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  1. Saying corner. They knew he was gonna take a beating.
  2. Saunders took easy way out. knew he was gonna starting to get worked and quit.
  3. Agree. BJS is looking decent but zero power in his punches.
  4. Canelo working him. Think accumulation finish by round 8-10
  5. - Based on betting odds he's a favorite to return to GB - yes, conjecture based on how the NFL has treated stuff like this in the past. Would be absolutely shocked if he wasn't given some kind of timeout. - bought some at under a penny, sold it at around a penny and a half. oops
  6. Rodgers is likely to be GB week #1 QB. Watson maybe .01% chance to be throwing a pass week 1 for the Texans. What am i missing? how is this a poll.
  7. Kuhn has it laid out perfectly. rodgers just wants to regain some control of his job security in GB. all the noise about him leaving over the Love pick or Kum getting dumped is pure nonsense.
  8. His con ability is the main thing that has kept this boat floating. Without his BS the drug would have been dead years ago.
  9. Yes. he wants contract security with more guarantees. Agree he's not happy and would welcome a trade but at the end of the day if GB gives him what he wants he'll be back. My opinion is this is mainly posturing to force GB's hand into meeting his contract demands. Could be wrong.
  10. Did Jeopardy offer him the job? I know he guest hosted but haven't heard that he is their #1 option.
  11. If the stuff with Love was the reason then why was he negotiating for a new contract the past few months. This is about the money. He's making a bad bluff. He's not retiring and if GB doesn't trade him he'll be trotting out on the field week 1 with GB.
  12. They were mutually trying to rework his contract over the past few months. Yes. Rodgers is pissed and I’m sure would be fine with a trade, but if the Pack give him what he wants contract wise he’ll be back. my view is that this is mainly a negotiation tactic by Rodgers to get what he wants. in the end he’ll be starting week 1 with GB with a fat new contract.
  13. Exactly. For dynasty it’s a good spot. Gordon is almost surely gone after this season.
  14. 😂 I think everyone in the world has witnessed what he can do. What a weird comment from pro football talk.
  15. 100% agree that if Mac Jones goes #3 that a QB at #4 is highly likely whether it's ATL or a trade down. If ATL doesn't want to draft a QB there will be a QB needy team that will offer them a ton for the pick.
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