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  1. 3 people voted Early First. lol. I’m gonna go ahead and guess those are owners who took him way too early in Rookie drafts and are delusional in hopes to getting that value back. Haha
  2. What would have to happen for us to get a comp pick for Trubisky? I think it’s pretty decent odds he’s signed next year to be a starter somewhere. Is it all about how much money he signs for?
  3. Um. How? lol I think one of my first ever threads I started. Was just excited about this guy with me being from Buffalo. Glad to see he’s playing well.
  4. And the “experts” jumped on the Bills for drafting Allen ahead of him….
  5. One of the greatest Special Teams players ever. Steve Tasker.
  6. Anyone read what Matt Waldman had to say about Ty’son Williams is his Gut Check? Found it quite interesting and I always pay attention to what Waldman has to say. “Williams could be that type of option this year if J.K. Dobbinsgets hurt. Williams was a vaunted prospect at North Carolina who transferred to South Carolina as a sophomore. He flashed big-time skills but found himself mired on a depth chart carousel and left for BYU. Williams made a great impression at BYU and earned the starting gig as a senior before suffering an ACL tear. This is a well-built back with the burst, efficient footwork, and contact balance to earn significant touches in the NFL. If he had put together the performances he had at BYU for a longer period of time, he would have been drafted.”
  7. I think his value decreases wherever he goes.
  8. The way to beat the Chiefs is to pressure Maholmes like the Bucs did. I like this pick. Our coaching staff will coach him right up while he sees the field in passing situations.
  9. That’s kind of why I thought it could be a DE that falls. Rousseau comes to mind with that quote. He took a year off and could use some time to adjusting and getting coached up. I have no idea what he’s like as a person and if he fits in with what the Bills do. But I think he could be a great replacement for Hughes the following year.
  10. I know this is smoke screen season, but I’ll go on record and say that I won’t be a fan of the Bills trading up to get Etienne in the 1st. Especially if it means trading all the way up to about 20 to get ahead of the Jet’s and Steelers. But I will also say that I trust McBeanne and if that’s what they decide is best for the team then I won’t second guess it.
  11. You didn’t think he would develop into a great QB. Doesn’t that still mean you were wrong?
  12. As a now Watson dynasty owner that’s kind of what I’m hoping for. That way the Texans will trade him and he’ll get away from that franchise.
  13. I essentially just traded Chase Edmunds for him (before the Connor signing). I have plenty of RB’s but basically only Wilson at QB. Figured I can ride Wilson while Watson is out. And I do think he’ll be out a year. But hopefully by then the Texans won’t be such a mess.
  14. There was a rumor Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports was going to put a bid in. I think that would’ve been pretty cool.
  15. Feels like Belichick’s last major attempt to be good again before calling it quits.
  16. I would take the Super Bowl loss in a second. Imagine all the fun and hype leading up to the Bills being in a SB? Getting to watch our Buffalo Bills on the biggest stage? Sure, losing to Brady would suck. But losing to the best QB to ever play in the NFL is nothing to scoff at
  17. What a great win! D was incredible tonight. They contained the backyard garbage play of Jackson and made him be a QB (which he isn’t very good at). Never thought they would hold them to 3 points though. Great win!
  18. Really wish Pitt would’ve won... But Edmunds, Milano, someone, needs to put a hit so hard on Jackson early that he thinks twice about running with the ball. Raven’s worry me. Not cause they’rea better team, but you never know what Jackson is gonna do with his backyard garbage play.
  19. I just really didn’t want Baltimore or Tennessee. I think we’ll beat any team not named Chiefs, and I think we have a good chance against them anyways, but we struggled previously against Balt and Tenn.
  20. Talking to a buddy that has ties to inside all this said to keep an eye on the Chargers regarding Daboll. The Chargers GM is Tom Telesco who went to St. Francis high school with Daboll and they are still friends. I think Daboll would flourish there.
  21. I wanna see Allen go out there and make his case for MVP with 5 tds today.
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