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  1. I love that Kike is a bonafide star now. Wish the Dodgers could have found a way to keep him.
  2. Stoked for S3, this is still one of my favorites. The phrase “closed loop system” will never be the same for me.
  3. With the way Kike has been playing I was sure he was gonna hose the guy at the plate. Dang.
  4. What about getting on the athletic training staff at a college or maybe even pro? You have the exercise degree and med background, and it seems like a fun environment.
  5. I think the only correct response to this email is, “Will do, chief.”
  6. 1. Did that guy really try to finger roll the bag onto the platform? 2. And then airball it? 😑
  7. dogs try different tricks to calm themselves down when stressed, including panting or yawning a lot. I wouldn't worry too much about it. just make sure she has food and water available, and maybe see if she wants to go for a walk to sniff out the neighborhood, which will also help to calm her down.
  8. 2/3 of the way through Mass Effect Legendary. Finished ME 1 & 2, and just started 3. They really need to make a TV show out of this. Story, characters, and setting are all fleshed out and top notch. it should be with a female Shepard though. FemShep is a baller.
  9. yeah, that was pretty bizarre. he doesn't really like fighting, doesn't want to fight Lawler, and resents MMA in general. way to sell it, Nick!
  10. if you say "y'all", you are conveying the message that everyone is the same, equating one person with another person. this doesn't allow for diversity. shame on you. and don't even think about saying "people". those who identify as cats will scratch your eyes out.
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