lingo, but this sounds like the textbook definition of sedition: another:
  11. I know they say "a fool and his money are soon parted", but it really is sad to see people being fleeced like this by someone that they look up to. especially during these times when money might be tight. and when it hits them, and they wake up one day realizing that they are broker than before with nothing to show for it, who do you think they will blame? probably not Trump or the people that took their money. it will be all about 'those dirty Dems who stole my money'. and even with that, I still feel bad for them.
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