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  1. I would take the Super Bowl loss in a second. Imagine all the fun and hype leading up to the Bills being in a SB? Getting to watch our Buffalo Bills on the biggest stage? Sure, losing to Brady would suck. But losing to the best QB to ever play in the NFL is nothing to scoff at
  2. What a great win! D was incredible tonight. They contained the backyard garbage play of Jackson and made him be a QB (which he isn’t very good at). Never thought they would hold them to 3 points though. Great win!
  3. Really wish Pitt would’ve won... But Edmunds, Milano, someone, needs to put a hit so hard on Jackson early that he thinks twice about running with the ball. Raven’s worry me. Not cause they’rea better team, but you never know what Jackson is gonna do with his backyard garbage play.
  4. I just really didn’t want Baltimore or Tennessee. I think we’ll beat any team not named Chiefs, and I think we have a good chance against them anyways, but we struggled previously against Balt and Tenn.
  5. Talking to a buddy that has ties to inside all this said to keep an eye on the Chargers regarding Daboll. The Chargers GM is Tom Telesco who went to St. Francis high school with Daboll and they are still friends. I think Daboll would flourish there.
  6. I wanna see Allen go out there and make his case for MVP with 5 tds today.
  7. Allen is going no where. He now bleeds Bills blue. Especially after what this city did after his grandmother passed.
  8. Yeah, I have the 1.1 in two leagues and usually like to go RB early, but Chase is the best player in the country (outside of qb). But all will depend on landing spots I guess.
  9. I know. It’s so different for us. I think I kind of like it though.
  10. “Buffalo junior RB Jaret Patterson had 36 carries for 409 yards and eight touchdowns in a 70-41 win on Saturday over Kent State. In the postgame media Zoom scrum, Patterson was actually asked by a reporter: “Were you aware the Kent State players have families?” Patterson (5'9/195) ran for 156 yards and three TD in the first quarter -- and he was only getting warmed up. His eight touchdowns tie an FBS record for rushing scores in a single-game. Patterson likely would have broken the record, but Buffalo HC Lance Leipold pulled him from the game in the fourth quarter with the game secured (R
  11. It’s the wording. It doesn’t make sense. Is it supposed to be “All your Williams now belong to us”?
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