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  1. Things fell apart when Dak went down. Elliott will be fine when Dak returns. in 5 games with Dak he had 537 total yards and 6 TD’s. He’s still only 25.
  2. Basically Patterson begging to get back on the gravy train. 🤣
  3. for free, yes. for pay, no. there is very little content on it right now.
  4. I would assume Wiki would be very clear to the advertisers that they would have no influence over any content or information on their site. Guess down the road it could happen naturally. Not sure how "clean" Wiki could keep things in that regard though.
  5. As much as i love the no-ads thing, would have no issue if they added one unobtrusive ad on their pages. Having to rely on donations to keep operating has gotta suck.
  6. This whole situation is bizarre. In no way should Rusty Wallace take any blame. He didn’t even see the thing. Whoever reported it is kind of an idiot though. All warehouse type garage doors have a pull rope. Most just have a knot in the rope tied for grip, but I’ve seen ones that have a hand grip exactly like the one pictured. I assume people in NASCAR have seen 100x’s the amount of garages that i have. Blame the dummies in NASCAR, not Rusty Wallace.
  7. Just shows how awful the Big 12 is. Beating up on cupcakes isn't something to be that proud of.
  8. yeah, he's definitely fast. Just shows how inaccurate hand times are and why combine times are much better than pro day ones.
  9. don't you live in California? Some people live in states where 6 months out of the year are freezing.
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