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  1. If you have Xfinity internet, Xfinity Mobile has reasonable prices on cell plans. They use Verizon's towers. $45/month for a single line unlimited data. My wife and I pay by the gig ($15/gig) since we use so little data and our bill is usually $15-$45/month combined. But you do have to be an xfinity internet customer, otherwise the prices are higher.
  2. SCOTUSblog discussion. Actual denial & dissents.
  3. It's the key to faking out the parents. A lot of people will tell you that a phony fever is a deadlock, but if you get a nervous mother, you could land in the doctor's office. That's worse than school.
  4. Our new Traverse does this. It annoyed me quite a bit for the first month or two, but I don't even notice it anymore.
  5. Bummer on the dark mode. Even worse, now I've got "Blinded by the light" stuck in my head.
  6. About a week back into logging food in MFP, eating less, and exercising more. Back to 212.0. Shooting for 210.0 by the end of the month. Shouldn't be a problem, but posting it here to keep me accountable. Expand 210.8 this morning. 213-214 the last two days. I had Asian for dinner on Monday or Tuesday, and I typically blow up after high sodium meals, so that's not unexpected. Just continue plugging along and trusting the process, even if it doesn't show on the scale everyday.
  7. Had two Pfizer shots back in April. A week ago I had mild cold like symptoms for two days which I wouldn't think much of except now my taste of salt isn't right. My kids had cold symptoms too but everybody is fine now. If it was covid, I'm glad I had the shot.
  8. I don't think most people get that message. Most people get the message as: "I'm not able to perform well enough to help me team today. There is another person on the team who can perform better than me today. For the sake of the team, that person should compete instead of me."
  9. Break this down for me If she kept performing and scoring that low, the team doesn't get the silver or possibly doesn't medal at all. If she steps down so somebody else in the team can compete and score well, than they had a shot at silver.
  10. I just wanted to give myself a little credit, because I think I might have been correct. In qualifying, all four women compete and the top three scores count. But in the finals, only three women compete and all three scores count. Link. So by dropping out, Biles gave somebody else the chance to step in for the team. If she continued, her score would have counted, and with the mistakes she was making, might have hurt the team more by competing herself as opposed to giving someone else a chance.
  11. I thought they chose the three girls who would perform for the finals. So out of the four that performed in the qualifying, only three would perform during finals. Basically I thought that Biles dropping out with give an alternate a chance to perform. But it appears I was mistaken, thanks for the clarification.
  12. Building off the Brady analogy, if Brady can't get out of his head, at some point the coach puts in the backup to give the team a chance. In this case, the backups to Simone Biles are pretty darn good. If Biles continues to compete but can't get out of her head, maybe they don't even get silver. But if Biles sits out, the backups could give the team the best chance to get the silver even if they aren't the best chance at getting gold. The other women deserve a chance to get the best medal they can and Biles has an obligation to step aside if she can't do it herself.
  13. About a week back into logging food in MFP, eating less, and exercising more. Back to 212.0. Shooting for 210.0 by the end of the month. Shouldn't be a problem, but posting it here to keep me accountable. 210.8 this morning.
  14. About a week back into logging food in MFP, eating less, and exercising more. Back to 212.0. Shooting for 210.0 by the end of the month. Shouldn't be a problem, but posting it here to keep me accountable.
  15. Day 3 of getting back on track. Friday was 300 calories over goal after a 3 mile run. Saturday was 1000 calories over goal (right at maintenance calories) due to neighborhood BBQ. Sunday/today was 100 calories over goal with no run. Actually, I'm happy about today and only eating 1600 calories. I was hungry at times because I got used to eating a ton again over the last 6 weeks, but that'll get better.
  16. Oof. The last 6 weeks were not good. 216.6 this morning. No one to blame but myself, but that's a major blow. I was eating way too much and I knew it. I hadn't really weighed myself much over the last six weeks, and hadn't been logging stuff in MFP. I knew I had gained a few pounds and would've been okay with a little gain, but I didn't think it'd be that bad. Recently some shirts started feeling tight and I had to loosen the belt buckle and I knew it was going to be ugly. So, here we are. Back in the saddle, logging stuff in MFP, and going to go strict for a few weeks to get restarted.
  17. Uhhhh, I don't think this came across like it was intended.
  18. Closing tomorrow on a 30 year at 2.875. Basically getting paid to do it. Appraisal, title fees, transfer taxes, etc was about $2600. Got a lender's credit of $4600. The extra $2000 covers the June interest for my current loan and prepaid interest for July on the new loan. I have to bring cash to close, but that essentially covers the prepaid property taxes which I would have paid anyway. And I get a bunch of escrow back from the current lender. All in all, super happy with this. I did go through a retail lender, which Chad would frown upon. But the broker I used to refinance last time didn't return my email and so I just said screw it - the rate I was getting was good enough and as discussed above, the loan cost me nothing.
  19. According to my watch, todays workout/run was my first in about 3 weeks today. I've been walking, and maybe did one or two jogs in that time, but must not have wore my watch those days. Today was a nice 3 mile jog. I walked a little here and there, not because I needed to so much as I just wanted to enjoy the weather. 65 feels amazing after never ending 95 degree days.
  20. To the person seeing off fireworks at 4am, I have unkind words for you.
  21. I recently asked my wife how long do you think I can go without working before I get fired. She said "well, it's been 15 months so far so at least that long". To be fair, you said a lot of people have broken the habit, not everyone...
  22. I got under 205 a few weeks ago. Been floating between 204-206 ever since. Haven't run at all in the last 2ish weeks since August came early this year in MN. 90+ degrees for like 10 days straight. I'm a wimp when it comes to heat. I was expecting to be like 208 when I got on the scale this morning just because of no running and eating all the sugar, but was still 205. So that's a win.
  23. Wife and I are casually looking to see if anything bigger pops on the market. We went to a couple of open houses this afternoon just to check stuff out. The most interesting part to me was how dead it was. We spent 30 minutes in each house and we're the only ones there. I would've thought they be crazy busy. But maybe everybody is out of town and/or burned out like other posters have mentioned. First house was asking $230k more than they bought two years ago. They put in a new kitchen and updated the bathrooms. Tile work in the bathrooms was terrible. I think they got greedy thinking they could get away with asking anything in this market, quality be damned. Somebody might pay what they are asking but won't be me. Second house was same square footage for sightly more money. This place was super nice. New siding, ac, heat, kitchen. Out of our price range currently but if it sits a few weeks I might make an offer.
  24. I probably just didn't explain it well. There isn't any actual moisture. I just remember it feeling wet, almost like sitting on a wet towel. But it's not just my car, I've sat in several cars with cooled seats and it's the same sensation in all of them. I haven't used the cooled seats in my car since last summer, so I don't recall the sensation exactly, but it's definitely weird. And I'm not alone. Plenty of people online mention something similar, here is just one example.
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