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  1. "So I called this afternoon around the time she usually wakes up." I'm curious how you know what time she wakes up?
  2. I'd have your daughter make the decision with your input. She is old enough.
  3. College sports teams are like families (could probably have said cults). You spend almost all of your time with your teammates. The coaches can make your life miserable if they are so inclined. Go somewhere where you feel a family-like bond with the players and where the coach cares about you as a person outside of the sport. Try to find a coach that is a good fit - do you want a tough coach? Remember it is a business, and most coaches are not 100% ethical and honest when it comes to selling their team to you. Be skeptical of any coach that promises a certain amount of playing time. Coaches will almost always play the players that are the best, and they don't know that until you arrive for practice. Coaches should only promise you a chance to compete. (if your kid is a star, then that would be the exception). I'd probably stay away from coaches who have lost a lot for a few years. They will probably get replaced and it is usually a bad situation for players when a new coach comes in.
  4. I'm not an alum, but I am a huge Bulls fan. I'll be honest, 10 or 15 years ago I did not see this coming. UB sports have really made some big strides the last 5 years. Football, MBB, and WBB have all been ranked in the top 25... Football has put a lot of money into the program with the field house, new locker rooms, going to get a new weight room, etc. They need to start putting some more money into the basketball teams now...I hear they are going to build tennis an on campus indoor facility, and they just got new outdoor courts last year. One thing I never understood is why UB doesn't get themselves D1 hockey programs? They have a great facility across the street. Seems like a no-brainer to me. I think they could have a top 10 program in no time, with all the Canada talent right across the border.
  5. 1) Honeymooners 2) Get Smart 3) I Love Lucy 4) Mr Ed
  6. I doubt he cares about the couple hundred you'd give him for the X-Rays, but you could offer it and let him turn you down, so you both feel better about it
  7. I haven't tested this, but when you paste into powerpoint there is an option to "Keep Source formatting and Link Data" which sounds like what you need.
  8. I didn't test this in Excel, but this should work: =IF(C1 = "-" , "-", IF(A1 = "N" or B1= "N" , "-", IF(A1 <> "-" , A1-C1, B1-C1)))
  9. Kia's are nice. The Mazda CX-5 is also nice. I guess I am too late to this thread. Enjoy your new car.
  10. I am a software developer... Easy to use and powerful are two completely different things, and completely unrelated. Powerful is a function of the specifications. Ease of use is a function of how well the developers did their job. Bad developers can make simple applications terrible to use (I've seen it - maybe it takes 10 clicks to do something that should be done with 2 clicks) There is no reason to trade power for ease of use. If the developer tells you otherwise, you need to find someone else. It is pretty simple to hide the complexity behind menus, like Office. If you open an Office application, you basically just need to click "New Document" and you can start typing. But a power user can publish a book in Word or create insanely complicated Excel applications.
  11. =IF(C1 = "-", "-", IF(A1 <> "-", A1-C1, B1-C1)) =IF(D1="-", "-", D1*0.00025)
  12. I predict conservatives will all of a sudden care about the debt and limiting executive orders after 4 years of not caring.
  13. I think there is a free version of Teams with limitations on length of meeting and number of particpants. But if you are education, then I have no idea what they charge - I'd say it is probably free - could be a trial basis.
  14. Teams pricing depends if your employer is already paying for Office. It would probably be included in that.
  15. The correct comparison is apple fritter vs cinnamon roll
  16. I'd send a text saying the safety of your family come before family outings, and you will be the one to determine what is safe and it is not open for discussion. There is no good reason to defer to your wife that puts her in a tough spot. If you take charge, then she can says she has to defer to you and it will be easier for her with her mother.
  17. Maybe the media is trying to make the most money it can, you know, like we are supposed to do in capitalist country? Or would you prefer the state to control the media?
  18. When they are learning, make sure they are in a good state of mind, not mad or sad about anything, not tired, etc. And I'd keep the sessions to less than 90 minutes. Driving is fatiguing, especially when learning, because they are a ball of nerves.
  19. Did he have a learner permit? It is possible insurance would pay for this if you wanted to go that route. But if he has no permit, then you have to say you did it and make up a story like your hand slipped. I was teaching someone to drive and she mistook the accelerator for the brake then panicked and we took out a utility pole and wound up in a ditch. The airbags went off and when that happens it is hugely expensive to fix. Insurance covered it. Not much different than what your son did, no one needs to know he was alone in the car, unless your insurance agent is a FBG.
  20. My two cents, if you she wants to do it, and you want to do it with her, then do it. Don't do it because it is going to make you rich or because it will pay for college. That will put too much pressure on it. I would never mention the possibilty of a college scholarship until a college offers one, or the high school coach mentions it as a possibility. Even if your daughter has the talent to play in college, there is a lot of luck and politics that factor in to getting a scholarship.
  21. Lazy Boy is OK, not great. Furniture is probably the hardest thing to buy. Online is the best deal, but a sofa is something you want to sit in before you buy. Most retail places sell marked-up crap. Ikea is good for what it is, if you live close to a store. Like you said, most furniture is retail, but I would say you are lucky to live near a good retailer. We had a good place but it closed down 10 years ago.
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