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  1. Per the CDC chart on vaccinations, about 126M people in the US have received at least one shot, which is about 38% of the total population and about 48% of adults 18+. 80% of people 65+ have received at least one shot.
  2. This thread reminds me I need to renew my passport. It'll be easier to get my passport than it would be to get a Real ID - just printed off the form, attached a pic, and mailed it off.
  3. Glad to see so few mentions of MN. We're plenty fine keeping it all to ourselves.
  4. Got an email from State of MN saying I was randomly selected for Pfizer shot. Just scheduled both doses online. It was super easy. Though technically everybody over 16 is eligible here, I didn't expect to actually be able to get the shot this quickly. Score!
  5. My wife was similar. Fortunately she got the J&J shot a few days ago, otherwise I'm not sure she would anymore. Unfortunately now she is really nervous. Ugh.
  6. Been visiting the inlaws the last few days. I've been running in the mornings, but not enough to offset all that I'm eating. Not looking forward to seeing the scale when I get back.
  7. Sure, I'd go. Currently in AZ visiting the in-laws and have zero concerns about covid. They are vaccinated so I know we won't give it to them if we had it unknowingly (we still can't get it ourselves yet). Making sure they were vaccinated was really my only hesitation because I'd hate to give it to them. We haven't done anything indoors like restaurants or such, but have spent lots of rubber in their house and definitely spent tons of time at the pool and other outdoor activities.
  8. For the tech nerds on here, the Supreme Court reached the correct result in Google v Oracle. The Verge quoting the holding:
  9. LOL! I was 207 and change on Friday morning. After date night Friday and Easter Sunday, I was 210 and change this morning. I pulled a Corporation (can we call a monster poop a "Corp"?) after the weigh-in, so maybe I'm back down a bit. I figure it'll take a few days before all the stuff I ate yesterday clears my system, so maybe a Wednesday weigh-in. I also took some time to think about what's next. I'm gonna get to merely "overweight". Goal: 196.9 by Memorial Day. My initial weigh-in for my Easter to Memorial Day challenge will be Wednesday to hopefully clear out my system. Assumi
  10. Yesterday's shuffle with the kiddo: 14:54 min/mile, 140 BPM Same route again pushing the stroller today: 14:05 min/mile, 134 BPM Faster and lower heart rate. Nice!
  11. I love a good steak house. Steak was amazing. Dessert was probly 800 calories and I don't care. Brownies, ice cream, and chocolate syrup... Yes please.
  12. Date night with the wife tonight. Going to have a bigass porterhouse. I'm in good shape on calories, but expecting to be a little heavier the next few days with all that beef in my belly. Can't wait!
  13. It's the Global Plasma Systems Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization. The website has a link to supposedly independent studies that supposedly prove it limits the spread of virus, but they are doing lab testing and not real-life testing.
  14. Funny that you say this because I did just the opposite this morning. I hadn't been out with my kid in the morning since pre-daylight savings. But we went out just after sunrise and I did my typical path that I do when I run with him. I was able to stay at 140 avg BPM (but with more variability than I'd like) at 14:54 pace. Last time I did this same route with the kiddo it was about the same average heart rate but closer to 16 min/mile. If I don't have the kid I typically do a different route (hillier) and can do that at about 13:30 and 145-147 BPM. I think I'll play around with going a l
  15. Yeah, I was wondering to myself how long is it going to take me to get from a 13:30 min/mile shuffle to something respectable. I'm holding myself back and the super short stride sometimes hurts one of the muscles on the outside of my ankle. And I'm still probably going to fast since my average HR is like 145-147 BPM. Ugh. It was about a month ago that Fred challenged me to try it and it's okay, but sometimes I struggle mentally with the plodding because I know I can go faster. I don't get bored like some of you have mentioned just because we live in a really pretty area and I could spend
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