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  1. Sidenote - maybe this is why WaMu went out of business. At 18, they gave me a $15k (20k? it was a lot) CC with 0% interest for life on balance transfers made within 3 months of opening or something like that. I used that $15k to pay for one semester of college and paid it off after like 5 or 6 years. What a deal that was.
  2. I have something like this. think I found mine in the clearance rack at target for like $5. Has two slots for cards in the front, two more on the back, and a center pocket. It's a tight fit getting the cards in there, but it weighs virtually nothing and is barely noticeable in my pocket.
  3. Some here would say it's irresponsible to not carry cash. What if the ATM is down?
  4. Just got back from a 5k. My legs felt better. Not great, but definitely not so heavy. I was more mentally in it today too, which is probably the bigger thing. I wasn't quite running down the street singing "eye of the tiger", but it was definitely better than yesterday.
  5. I pulled an Otis, gained some weight over the last week. I've been bored eating and stressed eating. Weighed in this morning at 213.8, up from 212 a week ago. The number isn't so important as I just need to stop the bad habits and get back to normal eating. On an exercise front, it's crazy how much 7-10 days of reduced activity can set you back. I did some biking while we were in the deep freeze, but little running. I went for a run yesterday (it was 40 degrees!) and my legs felt like lead weights. But today is a new day so hopefully the legs respond better when I go out today.
  6. You're telling me you had two pair of gloves this whole time? Uh yeah, it's the [[Rockies]] Mars! PS, [s]strike through[/s] didn't work any more?
  7. Thanks, I was wondering if that was really more about the pipes being outside the insulated/conditioned part of the home rather than just poor insulation in general. I wasn't sure if homes in TX have pipes running through exterior walls that are not insulated. (In MN, code requires water supply lines to be on interior walls). But the issue in TX isn't that the walls/attic don't have insulation, but rather the pipes are running through the attic on the non-conditioned side of the insulation.
  8. Quoting Ron only because he mentioned it, but can somebody help me understand the bit about limited insulation. Homes in TX must still have insulation to help with the stupid hot summers, no? I mean, obviously our homes are insulated here in MN to deal with the cold, but wouldn't you still want to insulate against the heat in the south?
  9. I didn't think I'd get back to running outside until this weekend given the weather, but it is 10 degrees and the sun peeked out so I threw on my running gear and did a 5k. It was so invigorating! Well, for the first half mile or so and then I realized I started to fast and plodded through the rest. But it felt so good to be outside in the sun again, and being outside in 10 degrees felt amazing considering how cold it's been.
  10. Dumb question - Is the demand for electricity the biggest issue when it gets absurdly cold in southern states? Not trying to minimize anything, just thinking back to my comment about chuckling about the reaction to super cold weather by people living in the southern US. When I made that comment I was thinking about people driving on icy roads or just generally not having the proper attire for such conditions -- things that we're generally more prepared for here and which can probably be avoided simply by staying inside. But I didn't appreciate how the cold would cause such a huge surge in elec
  11. True. We have radiant heat and the boiler still requires electricity. But either way, the cold isn't likely to cause issues with the electric grid here since we're not using the electric to directly heat things.
  12. I have Nest smoke detectors but I wouldn't recommend them for how much they cost. I do like how they audibly tell you which room triggered the alarm if they go off so you know where the trouble is ("smoke in the kitchen"). But the only reason I bought them if that I like to know if something happens while I'm not home. A friend told me of a neighbor's house that burned down while the neighbors were on vacation and it gives me some peace of mind to be able to call 9-11 from wherever I am if something happens while we're gone. Maybe that's be the difference in saving the house. Anyway, that's wh
  13. This boggles my mind. Parts of Texas are only 10 degrees warmer than Minneapolis. The whole dang country is freezing.
  14. Do you guys in the southern states have electric baseboard heat? Space heaters? The concept of electric heat is pretty foreign to me. Presumably everybody has electric heat over gas because it's cheaper to install and not needed often?
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