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  1. Don't listen to this guy. Drafting patents pays well, but totally blows. Best move I ever made was going in house so I don't have to stay patents any more.
  2. Looks like lots of people are happy with Ego brand electric tools. I've got a Ryobi mower, trimmer, leaf blower, and chainsaw and am very happy with them as well. We've had the mower 4 summers and it handles our 1/3 of an acre well. Mine is NOT self-propelled but that doesn't bother me because the mower is super light and is easy to push. I'm anxiously awaiting the day somebody creates an electric two-stage snow blower at a reasonable cost. That'll be sweet if/when those are available and strong enough for a MN snow.
  3. Just wanted to add one thing: our daycare promised lots of great procedures and such that really sold the place. And most days they really do nail it. But every now and then my kid comes home with really bad diaper rash and we wonder how long he was really left in that diaper, or my kid gets bit yet again and I wonder are you really watching them, or so on. But when the teacher is tearing up telling you that she couldn't get there in time before the other little rascal got his chompers on my little guy, you can tell how much they are loved and cared for. And that's what is important. My kids school/daycare messes up sometimes, but it's obvious those teachers love our kids and are so good to them. I don't think it's overreacting to ask why certain procedures weren't followed, but I would also say give it some time and see how it goes.
  4. First day with the first kid is tough. I cried leaving my first kid that first day. But just talk to them, get it figured out, and it'll get easier. Best part of the day is still when I pick the kids up or my wife brings them through the front door.
  5. Tough to say. Our daycare dropped temperature checks relatively recently so maybe that procedure was dropped in the last month? Also, our daycare has had staff leave recently and is having a super hard time getting enough staff (which I understand to be an industry-wide problem). So they may not have staff to have somebody at the front door. As far as the bedsheets go, could be any number of reasons. Somebody forgot, they were busy, who knows. I'd just ask about both questions. If they respond well, great. If they don't, then maybe you look for something different. But communication is key so I'd start by trying to talk to someone.
  6. Don't worry, you'll catch your break too. Just gotta keep your eyes open.
  7. If you have Xfinity internet, Xfinity Mobile has reasonable prices on cell plans. They use Verizon's towers. $45/month for a single line unlimited data. My wife and I pay by the gig ($15/gig) since we use so little data and our bill is usually $15-$45/month combined. But you do have to be an xfinity internet customer, otherwise the prices are higher.
  8. SCOTUSblog discussion. Actual denial & dissents.
  9. It's the key to faking out the parents. A lot of people will tell you that a phony fever is a deadlock, but if you get a nervous mother, you could land in the doctor's office. That's worse than school.
  10. Our new Traverse does this. It annoyed me quite a bit for the first month or two, but I don't even notice it anymore.
  11. Bummer on the dark mode. Even worse, now I've got "Blinded by the light" stuck in my head.
  12. About a week back into logging food in MFP, eating less, and exercising more. Back to 212.0. Shooting for 210.0 by the end of the month. Shouldn't be a problem, but posting it here to keep me accountable. Expand 210.8 this morning. 213-214 the last two days. I had Asian for dinner on Monday or Tuesday, and I typically blow up after high sodium meals, so that's not unexpected. Just continue plugging along and trusting the process, even if it doesn't show on the scale everyday.
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