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  1. It seems the only time my galaxy rating goes up is when I win the game AND my error score is better than my opponent's was. If I win the game but with a poorer error score, it gives/takes zero points.
  2. Murph beat up on Johnnycakes 5-4. https://backgammongalaxy.com/match/6798300/results
  3. Thanks, chet. Is it just me, or is BG having a hard time generating analysis and stats after each game?
  4. OK, the results of the @culdeus vs Johnnycakes match are in.... Johnnyplayed like a donkey and deservedly lost the match to the superior play of culdeus, 5-1. https://backgammongalaxy.com/match/6664583/results
  5. no, culdeus and I still need to square off, scheduled for 4pm eastern this afternoon.
  6. You want to try replaying our match now? I'm holding a game open for you just in case.
  7. Care to give it another try since it's obvious you;re just getting up to speed with Galaxy?
  8. Ill keep an eye out for you.... but I'm usually not up past 9pm eastern.
  9. @culdeus and I have a match scheduled for 4pm Eastern time. Looks like he's got power now.
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