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  1. I just bought 5 tickets for the MegaMillions drawing on Friday. If I win, should I then use that money to continue buying more lotto tickets?
  2. I'm looking at those memory foam mattresses mentioned in this thread. Anyone have any updates about theirs? Also, any recommendations on a bed and boxspring?
  3. Are there any places to legally place sportsbook bets online? If not, I call shenanigans. Otis would never violate the law and, more importantly, his ethics, to make a buck.
  4. bet it all on a 13-way parlay, all home teams lose :boatloads:
  5. So the two white defendants go free and the black guy stays in jail ?
  6. how is twitter specifically enabling anything that the internet doesn't? it's basically a big message board. if joe b. would just shell out some cash he could add servers to fbg and make us bigger than twitter.Dude, there's like 3,000 people here with 10 aliases a piece.that's just like, your opinion, man
  7. how is twitter specifically enabling anything that the internet doesn't? it's basically a big message board. if joe b. would just shell out some cash he could add servers to fbg and make us bigger than twitter.
  8. Or, more likely, you get brutally crushed by superior firepower and are forced to flee or die. But hey, it's good to dream.
  9. I see it to be vastly different.But Im cool if you have a different opinion on it. I'm still glad the Libyan situation appears to be a positive net gain for the U.S.do we still not know if the rebels are really militant Islamists?
  10. anyone know of any flight+hotel(+show?) packages for 2-3 nights from the NY/NJ area to Vegas around the Columbus day weekend? i'm not finding much out there on the usual sites (slickdeals, vegas.com, etc.) thanks in advance
  11. nah, nuking the site from orbit is the only way to be sure
  12. Anderson Cooper talking about this now. CNN obviously saying this is really bad. Hard to know what's going on for sure.This is the second worst news we could be hearing. It means the probability of any human oversight of the facility having any potential benefits is zero. The worst news we could be hearing could very well follow at any time. My best thoughts and hopes are with the people over there.HAM SELL US YOUR POTASSIUM IODIDE
  13. CNN: Workers at Japan's damaged nuclear power plant have suspended operations and evacuated, chief Cabinet secretary says.
  14. it's not cost effectiveHow many kilos of nuclear waste are generated per year? Say $5,000 per kilo for Proton rocketry, the 10B cleanup would get what, 2*106 Kgs out of our hair.Rockets occasionally blow up.more or less often than Japanese nuclear power plants? Definitely more.I'd like a rocket scientist to weigh inI'm a rocket scientist. Definitely more is correct.I'm not a nuclear engineer, but my nuclear engineer friend says that we should just seal all waste into big drums and dump them into the mid-Atlantic ridge. He says they'd be safely buried there for long enough that they'd be so dilute by the time they escape there would be no hazard, even for long half-life isotopes.
  15. Why do you have any confidence that African and/or Middle Eastern countries will (A) desire and (B) implement free societies? These regions, and many others around the world, have centuries of history going from one dictator to another (or one corrupt gov't to another). If they wanted freedom, they would have given it to themselves by now. Their cultures will take a very very long time to change, and it's mostly tied to standard of living.
  16. oh, and Christmas trees and wreaths/etc. are all quite secular anyway, having been borrowed from pagan traditions in which the tree wards off evil spirits (the decorations having ritual and spiritual significances) so, unless the Red Cross is sending out sermons from the Bible or depictions of Jesus, I'm not sure why it would be a big deal to anyone within the organization. (nativities I can understand though)
  17. This isn't well known, but the Red Cross has come a long ways from when they were known as the Bloodied Crucifix.
  19. I think the only legal question that arises from the "fake prom" story is whether or not the District made any misrepresentations to the Court during sworn testimony or, perhaps more remotely, whether there was any duty on the part of the District or their counsel to alert the Court once the prom they testified about and upon which the Court relied had been canceled (and further if and when they became aware of the alternate prom).As for being surprised, call me naive, I guess. That nearly an entire student body and a bunch of parents would go out of their way to plan and put on an alternate prom for the primary, if not the sole, purpose of excluding a lesbian (as well as a couple disabled students) from attending shows such a complete lack of human decency that I find myself saddened and, yes, surprised.Its quite possible that the primary purpose was not to exclude this girl because she was a lesbian, but because she was unpopular and a PITA. She has afterall claimed to have been openly gay for several years and we have no claims of a history of abuse, in high school. I remember high school, it took alot less than being gay to get ostracized and ridiculed.That would not be supported by the facts in this case. Primary prom was canceled because she was a lesbian. Private prom was deliberately and maliciously discriminatory, if the story is true.
  20. Dear boss, Go home. You stay here from 9AM until 9PM everyday, including weekends and minor holidays. I know you hate your family and have no hobbies whatsoever, but I don't like feeling pressured to be like you and when you call my cell phone multiple times each day at increasingly ridiculous hours, it starts to drive a man crazy. --All-work-and-no-play employee
  21. Update - We're having a little boy. Still way excited about it. Seven weeks from the due date. We had a premature labor scare last week, but we think things will be fine.I've never heard of a father wanting a daughter. Gotta be 100000x worse to have a daughter in the teen years than a son.
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