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  1. of course he'll be suspect #1 even if innocent. anyone with a brain would get an attorney on board whether they are guilty or innocent.
  2. Just read a bit about this case. First off, shocked a missing attractive young blond girl has gotten so much attention. j/k. She seemed on the brink of a mental breakdown in the police video. Wouldn't doubt if she committed suicide and he freaked out. Sad story no matter what the outcome. The guy could be a psycho killer but it's premature to assume he murdered her.
  3. I got the /750 version. Barely any markup but I like tony hawk so am keeping it .
  4. Georgia is outplaying CLEM…so far. They deserved to get a break. 7-0 seems how it should be based on game so far.
  5. It’s a beauty. Will prob be worth a few milly in a couple years.
  6. It’s a beauty. Will prob be worth a few milly in a couple years.
  7. It’s a beauty. Will prob be worth a few milly in a couple years.
  8. Will be interesting if these appreciate in value once they can be moved off DraftKings onto the other NFT markets. right now it’s only US who can buy (and not even every state). I think Canada was opened up to purchase today as well.
  9. Looks like Gretzky’s are going for around 1/2 of what Brady ones are going for on the secondary market.
  10. A guy who cares a lot about his place in history sitting out his 37-38 yr old season because he’s mad. not buying it at all.
  11. Announce they are transitioning into a blockchain company? 🤷‍♂️
  12. Yep. I’m shocked that anyone bought into the media narrative that he would get traded or retire. was pretty clear it was negotiation tactic from the start.
  13. Everyone knows he’s kind of a ####. Great QB though.
  14. The suns have definitely played better. How are the bucks a poorly built team when they made the finals. Sure there have been injuries all over the nba but that’s part of the game. bucks lost divecenzo (an important piece) the entire playoffs and lost Giannis for a couple games.
  15. which they haven't done despite making promises all along the way. I don't trust the company at all and have no idea if the drug works. As you said they haven't proved anything outside of cherry picking the data set and making false claims which the FDA scolded them for.
  16. Are they in any better shape than they were when the stock was .30 in late 2019? not much if any progress in HIV. Basically spent a ton of money on Covid and have whiffed. they do have a large cult now which has strengthened it a bit. as far as where the actual company is things aren’t looking good. Betting on them is hoping the cult brings in new believers as they are losing some of them.
  17. Home/Away splits for refs Game 1 vs Game 2. Will probably be less home cooking tonight. Game 1 Marc Davis - 112.06/109.37 (+2.69) Josh Tiven - 113.14/111.29 (+1.85) Pat fraher- 113.93/108.13 (+5.8) Game 2 Zach Zarba - 111.75/110.78 (+0.97) Tony brothers - 110.64/110.62 (+0.02) Sean wright - 114.93/111.83 (+3.1)
  18. Anything can happen but bucks have easy road to the finals. ATL would have maybe a 5% chance to beat them. PHI 20% if embiid stays healthy. bucks in 5 no matter who they play in eastern conference finals. looking forward to a suns/bucks finals.
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