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  1. I wanted dodgers but that was gross. So awful.
  2. Hopefully they allow them to be sent to secondary marketplaces soon. opening it up to worldwide markets should theoretically help.
  3. What was that guy thinking? Did the base coach send him?
  4. Yup. The fighters listen to the count and it’s smart to wait until 6-7 or so before getting up. They don’t use a stopwatch. That’s not how the count works.
  5. Who said he’s hiding out in Florida? I doubt anyone would risk helping him out by hiding him in their house at this point. They would be screwed.
  6. Eric Rudolph survived 5 years in the wilderness as one of the most wanted people in the USA at the time. This ##### probably isn’t as near as experienced but with above average survival skills could last for awhile.
  7. Ummm. He hikes barefoot. This dudes the real deal when it comes to survival.
  8. Nice. Congrats on the Tiger /100. That's a huge hit. Someone else posted a link where you can track sales. See Below. https://www.thestandardguide.com/tom-brady-sapphire-premier
  9. If Dog the bounty hunter is the one to find him the FBI needs to shut down. Won’t happen but will be hilarious if so.
  10. precious metals have a pretty bad return over the last 10 years. Why not just go with the S&P 500 over them? There is no innovation in metals. They are 100% a hedge against an apocalyptic scenario. At least with bitcoin/ETH/other legit crypto projects there is the innovation upside. Metals are somewhat safe and i don't think it's a bad play. Just a very safe play without much reward unless our entire economy collapses. And let's be honest, in that scenario we're all f'ed.
  11. I’ve tried every one. Only successes on the drops were “bad” ones. A /2500 Gretzky and a /750 Hawk. Bought other good ones on secondary market.
  12. Saw a bald guy filling up a biodegradable water jug at a nature preserve in WI. Might be him.
  13. Bought a few of the Tiger Woods on the secondary market. Figure it should go for at least 50% of the Brady when things settle in. Right now the Tiger is selling for ~30% of what the Brady is.
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